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This workstation is actually for work, but I'm really going to enjoy having it available for photo editing. 30 and 24 inch monitors, 16 cores (32, counting hyperthreading), 64 GiB RAM... It's a serious machine.

Kristanne will like it too... it won't take me six months to get around to editing photos. For the last couple of years I haven't had a desktop at home and my laptop is pretty underpowered for photo stuff (and doesn't have enough storage in its 128 GiB SSD), so going through photos has meant staying late at work. But now work is at home, and so is the machine.
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I loved my dual monitor set up.  It's so much more efficient to be able to use one screen for the project and one screen for research.
And Dad teases Glenn and I for our excessive monitors...(not that I think they are excessive, Dad does). That is a nice setup. I'd like to see it in action.
Yes. I would not want to work with a single monitor setup anymore! It's just so much more convenient with a dual screen setup.
+Shawn Willden but that's not +darktable you're running there! :)
+Marco Tedaldi, I need to give Darktable a try sometime. I bought AfterShot Pro a few years ago, though, and I really like it.
I should also mention that not only are two monitors nice, but it's really nice to rotate one of them to portrait orientation. It's perfect for web browsers, since web pages tend to be narrow and long.
Portrait orientation is great for accounting ledgers also!
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