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Since I seem to be in a sharing mood today and I cleaned up my circles, reorganized, added, deleted, scraped and scrapped I have a great circle to share. Quite a few of these people are in almost every shared circle out there. If you are #newtogoogleplus #google+ or if you have anything to do with #seo #socialmedia #marketing you need view this circle, scrape the ones you already have, keep the ones you don't. I call this my Filet Mignon Circle If you know anybody I missed or should be added please add and share.
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thanks for the inclusion here! :)
Been quite a few incoming today :)
Thanks for the inclusion in this circle, +Shawn Vieira. Much appreciated. Where the hell did you get that Popeye image? Creepin me out, dude. Creepin' me out...
+Gideon Rosenblatt a friend had it in one of his albums and I liked it. The artist is a famous makeup specialist, Robert Wood It's Rick Baker. His signature is in the uncropped photo in my profile album if you're interested.
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