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How many of you Use  the program Gimp I asked this earlier  I downloaded and I want to  create myself a circle I can go to for help #Gimp  
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I use Gimp! Started using it in Linux a few years ago :-)
Same as +Jim Scholfield, I'm no expert but I can do some basics in it. I haven't used Photoshop in quite a while because of Gimp
I use gimp as well as inkscape, scribus, dia, pencil, and lyx. I love open source software. :)
+Sheila B. DuBois search from the google+ search line on keyword 'gimp'
It returns:

Gimp Users
Gimp Magazine

all of which you can put in your gimp circle and add individuals to it if/as/when you think they'd be good to follow.
Sheila, If you don't get a big enough circle from this post let me know and I can share it to my Free Open Source Software circle as it has over 1000 people and pages right now.

In Linux we can add and try all kinds of software free and easy so when we want to do something we may install a number of things and experiment with which we like for what.
Uhhhhhh Jim I don't need  a 1000 more people to follow! I have a lot as it is! LOL
I just meant I could run your request for gimp users through that circle Sheila :-)
Gimp works the same in Linux and windows.
See I am very amateur photographer and I want to at least practice on some photo's I have already :-)
+Sheila B. DuBois You will do just fine.  Everybody starts at the beginning!  Let us know if you need any help!  Have fun! And keep it fun!
Gimp is good for photos. I use inkscape to create logos and other clipart type stuff that needs to look good no mattes how big it gets. And yes, they work great on windows. That list of apps is the list of apps in my windows quick launch bar by the start menu.
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