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Just found out +Toyota USA  2yrs/25k maintenance warranty doesn't cover all maintenance for 2yrs/25k. Just oil changes and tire rotations.

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Great interview. Lot of good insights.

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Cool Chrome experiment. :)

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This new inbox is fantastic. It made my out of control inbox much more manageable. I cleared 100 emails in about 30 minutes or less by letting me clearly see just the promos and forum notifications that I just needed to toss.

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Oh statistics...

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I think there should be an international treaty that before any people group can declare war on another people group, those wanting to fight must watch this video first.

If you had told me two weeks ago that Mac OS X was the hardest OS to use, I never would have believed you. But now, after OS X, Windows 7 & 8 and Ubuntu, Ubuntu wins, hands down.

One example, to show hidden files from hardest to easiest:
1. OS X: Google it. Run cryptic command you'll never remember. Restart Finder with another overzealous command.
2. Windows: Open Explorer options, uncheck two boxes, confirm, click ok.
3. Ubuntu: Ctrl + H.

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+Google This. Why? I thought you supported open standards and formats. I thought you allegedly used Linux in-house. How do your employees use Google Drive if they're on Linux there's not a Linux client. Do all your employees using Linux save their work in OOXML formats? I understand that you want to support the majority of your users, but the last two versions of Microsoft Office have supported ODF files. I cannot follow your reasoning...

Updated to +Google Chrome  OS v.22 beta today. Love the new background and UI improvements and the whole OS seems to be running a little bit smoother. :)
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