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One of my favorite movies of all time! What are yours?
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Kait H
hey Shay please add me!!! thnx!!!
the amazing spider man is my favorite movie!
Ithink I have seveal very good choice yous
Have so many favourites, but Step up (1,2,3) take first 
My favorite movie is Ballet Shoes staring Emma Watson(She's my favorite actress.)!
Payback, Lucy Liu plays a great dominatrix, it was before Mel Gibson's meltdown
Sam Epp
Prince of Persia :)
same here me n my neice madison watch it all the time rip selena we all love you were dreaming of you aka her song
my fave movie to!! Selena♥ R. I. P march 31st, 1995:'(
Bri H
mine is the 1d movie i,m so in love with them
i love that movie to i wonder if the girl who killed her is still alive
Loved her songs may she r.i.p always blessed 
Legend, The Dark Crystal, The Princess Bride, Labryinth,
we watched this in my Spanish class. Selena Gomez is named after her
omg, you like this movie? How cute! I love Selena!!!!

I love Selena!! but my fave movie of all time is totally Forrest Gump!
i watched that movie too... loved it
Dodgeball, 21 Jumpstreet... If they turned #pll  into a movie, hailll yeah that would be my #1 movie!
I actually really like Selena. It's so inspiring!
Dirty Dancing. :] oh! and Grease (only the first of both.)
i love that movie to,3 it is so sad at the end:( but i still love that movie
i tired watching it on the spanish channel...haha i hardly know spanish so i was lost the whole time. lol
never seen that, but my favorite movie is either clue or aquamarine
omg love her and wish she didnt past away
Sweet home Alabama<3 I can watch it a million times and it never gets old
nice, mine are mrs. doutfire and monte carlo
I cried at the ending :-( it was such a sad story
hmm.... at my favorite modern film is proberbly twilight im not shure about my favorite ever film
that was a sad movie with jenifer lopez
sponge bob and favorite song striped sweater
my favorite movie EVER i wish i could have the sucsess she has.
I love this movie i watch it all the time it is soooooo good
My friend, David Kramer, was head of security for her. In the video in Houston, Texas, at the end of the concert, when she's coming down the stairs and the guy that puts out his hand to help her down, that's my friend David. He would always invite me to go meet her but I never took him up on the invitation (I'll regret it for the rest of my life). David would tell me "I already told her about you and she wants to meet you". I use to play in local music groups. I just didn't feel right that thousands of people paid lots of money to go see her and I would get to meet her for free. So sad what happened! : ( Even though I never met her for some strange reason it hit me very hard when I heard what happened to her. Must have felt the same way for thousands others! She's now one of GOD's angels!
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