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Profound Statement!
Thanks to +Christine DeGraff from whom I received the share first and especially to the original poster the lovely Dr. +Mani Saint-Victor 
Hope all is well Mani :)
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+Sheila Hensley​ Laughter here. Thanks for the smiles.
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Beautiful Testimonial from a satisfied client
Thanks for sharing this with us +Jason Gaia 
Students  _this is what you're working toward!_
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So special and genuine.  Google Hangouts have infinite possibilities
Thanks for sharing +Google+  
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cool +Sheila Hensley​
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I always enjoy the Friday Favourites from +Mick Sharpe.  
Yet another great round-up to make sure we don't miss the important stuff.
Thanks again Mick!
Vigour mortis

As I hit another week with next to no time available for the Plus I was shocked surprised happy to find we are all dead again. Really it’s good to be a part of the Zombie Nation. Coming at this very late this week so this may be the shortest Friday Favourites in a long time. Here goes!

Old friends return in UK Biz Hangouts : Google Essentials ( with +Lee Rickler and +Nick Rink talking all things Google+ with +Ammon Johns and +martin shervington. The emphasis is on benefits to small business and an easily digestible 30 minute format. AdWords, Analytics and website optimisation. Google Apps, GMail and Drive there’s a lot packed into this show. A word for warning for our worldwide friends - this is an all Brit affair with accents aplenty!

I enjoyed this article The one thing you cannot train marketers on is creative judgment ( +Teodora Petkova putting her thoughts on this +McKinsey & Company interview originally surfaced by +Bob Strassel Jr.. No need for me to add any further introduction as Teodora and Bob have it all covered.

Experts, experts, everywhere

The #RayLunchBunch show has been a staple for me for a long time on the Plus. Who You Calling An Expert? ( Always a fun show, +Ray Hiltz, +Jessica Dewell, +B.L. Ochman, +Randy Bowden and +Scott Scowcroft share their views on experts and expertise. BL’s research into Social Media profiles is a revelation. You’re all experts to me guys, great job.

I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the calibre of guests +Thomas E. Hanna | is attracting with his Social Theory series. The Theory Of Engagement ( features +Ana Hoffman, coffee in hand, sharing her extensive knowledge of creating engaging content, developing relationships and generating traffic for your website. One thing that becomes clear from Ana’s story is the benefit of trying all sorts of things, evaluating them quickly, to arrive at your ideal fit. You know other big secret - actually taking the time engage with someone directly! Cracking stuff Ana and Thomas.

After my mishaps of the last few weeks I was particularly pleased when this post from +Gina Fiedel presented itself front and centre of my stream when I logged in. Getting To The Heart Of Collaboration The Dance We Do Together ( is a typical Gina exploration of the value of collaboration using her experience of the Performing Arts to demonstrate the points made. You really need to click through to the full article to get the most from this. Some classic lines as you have come to expect from Gina so soften your ego, share a little vulnerability and start to explore the opportunities of teaming up.

Talking of collaboration and teaming up the Serendipity Machine has brought this share from +Denis Labelle ( to my attention. New Clues from +David Weinberger and +Doc Searls is one of those pieces that everyone should read (in whatever form they find it). To quote David, it's as a response to the somber-to-depressed mood even among Net optimists. I’m not sure I subscribe to those feelings but I can appreciate the issues raised. The piece (and the clues) will resonate with almost everyone, here on the Plus and using the Internet in general.

Net neutrality runs through the above mentioned post and features strongly in this week’s +Black Lotus DDoS and Cybersecurity Power Talk ( +Mia Voss talks with +Dannee Zeedick about the latest news from the FCC and the wider issues around cybersecurity. Always good to keep on top of this.

I’ve missed a good few of +Joey Giangola’s Fearlessly Questioning recent shows but with +Amy Schmittauer fielding the questions I made a beeline for Fearlessly Questioning Being Ready ( Amy, for those who don’t know, is behind +Savvy Sexy Social producing some excellent short videos every week on YouTube that contain some solid guidance in an entertaining package. Dodge the snakes and partake of some sage advice that flows from the discussion.

Thinkers corner

Everyone in the organisation is powerful. A really interesting share from +Gideon Rosenblatt who first explored The Soulful Company. This RSA presentation by Frederic Laloux ( looks at the companies who have thrown out the old rule book and reimagined company structure and purpose. It could be a much more promising future.

And finally…

Hands up! I have not yet explored Instagram but after this PYB Show ( featuring the Queen of Instagram +Sue B. Zimmerman I think I may have to take a closer look. +martin shervington shares his experience of Instagram with a woodpecker/weasel meme and trouper +Travis Taylor keeps the tech in check (with a biteback in the last seconds!).

Have a great weekend wherever you are

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#BitingedgeFridayFavourites  #MicksPicks

Created by +Mick Sharpe of +Bitingedge
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Sheila Hensley

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Very interesting news.  I never thought I'd live to see this day so happy, happy about the news!
Thanks for keeping us informed +Thomas Frey 
The solar industry has reached a major milestone, surpassing the number of workers in the century's old coal industry. Public acceptance has taken a long time, but this is encouraging.
As its production costs have fallen far enough in some regions to compete economically with fossil fuels, companies like Apple are now buying mass
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I wonder if that's because so many coal mines have closed down due to EPA regulations.
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Sheila Hensley

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NOD3X Google+Page/Tool of the Day from +Denis Labelle 
Totally agree good sir! Excellent post!
Google+ Page / Tool of the Day: +NOD3x
1. Data Discovery: data mining and social network analysis
Understanding and growing with your audience is all about discovery, many call this data mining or social network analysis, but we call this data discovery. NOD3x collects content related to specific keywords and hashtags you view as relevant to your niche.

2. Identify Influencers & Engagers
NOD3x will help you quickly identify influencers and key engagers within your chosen niche. Our algorithms take care of the heavy lifting, leaving you free to engage the right people. Being active with influencers and key engagers helps extend your reach, build your influence and become valued within your relevant communities.

4. Detailed Topic Discussion Insights
Use NOD3x to discover key elements within your niche. These elements include: which hashtags will bring you the most engagement, which days and times of the week your content will see the most activity, and what words people are using most when discussing your specific topic. Having topically relevant information will dramatically improve the speed you achieve your goals.

5. Real-Time Infographics
Each component of the NOD3x platform is designed to provide real-time infographic information. With up to the minute graphical representations of your information, you will be able to respond effectively to expanding networks. We take your complex data, turn it into understandable visual representations and we do this in real time because the conversation is happening right now.
Social Media Analytics and Topic Influencer Identification
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This is fantastic - Google helps to expand education in SC and beyond.
Learning about code at an early age.
Go Google!
#google #education  
CS First is a program Google's K-12 team launched to expand CS education in South Carolina ... and now it's national!  
Google is teaming up with Boys & Girls Clubs of America to bring a computer science program to more middle school students around the country.
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Sheila Hensley

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Oh look!  +Carrie-Anne Foster and +MaAnna Stephenson are together tomorrow to look at your website.  
Register to watch or possibly get your website reviewed
These two together should be a real hoot!
Thanks for the heads up +Carrie-Anne Foster 
Get A Fresh Set Of Eyes On Your Website!

Tomorrow, at 3:00 pm ET, +MaAnna Stephenson is running a free, zero-pitch website review webinar!

How does it work?

Simply register to attend the webinar, then contact MaAnna and provide your name, email address and website URL.

You have to be present to have your website reviewed, as it is a live webinar. 

Spots are first come, first serve, and I have it on good authority that there is still some availability!

Here is the link to register:

Best part about this? Even if there isn't time to have your website reviewed, I promise you will find this webinar valuable and be able to apply some of the suggestions to your own website.

I'll be hanging out with MaAnna tomorrow, as her special guest, so I look forward to seeing you there!!

#websitereview   #websitedesign   #bloggers  
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Thanks for sharing +Sheila Hensley and hope to see you there!
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Sheila Hensley

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Love the presentation as well as the wise words
Trust is important but keeping your perspective and your purpose is specific to one's true growth.  
Thanks for the reminder +Brian Solis 
To come so far only to lose the very thing that got you in those you believed in.

Don't ever lose sight of your vision and purpose. Don't let people, even those you love and respect, take your eye off of what it is that moves you. If people believe in you, they will show it. They will always show it. If they don't, they won't.

It's time for us to invest in us. It's time to support one another. That's how we stand strong and how we bring change. This is our time. This is your time. This is my time.

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Thanks +Teodora Petkova +Brian Solis is one of my favorites for many moons.  He is a class act for sure and very wise.  Glad you enjoyed his post.
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Embed your Hangouts On Air videos on your website for more views and to encourage your followers to visit your website.

Thanks +Ronnie Bincer for sharing this important information.

How to Embed HOA Videos on Your Website
You work hard to make your Hangout on Air (HOA) broadcasts worth watching... why not use them to drive traffic to your website?

People watching videos on your website increases 'time on site' - a good factor to improve your website's ranking. And when visitors stay on your site, there is a better chance they'll look around and find more of the things you want them to find there!

Check out the detailed steps in the linked article for locating the HOA video embed code so you can easily include your HOA videos right on your site. We cover multiple ways to find the embed code no matter which method you used to create your Hangout on Air broadcast.

One Embed Code, 3 Uses
It is the same video embed code that is used to display the pre-show countdown (pictured here) as well as the live broadcast and the recorded version of the show... all depending on when the viewer clicks the play arrow.

I've even shared a little known tip that makes it easier to modify the HOA video embed code for the next video you want added to your site.

Get More Mileage from your HOA Videos
Not everyone watches your Hangouts on Air live so get some extra value from your HOAs by adding them to your website so they can 'live on' well into the future.

Here's the direct link to the article:
=== ===
#HOAtips   #HOAvideoEmbed   #HOAembedCode   #AllAboutHangouts  
Learn how to find the code and embed HOA videos on your website. Hangouts on Air broadcasts automatically make videos which can be embedded on your website.
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So glad you enjoyed it +Muhammad Umair Ghufran.  Having been a newbie once, I remember wanting to know more and needing direction.  Hoping this helps others who need it. :)  Thanks for commenting.
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Sheila Hensley

commented on a post on Blogger.
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Well done and thanks +Nick Rink - always better to know what coming. :)
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Sheila Hensley

commented on a post on Blogger.
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Excellent article +Stephan Hovnanian!  Nailed this one my friend.
Businesses large and small should use Google+, but the reasons and features will vary. Let's break it down to pick what fits best for yours.
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Welcome +Dominic Brown​. Glad you found it of interest.
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Own and manage an online real estate school - wanted to give back after a long, successful career.  

Own and manage Social Web Learning where we put talent with students to enhance the learners social media experience.

Former Member of Community Association Institute (CAI) 2010-2014, own and manage my condo website and produce the association newsletter.

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Mind Over Data has been my home for several years. I wouldn't trust my site to anyone else. My income depends on a dependable site and they keep me in business. Great customer service, responsive when there is a problem and super intelligent staff. Thanks everyone at MOD!
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I have depended on my attorney Joe Kirkland at Tri-State Title & Escrow, Inc for over 25 years. I can depend on Joe's expertise and advice. He's always available when I need him. One of the best real estate closing and title companies in the area. Highly recommend!
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As a business owner I juggle time restraints, business development and financial obligations to stay afloat and profitable. I can depend on R & R Web Design to develop what I need, solve my most pressing problem on time, as promised and allow me to handle my business without worry or concerns. Each time I've called for help they've responded with warmth, respect and professionalism. I trust R & R Web Design with my most valuable assets, my website and social media footprint. I can’t recommend their talents enough. Sheila Hensley, CDEI Real Estate Success Center - online education Social Web Learning - blog
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