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Shayne Bundy
Spell-check yourself before you wreck yourself.
Spell-check yourself before you wreck yourself.

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I have an event tomorrow at 11am, and one at 5pm. For some reason, even though it's set to "24 hours ahead," the calendar arc is only showing for the 5pm event. Both calendars are set to be displayed in the general settings.
Any thoughts? Thank you!

I flashed the newest ROM and then the Google Dialer zip, but Google Dialer doesn't appear to have installed. There's no Google Dialer app on my phone. Can I just install the Google Play Store version for Project Fi Wi-Fi calling? Thanks!

I am trying to get a circle that slowly fills as my steps each day increase. I think I have the Lua right, but the app only ever shows 0 steps.
My watch face correctly shows my step numbers, but not the app itself.

It makes designing and testing difficult. Anyone have a similar problem?

Holy crap I just technically drove a uHaul.

Officially halfway between the North Pole and the equator!

Shuffle really keeps you on your toes.. Went from George Strait to Rancid to Mariah Carey.

Adam Lambert just tap-danced in glitter platform boots. #swag

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Best day of my life. And I was only a few weeks old. 
Today in Geek History: You remind us of the babe! Labyrinth released in theaters in 1986.

Me, talking about album titles: "You can't have TWO parentheticals! That's ABSURD!!"
*Brief pause while I realize I might feel too strongly about this kind of thing."
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