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APE Version 1.1 (Austen) Is Now Live!
Well, it actually went live about 24 hours ago, but as of about 10 mins ago Amazon has enabled those who purchased the original 1.0 version, to download the new version for free!

To see what's new, check out the APE Updates page:

To redownload the new version of the book, go to the "Manage My Kindle" section of Amazon,

If you made notes and highlights
If you made notes and highlights, you can preserve them between versions by turning on the "wireless Annotations Backup Settings" on each of your devices. You'll get a warning message when you click the "update available" link to make sure you've done this. 
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This is what makes digital publishing so awesome. I love that a book can evolve over time and remain current via updates like this. Awesome that you guys are keeping it up. 
+Justin Seeley Yeah, I definitely took a page (pun intended) from my developer side. Each iteration of APE has a version number, like software, and I'm keeping a change log of every update on  APE will be updated as often as necessary.  For example, we released on Dec 10th and since then Lulu has dropped DRM and Smashwords has started accepting EPUB.  Both changes are now "live" in the current version of APE. 

And as a side note, it's a crazy world when you can release a book update (print and digital) faster than Apple reviews an app update ;-)
Also, Google invented communities...that's also something that didn't exist a month ago but is not included throughout the APE discussion :)
That is both crazy and awesome at the same time! Nice work, my friend.
Rob Gol
The update info looks good. Now to download.
That's cool. I just don't know in which version was my contribution originally added? (I see it was edited at some point, but don't know when did ti first appear.)
+Bojan Tunguz you're in 1.0.0. You weren't in the initial kindle version but you were in the first print version (which is when we started the versioning) 
Wow, that's pretty neat! Thanks for clarifying. 
Thanks so much Shawn for the tutorial. I wasn't sure how to do that! And thank you and Guy again for the package. I really appreciate it!
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