features three former IABC chairs: Michael Ambjorn (2015-16), founder of UK-based Align Your Org; Dr. Barbara Gibson (2008-09), principal of Cultural Resolution and lecturer at the University of London; and Brad Whitworth (1989-90), senior marketing and communication manager for the global partner organization at Cisco Systems. Our discussion topics for the day include a look at the furor over a series of culturally insensitive Snapchat filters, the importance of time off (and how employees who don’t feel work-life balance is taken seriously are leaving their companies), the rise of text-message journalism (and whether it will lead to text-message brand journalism), how much text messaging is too much, Pokémon Go’s role in speeding up consumer acceptance of Virtual and Augmented Reality, and whether social media is to blame for the widening chasm between front-line staff and senior executives. Dan York’s report includes an update on Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat Stories, and more.
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