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do you find this eff-ing weird when you see indians in the US (note: they are not green card holders and cannot vote) posting excessively and obsessively about how they are cheering for obama?

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it's official: Dublin is the new Gulf for our beloved Malayalis :D
don't believe me, read the last line here:

before you read my post: just want to say, I don't intend to offend you, my dear Malus. take it easy :)

my first trip to dublin (in 2010): of course the plane was full of indians, 75% may be, of which 90% of them where malus with families!

my second trip to dublin (in 2012): this time, there were 90% indians, i had to count the number of white folks (i cheated a little and included the cabin crew too).
anyways, back to the 90% indians, of which 96% where malus with families! the other 4%, where myself and 3 guys from facebook india, who looked at my youtube jacket and you can guess the rest... (look, gasp, disbelief, feel inferior, nudge the other guy, point, look, gasp, disbelief, feel superior, nudge the 3rd guy, point, look, gasp, disbelief and whisper like teenagers while yours truly is trying to count the number of malu families in front of them, lined up at the immigration)

this time the malu folks took me for one of them (which is indirectly true) and tried to make conversation. of course, you know me, i can barely speak 3 languages well; however, i was social and nodded all the way through, until they gave up being social :(

note: the percentage may be not be accurate, but hey! my post is not an exaggeration, ok! talk to etihad or emirates and you will know!

just for the record: batman is my fav superhero, closely followed by ironman and hulk. but i'm 'jinxed" when it comes to watching batman movies, for all the pains i take to go to IMAX (me no fan of prasads) and here is how:

what's worse when watching a batman movie at the theater:

a) a yapper beside you (experience from 'the dark knight rises'):
- who cannot shut up about how this movie is the best of the trilogy (he'd put chris nolan's publicist to shame). please note, he hasn't seen this movie yet
- how he tells his friends (no one asked him for his opinion!) that you need to "forget about the joker, if you are going to watch this one" and if you don't, "fight me to death"
- get's super excited, stands, claps, cheers loudly and almost jumps on the person in the front row, when he sees batman in full gear/bat mobile/chase scenes/fight scenes, heck! the entire movie...

b) the dad of an anxious kid (experience from 'the dark knight'):
- who makes you believe that either he's deaf or has no relation to the super-scared-screaming kid beside him, who desperately wants to know if batman died from that fall or not.
for my friends who understand telugu: the kid's exact words were "daddy, batman sacchi poienda daddy, (silence from dad), cheppu daddy (no response)" x 10 times. wait, make that 'until-sheba's-ears-are-bleeding' times.
My threatening look to the dad, (which was meant to say, 'daddy 'cheppu' to the kid or i'm going to 'cheppu' you') was completely ignored!

c) the self-assuming cool guy (experience from 'batman begins'):
the 'look i'm cool coz i have the not-so-latest flo rida feat. sean paul/pitbull ringtone and i dare you to make me put it on silent' and 'oh, btw, this phone has to ring in the middle of the movie' and  'i need to take that call and talk loudly' and 'yes, i'll keep getting calls every 15 mins' and I don't give an eff!

am i jinxed or am i jinxed?

note: if i've offended anyone, please know that I'm definitely not the one who started it :)
I love to stereotype people and I'm good at it! But here's one, served to you from the other side of the world, i just see it as is and have recorded it here, of course with help from neha and jackie: "saving the world"  Hollywood Movies.  

The Theme: the world is taken over by hostile forces/ aliens/ bad ass dudes/ meteors.

The Location of bad stuff happening: America/ near America/ in the atmosphere over America/ inside the earth's core under America/ around the world (maybe, including America) and/or folks are looking up to America to help. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not jealous of America's status, I'm just glad it's not India, 1) the action movie will end up as a comedy movie: what with the bad accents and oiled hair (all true) 2) waiting for the parliament to take a break from mud slinging and take a moment to sign off on sending our armed forces/NSG to save the world--not happening.

The Good guy team: There is always a team, especially formed for these occasions, and what I like is the cultural diversity. Never before, has the earth/meteors/aliens/bad dudes, seen the coming together of all colors for one common purpose: to save the world. Take a lesson from this Croatian soccer fans (w.r.t. to recent euro cup: Croatia Vs Italy)
And here is the team:
- the leader, of course the American, who has gf/ wife/ reprieved anger issues,
- the Russian, either has a kid or his gf named Sasha and flashes their pic to his mates with no warning!
- the Japanese, who never talks and carries a sword/dagger, which he sharpens every night with Jap music in the background,
- the African American, who talks a lot and possibly the only guy on the team who works out,
- the only Mexican with a poker face, why? (and i don't mean "the poker-game face") who never forgets to impress the pope with the 'sign of the cross',
- then there is the pretty lady.

How the story unfolds:
one obscure scientist finds that shit is about to hit the roof/ bad guys take over a hotel or a plane or an island/ aliens just show up and start killing people. Presidents of US and Russia talk in dark blue rooms and decide it's up to them to save the world, no one bothers to consult the Chinese (c'mon they have the largest army).

The good guy team get to the location where bad stuff is happening and fight the bad guys, usually almost all of them die, but the important part of the movie is the sequence to how they die:
- the first guy to die is always the poor Mexican, he hardly get's any face time, but only, to make the sign the cross and say, "holy mother of god" (i can say this, cos i'm a catholic).
- next is the African American who is killed mid-sentence, yes the camera never fails to show his ever-bulging biceps.
- next to die are a few random guys, both good and bad, with unknown ethnicity.
- the third last person to die, is the Russian (my second most awaited scene of the movie), he is good enough to save the world, but he never gets to do it alive, he takes down a lot of bad guys and sacrifices his life.
- meanwhile, unlike the men, the lady actually gets into a hand-to-hand combat and gets to kick some… of course she get's hurt in the process and is limping around for rest of the movie
- the second last person to die (note 'with honour') and who also takes the second last bad person to the grave is always the Japanese guy (my much awaited scene of the movie), I love it when he throw's his fully loaded gun away and takes out that sword and has a sword fight; sometimes, he may show off his kung-fu skills too (anything the Jap does, I like very much).
- of course, in the end, the American kills the leader of the bad guys, carries the injured lady and instead of getting the hell out of the place, decides to sit on a big rock with the lady, waiting to get lucky. I think he's justified, after all he's good looking, the hero, the highest paid actor (of the movie) and the last man standing!

Moral of the post: I'm a sucker for these movies, watch every single one of them. and yes, i approve of stereotyping, otherwise how is the rest of the world going to figure out that this "head-bobbing brown person with a terrible accent who owns a 7/11" is an Indian and not a native American?

i want know what these parents are smoking (whatever it is, it's damn good and i want it too): organising a "7 yr old kid's birthday party" at the Hard Rock Cafe on a Friday night!!! 
HRC was swarmed with kids last Friday night, aged 5 - 9 (at least the oldest one looked 9 year old tall) and their nanny was the bartender!!!
i didnt stay long enough to see if the bartenders did their jig on the "happy birthday song"! I would have been scared for the next 10 years
my friend wonders, whatever happened to the pizza huts or kfcs.
note to self: only Newscafe on Friday nights.

how to protest for "hike in fuel prices":
- must call for a nationwide strike.
- must become friends with enemies (yellow befriends pink, pink with orange, orange with green!!! and green with 'i-dont-care-about-your-colour' but join me).
- must gather in street corners with loud speakers talk about this and that (nobody cares, no one is listening, not even the guys you paid to listen to you).
- must ensure you make full use of the loud speakers, so, you show off your music collection: start with local folk songs (read commie songs -- weird how we associate "strikes" with poor Commies, they never had it easy), follow it by playing "Akon" all day long! (i'm not even kidding about this)
- must ensure kids don't go to school, if they do end up in school - disrupt and gain the love of kids (i loved this about strikes when i was kid)
- must ensure to burn a few buses (ever notice how the first public property to get damaged are buses, why buses? you need them tomorrow to commute to work)
- Most Importantly: must "DRIVE" around the city in rallys (i don't get it: you drive around to protest that you are paying too much for driving around unnecessarily???)

Moral of the post:
- kids will always associate "strikes" with Akon (give him a break, he had a good reputation of being associated with Ganesh pooja)
- daily labourers will get a paid day-off (they get paid to listen to 'i-dont-know-what')
- 2 motor companies will continue to make profits (Ashok Leyland and TATA motors)
- too much pollution, ozone getting depleted
- most people will get the much needed (mid-week) break from work (unfortunately for some of us, we can "work-from-home")
- increase in sale of sunscreens and fairness creams (actually this has nothing to do with strikes :)
- i'm going to remain a cynic

even after all these years, the one (and the only) thing i know about google analytics for sure: "It helps answer you burning questions" :P

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29 hours of pure, undisturbed sleep in the last 39 hours :) perfect weekend i tell u....

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3.5 hrs of sleep, woke up at 3:30am, I need to be injected with coffee rite now!
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