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Good comment on the Supreme Court's recent return to Lochner:

"Welcome to the doctrine of sovereign corporate immunity.

"Despite the fact that corporations are not mentioned in the Constitution and Madison warns us of organized economic interests throughout the Federalist Papers, the 'originalists' have gone out of their way not only to invent full citizenship for corporations, but also to transform them into citizens whose liberty is without peer and whose actions are above redress."

Here's a "get out of T-Mobile free" card if you want it. I just received this text and, regardless of what the front-line phone reps might tell you, this is definitely a basis to cancel your contract without a fee:

Free T-Mobile Msg: Important Notice. On 4/5 data services will be limited when roaming off the T-Mobile network. Details at

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A 24-hour Sprinkles Cupcakes automat.(!!!!) This ranks among civilization's greatest accomplishments of the last 600 years.

I wonder if they'll install one at the Newport Beach location?

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Anyone lose something small and expensive last night in front of the engineering buildings? Describe it if it's yours. Otherwise will hand it over to campus lost and found in a couple of days. 

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I think UCI's law school could use a slightly subtler sign.


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