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I'm not quite sure what the shortcut in my android watch to Progression does.. Whenever I press it, it just takes me back to my watch face without doing anything or even starting progression on the watch or the phone.

Otherwise, wear integration is great but I just have to start the workout on my phone first before anything. 

Will the next nightly for the OnePlus One (Bacon) incorporate the most recent firmware fix that finally fixed the touchscreen issues? 

This bug is kind of hard to capture or describe but I'll try my best.

Sometimes, randomly, when I receive a notification AcDisplay kinda goes crazy and the screen quickly keeps switching betwen the lockscreen and AcDisplay. I have to turn off the screen with the power button to get it to stop. 

I don't know how to replicate this and I don't know what app's notification causes this to happen. It happens more to my friend, but it has happened to me on a few occasions. I hope someone has also seen this issue!

I saw that this was posted about before, but that post didn't really get a response.

I am getting double notifications for Textra.

I have already turned off Textra's own floating notifications feature so only HeadsUp should be working, but when I do this, I end up with 2 heads up notifications each time a message is received. They appear together and they disappear quickly too despite my HeadsUp being set to display for 10 seconds.

When I blacklist Textra from HeadsUp, I get no headsup notifications at all (as expected)

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This weird thing happened after I had moved a few files from internal to external SD. The bottom bar suddenly expanded like that and I can't get anywhere else in the app. When I try to exit, I keep pressing back and the "press back button again to exit" toast keeps coming up no matter how many times I press back. This is honestly the first bug I've encountered here and I can't seem to replicate it lol

Thank you for the amazing work and let me know if I can provide any more information to help you out with this.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 n7100
TeamUB ROM (very close to CM)
Lollipop 5.02
DPI set to 240 (it always has been set to that but I only now encountered this) 

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Tech deals galore <3 steep discount right now on the Zerolemon Solar 20000 mAh charger! Great reviews on Amazon. :) perfect for my weekend warrior life haha

Access and Control Android devices remotely from Mac/Win/Web with #AirDroid3:

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Can't believe the app is finally getting a much needed UI updated. I've tried switching to "prettier" file Explorer apps many times in the past, but none of them match solid in terms of ease of use and complete functionality. There would always be something that didn't just work about them.

Can't wait for the next update and I'm glad to be a proud user of this app since it's earliest days of development! 
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