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Shawn Neumann
CEO and Founder of Domain7 - Change is in the Making
CEO and Founder of Domain7 - Change is in the Making

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Four years ago, we drafted a +Domain7 Mobile Manifesto. At the time, there were some strong stances taken and it served us well. 

That said, I thought it was about time we checked back to see where we missed the mark and where we nailed it.

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Our own Nathan Shubert-Harbison gives a rundown on Web Components, and why the modular web is amazing:

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Really like this addition to Google Flight Search. Adding contextual deals to their great search UX makes perfect sense.
+Google embraces serendipity on Flight Search, asking you if you’re ‘feeling lucky’.

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As many of you may know, I’ve been serving on the board of First West Credit Union (Envision Financial) for a number of years and for the past 2 years as board chair. As our AGM is fast approaching, board elections are currently underway and this year, I am up for election.

As with all Credit Unions, First West is owned equally by all it’s members rather than a few select shareholders. Everyone with an account has a say in who they would like to represent them as their board. Those whom the members choose, work to represent the interests of all members by building a strong, stable financial institution that is a committed contributor to the health of our respective communities.

As you may have guessed, I am convinced of the value of an organization that is fundamentally accountable to members rather than shareholders. As a result, I am a strong advocate for First West and the Credit Union system. I'm proud of the results of team and the impact the organization is able to have in our community.

If you’re a member of a First West division like Envision or Valley First, your participation by voting is an important part of “owning” your own financial institution. This year, it’s super easy as you can simply log into your on-line banking account and cast your vote. If you choose to cast your vote to support me in continuing my role with the board, thanks in advance. 

If you’re not a member of First West (Envision/Valley First/Enderby) or another Credit Union, give it some thought! 

For more information on the organization’s financial results from 2013, view our on-line annual report here.

For information on this year’s elections including more background on myself and other candidates, click here.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions on the organization, our 2013 results or the special resolutions and board voting.

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My recent post on some Design Thinking principles. In a week, part 2 will talk about putting these into action.
Anyone can think like a designer. Shawn Neumann explains how to breed innovation through design thinking:

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Great video on a a new 3d printing technique that will allow you to print carbon fiber.

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WHAT?! A quick, low-risk, free team intranet? +Shawn Neumann  explains how we use Google+ Communities for internal communications at Domain7: 

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I recently took a MOOC from Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia. Here's some thoughts on how it went from our +Domain7 blog.

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Merry Christmas, Internet! Our +Domain7 team whipped up some holiday cheer in the form of a Christmas video. Special kudos go out to my colleagues, +Kevan Gilbert and +Trevor Meier for their crafty work!

Happy Holidays from all of us @ Domain7!
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