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Thumbs up for Summer! 
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Obožavam leto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brian K
I think your thumb is broken...
Kat Xai
Nice! I love the picture! :
that´s a well picture :)))))))))))
I love summer just as much as you shay!! but i agree.. drink the wild air??? What ever ima drink the air too!!! =0)
hah gud 1 right now its raining in Ireland :)
OMG i cant belive im on SHAY MITCHELL"S page like OMG im freakeing out really bad!!!!!!!!!!!! All kidding aside, i give 15 thumbs up! if only i had 15 thumbs...
I love you! My last day is tomorrow, can't wait!
Woo Hoo! im so ready for summer to actually be sunny!
Honestly, summer gives me time to relax. Except 4 the fact that in my town we get a fat summer homework packet.
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