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Can South Korea's Moon usher in a new climate era?

President Moon has briefly shut down dirty coal plants in South Korea, ushering in a new era for climate change. DW examines Moon's climate policy and how he intends to clean one of the world's most polluted countries.

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link your favorite travel photo in the comment section! I want to see pictures you've taken :)

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Outgoing U.S. Ambassador to S. Korea Mark Lippert's final interview in Seoul

한국 떠나는 미국 대사 마크 리퍼트 "중국이 북한 핵 포기 유도하면 한미 사드 재고려할 것"

With a new administration taking office in the U.S., Washington's ambassador to Seoul bids farewell to South Korea.
Ambassador Mark Lippert offered his signature slogan thanking the Korean people for the love and support for his family during his term here... at the Incheon International Airport just hours ago.
The next U.S. ambassador to South Korea has not been named yet, but the outgoing U.S. official requested that he or she push for an even stronger alliance.

Right before he left Korean soil, he gave his final few hours to Arirang TV. I sat down with at Habib House. So, this is your very last day as the U.S. ambassador to South Korea. The end of you and your family's Seoul chapter of a few months over two years. Bittersweet, I would imagine. What is it like? And, I know the Korean people feel the same way about you - You are surely the most well-known U.S. ambassador to Seoul to the Korean people and I completely agree with this - arguably the Korean people's favorite so far. What were some of your most memorable moments here in this country?

Looking back at your roughly 27 months of service in Korea, what would you say are some of the most notable achievements of yours and remarkable turning points in South Korea, U.S. alliance?

With a new administration in Washington, many here in Korea have raised concern regarding a possible changes to the Seoul, Washington relationship as we know it. That's of course because of remarks made by the new U.S. president on various issues - ranging from the cost of having U.S. troops in South Korea to the bilateral free trade agreement between the two countries.
What is your view on this? Are those concerns legitimate?

South Korea's decision to deploy U.S. missile defense system is increasingly becoming the source of diplomatic tension, if you will, between South Korea and China. I want to touch upon TPP - the Trans Pacific Partnership. I know a group of U.S. ambassadors to some of the party countries, including yourself, signed an open letter to Congress asking members to support the trade pact. I know the new U.S. president wants the TPP scrapped. Witnessing the rise of trade protectionism is especially unsettling for trade-dependent economies like Korea.

So, a new ambassador from the new administration will be succeeding your post in Seoul. Any tips or message for the incoming ambassador coming to South Korea?

I think your friendship with the Korean people... the way you and your family interacted with the average Koreans, how you blended in with the Korean culture and society will forever be remembered here. What do you think you will miss the most about this country, this culture?

Last time we sat here for a one-on-one like this -- that was back in the summer -- I asked you what you would like to have achieved personally by the end of your term here. Do you remember what it
was? Could we ask you for a farewell message to our viewers all around the world IN Korean?

Hello, everyone. I'm U.S. Ambassador to South Korea, Mark Lippert.

It's an honor to be on Arirang TV.

It was an honor to be here in Seoul.

Thank you.

Let's go together. That was absolutely perfect. Thank you for the message, thank you for going out of your way to sit down with Arirang TV on your last day in Korea, and thank you for showing everyone in Korea and all over the world what diplomacy is all about, how one outstanding diplomat can make a huge difference in bilateral ties. Thank you. And, I don't want to end with a goodbye BUT with until we see again, Ambassador Mark Lippert.

Till we meet again, Koreans' favorite ambassador to Korea, Mark W. Lippert.

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Let's collaborate!

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Leaving your home while on vacation can be worrisome. But with smart home tech, it doesn't have to be. Here are some great gadgets for your home while you travel 

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A quick look into Korea's craft beer scene

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#Travel journalist Shay Meinecke goes to Gwangju, South #Korea to explore the emerging #craftbeer scene. With help from residents Sean D’Angelo and Yeoul Park, Shay discovers that Timi’s craft beer bar is paving the way for unique and international mekju in the country.

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Interviewing +Yeonmi Park is something I'll always remember. Her positive and ambitious attitude is something I'll never forget. If there's one person who might bring about change for those in North Korea, it's Yeonmi Park. 
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