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Live options trading for retail traders by pro retail traders
Live options trading for retail traders by pro retail traders


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SCT Podcast - Episode 39 - How to Manage a Winning Streak of Trades

A series of winning trades and growing your account seems like an easy scenario to deal with. However most traders will tell you that success has it's own challenges. Most traders will increase their contract size and the riskyness of the trades they take, eventually eating away at all their profits? Sarah Potter of Shecantrade will review how she adjusts her options trading to make sure she doesn't give all of her profits back to the market.

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Trading options is a fantastic way to trade! Shecantrade reviews our options trades, how we are trading the markets and ways to place the best trades every day in the live options trading room. We are pleased to announce the new shecantrade review report and new free trading lessons. Check this out

Why Your Story Defines Your Business

As your business grows you will have experiences that can help shape the future of this business. Ultimately, the stories that you collect over the years will influence the direction of both products and services that you provide. Telling your story as well as listening to your clients stories can provide you with valuable information about where and how to grow. Hear some of the experiences that have helped shaped my business.

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SCT Podcast - Episode 38 - Fundamental vs Technical Analysis

In this episode of the SCT Podcast Sarah Potter and TJ discuss the differences between fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Fundamental analysis is typically discussed in the media about trading options and stocks. Fundamental analysis attempts to assess the financial health of a company and determine if the current market price of the stock is under or over valued.

Technical analysis on the other hand looks at charts and chart patterns and looks at the supply and demand for the stocks and whether current price trends will continue or reverse.

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The recording from tonight trading event has now been emailed to everyone who registered. If you missed our talk about trading options credit spreads strategies you can still gain access by leaving your email at credit spreads Options trade strategies are somel of my favorite ways to trade in the options market, especially with weekly options! Find out how well shecantrade and Sarah potter can trade.

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Shecantrade reviews our live options trading room. Read to find out why this trading room is unique. Are all trading rooms the same?

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Fear doesn't have to be the limiting factor to your success. Read my latest post on my new personal blog about how to overcome your fears and achieve your dreams. This is a great post for traders and anyone striving to meet a new goal. She can succeed, and so can you!

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3 Advantages and Disadvantages of Options Trading

Everyone wants to look for a trading instrument that will give them the highest rate of return on their investment with as little risk, and little work as possible. While there may be misconceptions about options, (that they are a risky trading strategy for example) they do have both advantages and disadvantages.

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Whether you want to turn your part-time trading into full-time, bring your existing trading to new heights, or if you have just started your trading journey, the trading accelerator program can help. This program will fast-track your growth and save you years of expensive trial and error in the markets.

Sarah Potter is a professional retail trader but knows what it is like to be in your shoes. She has moved from part time trading, to full time, and has become a well respected trader/disruptor of the industry. She speaks to hundreds of thousands of traders across North America and partners with various financial institutions. Sarah’s approach to teaching you is uniquely qualified – Sarah holds a masters of education, and has a thorough understanding of instructional design. Sarah pairs her skill sets in education with her in depth knowledge of trading as a retail trader, to help you, the retail trader.

After hearing from thousands of readers who are struggling with trading, she realised that many are struggling with 3 core issues:
1. You can’t find enough good trades
2. You find too many trading ideas and don’t know how to sift out the bad ones
3. You are unsure of yourself and your ability to trade
The Trading Accelerator Program will focus on these 3 key areas.
This is a progressive 5 week program with specific trading themes tailored for you each week. The program includes:
• 5 recorded courses sent to you weekly for 5 weeks to watch when it is most convenient for you
• Weekly exercises to build your skills with feedback from Sarah Potter
• 2 Personal one on one coaching sessions over the phone with Sarah
• Sarah’s personal robust trade watchlists emailed to you each week
• Tailored learning opportunities based on your trading plan and goals
This program is built to help you:
• Articulate your trading vision
• Make clear choices about trade entries, management and exits
• Take strategic action when trades are moving against you
This is the second time I have offered a program like this, last session sold out in a matter of days. Make sure to sign up to hold your spot so that you aren’t disappointed when it sells out again. Only 10 spots available this session.

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SCT Podcast Episode 36 - Trading SPY vs SPX

Listen Here:

Two very popular options to trade are in the SPX S&P500 cash settled index and the SPY S&P500 ETF. Each offers unique benefits for options traders. Listen to this week's podcast to hear about the key differences between the SPX and SPY and some strategies for trading each.
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