This would be fun to play with.
Interactive water board : Get Ready To Be Amazed!

Designer Mike Burton has developed a wall of water, called ‘the Waterboard’. It is an interactive whiteboard that allows users to manipulate the flow of water. The fun part is that the water can be manipulated by drawing lines that form objects or by use of actual physical objects such as…..humans!

Mike Burton somehow achieved to define what the water does in reality into formulas. When a bowl is drawn the water will keep flowing in the bowl and the water level rises. When the bowl is full the water will flow over the edge and continue its new course. In that way all different paths can be made as long as it goes downward.

Another interesting detail is that the water responds to the time it is not flowing. After a certain period the water will develop into a greenish goo with little flies circling above the water.
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