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My Awesome Canadian Photographers circle!  Am I missing anyone?
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I believe he disqualifies himself automatically from being in the 'awesome Canadian photographers' circle by not being on Google Plus.
When you said "Awesome Canadian Photographers" Yousuf Karsh was the first name that came to mind. You could add him, or his executor, via email. He's won't mind... he's been dead for about a decade.
I am a Canadian photographer, I will let you decide if I meet the remaining criteria.
how about your favorite american photogs?
I'll share that one at some point I'm sure. :P
Thank you for including me +Shawna Mac  I am hournerd to be included in with such a great group of photographers. Hope you have a great day eh. :)  Allan
Just wondering if I might be included in this circle although, I would never use an adjective like awesome to describe myself...
I would be more comfortable with another "a" word like aspiring...
Ah I see, but by being Canadian you get the awesome automatically.  See.. the original Canadian circle shared a long long time ago was titled the "Awesome Canadian" circle  (by +P E Sharpe if I remember correctly) and I sifted the photographers out of there and have been adding ever since. 
Thank you, it's selfish, but I like lots of pretty Canadian pictures in my stream.
Thank you for including me +Shawna Mac - sorry for the delay in my reply, was travelling for 2 weeks in BC with limited access to Internet. Was a nice break.
Thanks for this circle +Shawna Mac There were quite a few that I didn't already follow. If you have room for another photographer to fill out the circle, I'm available.
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