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Shegerian & Associates, Inc.
Shegerian & Associates is a law firm specifically focused on protecting the rights of employees who have been wronged by their employers.
Shegerian & Associates is a law firm specifically focused on protecting the rights of employees who have been wronged by their employers.

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Carney Shegerian is an experienced trial lawyer and well respected in the employment discrimination industry. Carney has won over 68 jury verdicts, 28 of which were 7-figures or more, and has an over 95% success rate. Shegerian & Associates has a history of strong, positive results for our clients. Let us know if you feel you too have been wronged by your employer! Pic Cred:

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Exploring the Terms of a Written Contract. The provisions of a contract can be numerous. In fact, there is no limit to the number of terms or conditions a written employment contract may contain. Typically, an employment contract will contain a length of service provision which dictates the duration of employment. For example, if an employment contract contains a term of five years for employment, the employee is under contract for that time period and cannot legally quit or be fired, nor, in some instances, can he work for another company. Pic Cred:

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California Breach of Contract Damages: The big question in breach of contract cases is what can employer recover in terms of damages. It is important to note that an employee can only recover the amount he or she would have earned had there been no breach of contract. These damages are called restitution damages since they are meant to make the employee “whole” by placing him back in the position he would have been in had there been no violation of the law. Pic Cred:

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Good Cause for Termination : To determine if an implied contract has been broken, the employee must consider what he’s suing for. For instance, maybe the written contract stated that the employee would be there for five years, unless there was “good cause” to fire him. The employee doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong.This is the most common situation. The employer said there was good cause to terminate and the employee says there was no good cause. Pic Cred:

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Employee Handbooks Most often, the “terms” of the implied contract can be found in an employee handbook. For example, the handbook may have a “progressive discipline policy” (see discussion above), which states that employees are to be given warnings for certain infractions before they are fired. Pic Cred:

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Family Law Resources

Harriet Buhai Center for Family Law
(323) 939-2174
Levitts Quinn (low cost family law assistance)
(213) 482-1800
Los Angeles County Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
(213) 974-5587 (information line)
Orange County Domestic Violence Assistance Program
(714) 935-7956
(For all other counties, contact the Family Law department of the local court.)
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Shegerian & Associates’ client worked for less than one year as a salesperson. When our client complained about not receiving wages due to her, she was fired, causing her serious emotional injury and financial distress. Result: $3,200,000.00 verdict. Pic Cred:

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Get in contact with us today to get started! Get the help you deserve today! Contact Us By E-mail Or Call 1-800-GOT-FIRED (468-3473) - 310-860-0770 Pic Cred:

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Meet the team! Alex DiBona is an associate attorney with Shegerian and Associates. His work includes all aspects of case management, with a particular emphasis on law and motion. Mr. DiBona has drafted and argued in court numerous substantive motions, including Motions for Summary Judgment, Demurrers, Post-Trial Motions and Motions to Compel.
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