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"The magic we need more in today's technological world is of the latter kind. We should strive to increase deepness rather than outward complexity, human virtuosity rather than consumerism, flexibility rather than effortlessness. The mysteries should invite attempts at understanding and exploitation rather than blind reliance or worship; this is also the key difference between esoterica and superstition."

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If you work in computers and don't know about Engelbart and NLS, you're missing out.

"If you truly want to understand NLS, you have to forget today. Forget everything you think you know about computers. Forget that you think you know what a computer is. Go back to 1962. And then read his intent."

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Computer programs written by users
"Our design strategy, then, divides the problem. The burden
of system design and specification is transferred to the user.
This approach will only work if we do a very careful and
comprehensive job of providing a general medium of communication
which will allow ordinary users to casually and
easily describe their desires for a specific tool. We must also
provide enough already-written general tools so that a user
need not start from scratch for most things she or he may
wish to do."

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"It's too quiet". :-)

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Best sort ever.

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This one is good.

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This comes up a lot.

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Sunk cost fallacy comes up all the time. It's endemic, and very very difficult to avoid the trap.

Good to be conscious of it, although even then it doesn't always work.

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This phD thesis is amazing. I've been known in the past to say that "product management and development need to be two halves of the same brain." This is very similar:

"Computer scientists approach computation with the objective question 'Does it run?' To answer this question, computer scientists write programs. Since user interfaces to programs are considered secondary to programs themselves, computer scientists rarely test their programs on users.

"Graphic designers approach graphics with the subjective question 'Does it look right?' To answer this question, designers draw pictures. Since rules for generating good design are considered secondary to designs themselves, graphic designers rarely write down rules.

"Approach belongs to the collective unconscious of a discipline. Only when disciplines clash do approaches emerge as arbitrary assumptions.


"Programmers tend to tolerate graphic design as a necessary evil, an art to be admired but never fully comprehended. On the other hand, designers tend to treat computers as immutable, a set of laws to be suffered but never challenged. Both attitudes spring from a lack of understanding. To truly integrate computers and graphic design, one must appreciate the insights of both while accepting the blindnesses of neither."

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I've seen dozens of people on my feeds quoting this, finally read the whole thing.

Much of it is commentary on mass surveillance, which I think has been discussed to death.

The interesting part to me is the stuff leading up to that -- basically talking about the arrogance / confidence that technologists have in believing they can solve any problem better than any non-technologist -- and ignoring any new problem they create in the meantime.
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