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I was having a hard time trying to download todays mako nightly using firefox. The downloads continually failed. I'm assuming due to high traffic. So I used wget on my linux box and had it in no time. Just throwing that out there.
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Sure. As I said, I'm using linux. I believe wget is installed by default on most linux distros. If not you will have to install it of course. On debain based distros:
'sudo apt-get install wget'
Once you have it installed, go to the download page, find the nightly you want to grab, right click it and choose "copy link location"
Then in a terminal type 'wget'  the post the link you copied directly after it. For example:

That will start the download. You will probably see it disconnect and retry several time. I will say, however, it failed on the last flo nightly I tried to download. So it's not foolproof.

I also believe there is a version of wget for windows, but I know little to nothing about it as I only use linux at this time.
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Just got my N7 back from Asus for warranty repair. Had an issue where it wouldn't charge or connect to my computers while it was powered on. If I turned it off it would charge. I could have dealed with the charging issue, but I have to be able to use adb as I like to use custom took a total of two weeks from the time I shipped it. Delivered today and had it rooted within the hour of unpacking it. Running carbon and all seems well...hopefully no more issues. I was able to lock it and return to stock prior sending back.
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No, all my computers use Linux so I use the android SDK. Its actually dead simple. 
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