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+Melissa Thompson offers a few tips for sellers to increase the curb appeal of their home. Small things you might not think of but they make a big difference to buyers seeing your home for the first time. Great video Melissa.

#realestatebuyers #tipsfor sellers
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This +Wendy Weir article is packed with information you need.
A Millennials Guide to Buying Your 1st Home
-Your downpayment and closing costs defined,
-What to do first,
-Taxes and Insurance concerns - knowledge is power,
-Your debt, credit history and how to look at the right things to fix if necessary.
Plus many other suggestions and great resources for you to consider if you're tired of paying rent.
Get started today with Wendy's excellent advice and guidance.
#firsttimehomebuyer #millennialhomebuyer #realestate
When are you emotionally ready to purchase your own home? Investment experts think it is the moment you realize you would rather pay your own mortgage than your landlords. Let's take a look at what is involved in buying your 1st home.

Other valuable resources: +Debbie Drummond, +Bill Gassett, +Anita Clark, +Luke Skar, RISMedia and others.

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+Kevin Vitali of EXIT Group One Real Estate explains the illusion many buyers have that they will save money if they buy a home with only the listing (seller) agent involved. Example: You meet the agent at an open house.
Do you think you'll save money?
Read the things you give up when you are not represented by your own agent.

Great additional resources and a lot of common sense advice you've never thought of and won't unless you have good representation on your side. A must read if you are considering your first home purchase.

Great work here +Kevin Vitali. Important for any buyer considering a purchase.

h/t to +Wendy Weir - she shares the best posts! Thank you Wendy!
#firsttimehomebuyer #buyerrepresentation #real estate
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Google Keep Pull text from a Keep photo
Watch +Michael Daniels' video then think of the possibilities.
Taking inventory of your valuables when moving to your new home
Inventory your electronics for insurance purposes
Have the serial number of your appliances/devises in case of theft

What examples can you come up with to use Keep to make your life easier?
Subscribe to Michael's Youtube channel while your there. Packed with information you can use.
#GoogleKeep #MDQuickTips
Use Google Keep to get the text from an image

Have you ever wanted to get a serial number of of something but did not want to move your furniture all around to do it. Take your cell phone open Google Keep and take a photo. Then grab that text from the photo and there you have it.

Check out my video see how it is done!
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Information you need if you're considering your first home purchase. +Housefax offers up:
How Your Credit Score is Calculated
9 Hidden Costs of Buying A Home
And many other consideration as you make your decision to buy vs. rent.
Thanks Housefax!
#firsttimehomebuyers #realestate #buyorrent
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Women buy homes more often than men. Hmmm Who might you be targeting in your marketing? Thanks to +Joe Spake for the tips.

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Students: For your reading pleasure and, if you're inclined, a great way to learn from many of the best real estate authors posting on G+. +Lynn Pineda offers it up for you all in one place. Grab a cuppa and soak in all the knowledge.

h/t +Bill Gassett Massachusetts Real Estate News

Best Real Estate Articles - July 2017

#newagents #realestatestudents #buyers #sellers
Best of Google+ Real Estate Articles for July 2017

In the spotlight this month, for the month of July on Google+, you'll discover some exceptional Real Estate articles that are guaranteed to educate and entertain.

As more and more Real Estate professionals kick it up a notch, more and more really good articles are surfacing, which makes it a whole heck of lot harder to uncover all the articles here on Google+. You likely don't have the time to sort through all that is written each and every day plus, if you're busy, it's really easy to miss a great article. In fact, I'm sure I'm missing some really good articles for this featured post!

This month, I had the opportunity to share many articles that I found to be worth the mention to compile into +Bill Gassett's monthly publication on Massachusetts Real Estate News

Featured authors this month include +Dan Barcelon - Evergreen Properties and Investments +Joe Boylan +Fred Franks Jr +Kevin Vitali +Kyle Hiscock +Debbie Drummond +Anita Clark +Paul Sian +Bill Gassett and +Tom Horn

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I've been waiting for someone, anyone to curb the extremists influence on social media. Seems +YouTube is taking the problem head on by redirecting keyword searches to truths about the search rather than only the radical point of view. Bravo Youtube, +Jigsaw and +Moonshot CVE for creating the Redirect Method
h/t +Peggy K for the share
YouTube redirecting searches for violent extremist videos to content debunking recruiting narratives

Over the past years, +Jigsaw partnered with +Moonshot CVE to conduct extensive research to understand how extremist groups leverage technology to spread their message and recruit new members. From there, they created the Redirect Method, which uses curated video content to redirect people away from violent extremist propaganda and steer them toward video content that confronts extremist messages and debunks its mythology. Today, YouTube is rolling out a feature using the model proven by the Redirect Method: when people search for certain keywords on YouTube, we will display a playlist of videos debunking violent extremist recruiting narratives.

Learn more on the +YouTube blog:
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Nice US statistics - rent vs. buy - shared by +Melissa Thompson of Crye-Leike here in Memphis Interesting, huh?
#homebuyers #firsttimehomebuyers #renters
Before you renew your lease again, find out if you can put your housing costs to work by buying this year! Call your local expert’s at The Melissa Thompson Team 901-729-9526.
#homebuyers #firsttimehomebuyers #renters
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Do people you don't know try to contact you via Hangouts? Annoying isn't it. Here's how to stop some of the unwanted attention.
+Peggy K's post and video will help make your life much easier here on +Google+. Thanks a bunch Peggy!

Control who can contact you through Google Hangouts

If you only want people you know to contact you through Hangouts, set it so that people with your Google Account email, phone number, or in a particular Google+ Circle can contact you directly, and no one else can send you an invite.

If you want anyone to easily converse with you on Hangouts, you can set it so everyone can start a Hangout conversation with you directly.

Or if you want something in-between, set it so that people must send you an invitation.

to change the settings:

1. Sign in to Hangouts at, the Chrome Hangouts Extension, Gmail, or in the mobile app.

2. Open the Settings

3. Select "Customize Invite Settings"

4. Select "Custom"

5. Set who can contact you or invite you:
> If they have your Google account phone number
> If they have your Google account email address
> If they are in a particular Google+ Circle
> Everyone else

Watch the videos to see how to do that:

Learn more about managing your Hangouts Contacts in the Hangouts Help Center:
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