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This is the first feature from iOS 7 that I want Android to improve on. We already got the panoramic part. You just have to manually move it. 
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Just installed. I have no idea what this even does but I'm about to find out.
I do wish it had at least two axis movement.
It drives me crazy that iOS gets credit for 'innovation' that's been on android for years. It's beyond ridiculous... 
+Doug Gregory thanks for the tip but I'm still hiding from the church mouse I'm so poor right now. Is there a free version at all?
Hamsterbeat isn't the same. It's just a picture that moves on its on. My buddy has it. Looks good though. 
Live wallpaper is not the same thing. The fruit company thing uses the sensors to pan the picture. The apps we've been talking about also do that. Live wallpaper is a video wallpaper.
Dam that's cool, I wonder if my 4g have that future lol
ios rocks on and leaves android scrambling, now just wait till the big screened iphone arrives and voila!
Yeah ummmmm..... Android not only does all this but you can already get a launcher that looks like ios7.
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