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Check out mine and Michaela Blaney 's new blog post on a healthy alternative to chips, let me know what you all think...enjoy!!!!
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Kale is a leafy veggie. A lot of people use it as a garnish or decoration for foods. You see a bunch of it on like catered sandwiches or foods like that. You can cook it too. It's very tough, but best when baked into chip form, with a little salt sprinkled on top ;)
hey i just had that!!!! sooo good!!
I love those things! Do you eat the Indian ones or the ones called vampire killer?
that does not lokk very yummy, but it cant hurt to try. you can not diss it if you have not tryed it. :)
i've eaten kale salad but not kale chips sounds tasty though
kale is like colard greens but not as mushy and you dont cook them you use dressing kind of lik a salad
let me have it, count me in
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