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Lance G
And we don't need voter ID?
I read the transcript. In all fairness, it does sound like the videographer is setting her up. I was thinking I would read this lady say "Oh here, here is how you vote twice! Look!" but it was more like "Hey, I want to vote twice, its that important." and the lady just says "Oh wow, you are funny". Not a red flag to me. And I am an O'Keefe fan.
Voter ID?  That "racist"  lol...
Jacob is being funny. Orwellian even.
<sarcasm> Voter Fraud Does not exist </sarcasm> 
Is that our modern value system speaking when she says - "I don't want to do anything wrong - but, if no one's going to know..."
There was a guy who claimed that it did not exist and ant voter ID was just a way of suppressing black voters.
O;Keefe's "Project Veritas" (Project Truth) seems to be highly partisan...I did not notice him filming any of the Republican party's hiring of the company that that deliberately set up fraudulent voter registrations in Florida and 3 other states...hmmmmmmm?
+Jam Bra , thing is, the lady kept telling the staffer that she intended to vote twice. The response?  " *giggle* Okay!" No effort to stop her.
+Jam Bra  You are in  +Marla Hughes  circle   I think you know her..... That is the circle I added....... and I know  +Jared Hundrup  has been helping with BabyWebb. I cannot donate but I sure can offer prayers            
any American, in ANY state can get a state ID/Driver License to identify themselves as a resident of the state. That should be used for ID'ing yourself at a polling location. Since it is illegal in all 50 states to HAVE more than one state ID, THAT would constitute voter fraud if they tried to use more than one ID.
Lance G
Homeboy pimp James O'Keefe's all time classic is when he went in and got Eric Holder's ballot. Dude actually was going to vote using the attorney general's ballot. He single handedly led to the demise of ACORN. He's disinfectant for germs.
Wow...I saw this post once before...
+Jan Aynes agreed...even tho I am anti-Republican, I do agree with voter ID....harmless, easy to obtain for any legal (or green carded) state citizen, and a built-in punishment if abused.
yes this would be called Accomplice to a criminal conspiracy imho
actually, listening closely....she MIGHT have a case for entrapment. If a LEO used this same tactic, it would probably result in an entrapment case. Mind you, I am not excusing the registrar's actions.
+Marla Hughes Exactly! Entrapment? Give me a break! Her answer should have been, "No, that's illegal, and I won't have anything to do with it." Personal Responsibility people!
At min Pres. Obama's campaign should fire her to save face...
To be fair I am 100 Percent sure there are people who would do this the GOP side as well. 
plenty of proof exists through the yrs of dumBocRAT fraudulant voting, where's the proof of the GOP fraud? 
Because of political zeal is as dangerous as religious. 
I mean   , Just doesn't look good!     It like taking a test in school and  your cheating.... then get a good grade.....    
yes, +Sheila B. DuBois and look at the number of school admins across the xountry who have been fired/resigned for just that...helping students to cheat to get ahead on SAT/High School exit exams
+Marla Hughes not only that but she had to return at another time to get the other ballot. So the Obama staffer actually worked on it and had her come back. All the time knowing she was helping commit voter fraud.
Above and beyond the giggling and apparent help given by the staffer, did the Democrat Party not bother to train this lady and others about the sanctity of the voting process, and the fact that voting more than once would be wrong?
+Tim Nelson  Where in the world have you been??       Haven't seen anything from  you since  August 2011??
this is just one of the many reasons why /examples why the dumBocRATS/libs/commies don't want ID rules n regs in place for voting,  don't believe the lefty loony toons. 
Perhaps we are looking at this wrong. She is just trying to be helpful! We wish we could get service like that anywhere else.
+Glenard Munson that figures, they will accuse Republicans are doing it and ignore when the Obama administration does it. So typical.
+Glenard Munson Yes, he is partisan. Hiring a company to do a job, and said company "cheating", and Republicans firing said company doesn't measure up to Democratic fraud occurrences.

Which brings up a bigger question. Project Veritas has proof of Democratic fraud taking place in Florida. Yet, Florida Division of Elections has no investigations into those complaints.

Also, this is a pattern that goes back to the last election, ACORN, etc., that continues to occur with the Democratic Party.
O'keefe is a liar...this is not real.  Made up BS by desperate conservatives.  The closer to Election Day the more unhinged and deranged things we will see from the right.  They are desperate and scared to death.  This fear has motivated them to outright lie and say things they would normally not say out of a desire for public decency.
+J. S. Hansenius There we go! Democratic debate point #1! "<Enter Name> is a liar!" Nothing to back it up, they're just lying. Make note, dude, those tactics went out on the playground in elementary school. Grow up.
O'Keefe has shown high integrity, if he didn't, I would pay him no mind.  The old saying is definitely true for me, and yes, I prefer the truth 100%. Wanna piss off a liberal tell the truth, wanna piss off a Conservative tell a lie. 
+Bill Cooter editied bull plop meant to prove something that is not true is what went out in grade school.  Grow up you say while defending the GOP version of Jackass.  O'keefe is a liar, straight forward his words/movies are lies nothing more nothing less.
+J. S. Hansenius typical liberal. Why is everything against Obama a lie but everything against Romney fact. As conservatives we have nothing to lie about. You see Romney is winning. Also, how exactly do you think this video was made? Can you give us another explanation to why this is a lie or are you basing your assertion on your loyalty to Obama.
Voter ID is not needed and if there should be a work around at the polls.  As they are currently being written, by conservatives, they don't do that and that is why they are falling one by one in the courts.  We don't have a voter fraud problem in the say so we would only need some proof and I'm not talking a liar like O'keefe proof.  We would need to see real long term numbers that show that a constitutional right needs to have restrictions applied to it.  We don't see that, in fact we see opposite, that there is not that much fraud in the voting booth. So why do the conservatives push ID?  Because they know they don't have the numbers and they want to help themselves out by keeping other Americans from having the ability to exercise their rights and vote.
Boys......... I have to Show my Drivers LICENSE when I go in to Vote even if I am registered!
+Rich White first I have not said what you say I said.  Your use of the false dichotomy to set up your talking points only proves you don't have logic on your side.  If Obama was putting a restriction on a constitutional right I would be upset by that.  In fact what we see are partisan conservatives defending a guy, O'keefe, who is a known liar and has a record of pushing these "gotcha video" that are found to be false so as to help a political party, the GOP.  How many explanations do you need.  You seem willing to instantly buy into this video without any proof at all...why because it validates a view you already hold.  I ask you to think for yourself for once in your life.  I can show you a video of big-foot, does that prove he exist?
+J. S. Hansenius I have to show my id to use a credit card but not vote in the most powerful man the the world? Give me a break. Everyone eligible to vote can and should have an id. Many states have laws that say you have to have id.
The only get I get pissed about with Voter ID is when people scream OMG they can use CCW permits for ID. And if Bush or Whomever else said Voter ID I would still be in favor of it. The ONLY problem I have heard about this is some states are making it hard to get a photo ID but that is another issue that needs to be fixed. You need an ID to get a job.. A photo ID in my home state takes two things of mail, Proof of citizenship and 18 bucks. 
+J. S. Hansenius That "Jackass" brought down ACORN. He'll also bring down the rest of Dear Leaders minions. I understand that truth is "bull plop" to you Liberals. Every time I here you guys yell "liar!", it reminds me of Jack Nicholson's line in "A Few Good Men", "You can't handle the truth!"
+Rich White no I'm not going to give you a need to explain why a invalid in a nursing home should not  be able to vote due to a lack of ID or an out of date ID?  You need to explain why someone who can't take off work to go down to the DMV and pay a fee should not have access to their constitutional rights.  The conservatives cannot point to rampant voter fraud but they want to put up barriers to voting to "protect" the integrity of the vote.  This would be akin to putting in an ingredient in donuts that would protect the integrity of the donuts despite it killing 1/15 people and there being no real need to protect the donuts to begin with.  Logic is not on the side of the right on this issue.  
I find it telling that those who push a political idea of getting government off our backs so we can be free are for a governmental barrier in the exercising of a constitutional right.  I guess holding two contrary ideas simultaneously is a new prerequisite for being a Republican.
+J. S. Hansenius so now your saying that because people can fake big foot videos then this video has to be fake. Its not logical. Your assuming its fake but if the exact same thing was found out about a conservative staffer you would be all over it. It would even already be on national news. However, since this is about fraud being committed again by the Obama administration now only do you and every other liberal follower dismiss's it but it will probably get absolutely no airtime. Just like how as much as 50% of Obama's campaign funds have came from illegal foreign contributions.
I guess you can't counter point so you jab? 
You cannot get a state ID over the internet, you can mail in a renewal in some states but you still have a technological barrier between a right and a citizen who may be on the other side of the digital divide.  Is mendacity in the GOP platform...for it sure seems to exist in most of the conservatives I know.
+J. S. Hansenius You don't have a God-given, constitutionally protected right to vote! Get educated beyond puking up your left talking points!
+J. S. Hansenius this isn't about fracking donuts. Its about proving your eligible to vote. Liberals are quick to cry foul on the stupidest things but then turn around and use those things as proof of the conservative addenda to enslave America by corporations. When all along you people want to enslave America to the government. Get over yourself. Fair is fair. You guys got your 47% video now we have our blatant fraud against America video.
+J. S. Hansenius It's one thing to debate with people who are intellectually honest. But I don't suffer those who are intellectually dishonest. Good luck with your perverted ideas after November 6th...
IT's called an analogy +Rich White and it works perfectly y to show you how illogical your voter ID argument is.  Why do you as a conservative want more government between you and your rights?  If you can't answer that without deploying the straw-man or some other logical fallacy you may want to rethink your position.  There is not need for voter ID.  There is no problem with voter fraud.
I had a chance to meet O'keefe at the RightOnLine Conference back in June.  We both agree if the polls are within the 3% margin of error, voter fraud could be an issue.  But looking at the results from 2010, I have doubts this will be problem next month. 
+J. S. Hansenius well then why don't we drop all voting rules? Lets let other countries vote to. Hell while we are at it lets let convicted criminals vote to. Even better we will let everyone vote multiple times in different states. Your argument makes no since because your confusing the right to vote with the right to free speech. The right to vote already has restrictions and they need to be upheld.
+Rich White your inability to not use hyperbole proves again you don't have logic.  Like I said without the use of a logical fallacy, tell me why you conservatives want more government between you and your rights when there is scarce evidence to warrant such restrictions and obstacles.  
+J. S. Hansenius seriously I need to explain it again to you. You say I have no logic yet you ask the same question multiple times in different ways. Let me give you a really simple to digest answer one more time. "You need an id to fracking vote".
I will say this, being dishonest does not pay. and it will catch up to you.
Incorrect +Larry Morris In my state of NC, I am NOT asked to present any ID of any kind. I only give an address. Orally.
+Rich White I'll keep asking you this, why do you want government getting between you and a right when there has been no demonstrated need for them to do so?  It would be one thing if we saw a voter ID idea being pushed that had workarounds at the pool, use of veterans IDs, school ID etc as valid ID or some program to ensure that those who were not able to go to the DMV had the ability to get an ID.  What we see is laws written so that people who vote, generally, one way are hurt while others are not.  This is why it keeps failing in the courts.  The voters rights act prohibits policies that unduly and adversely affect specific groups.  Never mind that there is no real problem with fraudulent voting.
O'Keefe is not a credible source. This video is most likely staged/faked.
+J. S. Hansenius are you kidding me? Did you bother to even look at the op? This entire thread is why. Just because liberals are afraid there followers are to lazy to already have an id they contest it. I have had a California drivers license since I was 16 years old. I'm many states its illegal not to have a state id. This has nothing to do with racism. However, I do believe your argument has to do with laziness. If someone can't even be bothered to get an id to vote for there candidate then maybe they don't support them like they should. The more likely explanation for liberal discussed of these laws is that you will no longer be able to register the deceased.
+Rich White getting feable old granny down to the DMV is not an issue of laziness nor is going to the DMV when you work a full time job during normal working hours.  It is about having time to do so, or the health to do so.  I am for ID laws that let you get ID at the polls, use ID like your veterans ID card or a school ID.  It is only in the context of the ID laws that require you to have valid state only ID that you have to get beforehand that I think that there is a problem with ID.  You have  yet to explain why you want more government involved with you exercising your rights.
+J. S. Hansenius I don't even know why I'm wasting my time talking to you. Your heads obviously full of concrete. Granny should already have id as well as the person working a full time job. For that matter why would people that we don't even trust driving be able to make country changing decisions in the first place?

Then again I don't even know why I ask because you are just going to ignore my points and ask your loaded question again anyway at which point I will take advantage of G+'s block button.
+Rich White your words make it seem that getting an ID is easy for everyone because it is easy for you.  I happen to know it is not easy for some people to get ID and feel that their right to vote is important enough to protect to justify my speaking up against your desire to put a governmental obstacle in their path to exercising that right.  Like I said I'm OK with ID as long as ID is not defined in a way to keeps people from voting and the people can get ID at the polls or there is some sort of workaround to ensure they get to vote.  That is not the case behind much of the ID movement due to a desire to keep some people from voting and this desire is  being pushed by the conservatives, who see this a means to winning in Nov.  
Lance G
Your arguments against voter ID are weak. Its coming. Better get busy getting people ID's. We need them for everything.
A bipartisan Commission on Federal Election Reform in 2005 chaired by former President Jimmy Carter and former U.S. Secretary of State James A. Baker III found no evidence that requiring photo IDs would suppress the minority vote. The panel recommended a national photo ID system and a campaign to register voters.

In a 2008 column, Mr. Carter and Mr. Baker cited a study by American University’s Center for Democracy and Election Management that echoed the election commission. Among other things, researchers found that in three states - Indiana, Mississippi and Maryland - about 1.2 percent of registered voters had no photo ID.
+Rich White We have to move on from those who debate in an intellectually dishonest way. +J. S. Hansenious can't debate in any other way.
+Larry Morris Well...There you go again. Mitt Romney's "dishonest points". And what, pray tell, are his "dishonest points"?
It's happening on both sides of the aisle, the RNC hired a a consultant that turned in fraudulent voter registrations in Florida.
Low blow, Sheila.  Why not continue to share pro-Romney stuff, rather than air out the rare exceptions to an campaign from the Obama staff that has been fairly ethical?
Interesting comments folks...and all this time I thought everything was about Big Bird rather than failed policies.  Rest assured Elmo will fine even if he has to show an ID.  I have doubts about Ernie though.  Quick, let's question where Barney stands on this issue.
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