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I have some videos that were uploaded into Google+ through the auto-backup feature in the iOS app.  The videos have been stuck in "processing" for quite a while now (over a month)... is there anyway to retrieve these videos?  They've since been lost from the phone itself, so it's very disappointing that they were not backed up (like intended) through the app.  Thanks!

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VIDEO: Check out ACTIVE's new video and tell us what you think.

What's everyone's opinion of Spotify vs. Rdio vs. MOG?? I've been playing with both Spotify and MOG... like certain options in both, but neither are "great" IMO thus far. Would love to hear other people's opinions.

Has anyone created a hub where I can update my Google+, Twitter and Facebook at once yet??

One minor flaw in Google+ IMO is the fact that I can't go and post / message one just one of the people in my circle. Unless I'm missing something...

Really like the new Gmail look... BUT don't like the fact the ads on the bottom are getting "stuck" in the middle of my email... thus blocking some of the words.

Hello??? Is this thing on??
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