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This post contains spoilers. If you haven’t played any of the Dragon Age games, please turn back now (also, play them, they’re quite fun). TRIGGER WARNING: rape, slavery, abuse The most frustrating thing about roleplaying games is that there is always one…

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#E32017 Goes Public & Are Games Announced Too Early? | Boss Lair W1-L4 #XboxOne #ForHonor

On level 4 of Boss Lair, we discuss E3 going public, the For Honor Beta, and Phil Spencer saying more exclusives will be announced for the Xbox One at E3 2017! We go in depth about the For Honor beta and how we feel the game will be received by gamers in…

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#E3 goes public, Phil Spencer on exclusive announcements at #E32017, #ForHonor beta!

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This is what a Netflix-like #VirtualConsole could look like on #NintendoSwitch!

YouTube channel, TheBitBlock, made a conceptual video of what a subscription-based virtual console could look like on the Nintendo Switch. About 2 years ago, I wrote a similar article on the topic of Nintendo doing this as their virtual console format…

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Fire Emblem Heroes: Tactical Mobile Success! #review #FireEmblemHeroes #mobile #mobilegames

The beginning of February seems like an odd time for a AAA-based game to come out. Usually, the beginning of the year games are already out while companies begin working on the next ones. However, at the beginning of this February, Fire Emblem Heroes was…

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Is #DoubleDragonIV Worth the Nostalgia Trip? #Retro #gaming #PC #Steam #PS4

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Is #DoubleDragonIV worth the nostalgia trip? #DoubleDragon #Steam #review @ArcSystemWorksU

A few days ago, a friend of mine tweeted me the announcement of Double Dragon IV. I was elated to get my hands on this title. In my childhood, one of my favorite games of all time, Streets of Rage 2, was a beat’em up experience that helped shape the way I…

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When you find yourself Banished

Imagine, you’re just chilling in your village. Then, all of a sudden, you’re told to go to the town hall for something stupid that you did. You and a lot of people are then told: “You are all hereby banished from the village!” It comes as an unexpected…

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#Nintendo #Switch Gets The Perfect #SuperBowl Ad @NintendoAmerica

Nintendo has unveiled a new Nintendo Switch commercial that will be airing during Super Bowl LI this Sunday. If I could draw up the perfect blueprint for a marketing strategy, I would go BIG and what better way than to show a commercial for the Switch…

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We had fun at the Chocobo Moogle Carnival! How about you? #FFXVCarnival @SquareEnix

A few days ago, Square Enix released a free update to their hit game, Final Fantasy XV. The Moogle Chocobo Carnival can be accessed from the main menu. Therefore, you only need a single save file, at any point in the game, to play it. I recommend using…
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