Public beta channel for the Google Cast extension

Earlier this month, we made the Google Cast SDK publicly available, allowing anyone to enable multi-screen experiences in their apps/sites.  In Chrome, this functionality is provided by the Google Cast extension, which was automatically updated to enable SDK features.

Going forward, we’ll continue to fix issues and add features to the Google Cast extension.  Similar to Chrome’s beta channel, today we’ve released a public beta channel for the Google Cast extension, so developers can test out the latest features before they’re released to the public.  Our goal in doing this is to work with the community to achieve several goals:

 - Input & Feedback: Developer input on the preview SDKs helped greatly in shaping the APIs and user experience of our public SDK launch.  We want to make sure that developers and passionate users can stay involved as things evolve.

 - Early Access: New SDK features don’t help users until they’re adopted by developers, so the sooner we can get capabilities to developers, the better.  We also want to make sure that changes never come as a surprise.

 - Stability: We want to make sure that new versions of the Google Cast extension don’t inadvertently break sites that integrate with the SDK.  Providing pre-release versions to the community is the best way to ensure we detect and address any issues prior to a public rollout.

The beta Google Cast extension is available immediately, and can be installed from the Chrome Web Store below (note that you’ll need to disable the public Cast extension to avoid conflicts).  It updates automatically, so you’ll always have the latest features and fixes.  The main updates in this initial public beta are as follows:

 - Added support for callback on completion of API script loading.
 - Fixes for media metadata inconsistency between Chrome and receiver SDKs.
 - A real-time logging window can be launched under “Options”.
 - Sender SDK can now extrapolate currentTime.

You can find more information on the beta channel here:  We’re looking forward to your feedback and to experiences that you create!
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