Rufous Hummingbird ( Selasphorus rufus ) -- Rawah Wilderness, northern Colorado
This perky little fellow was one of several Rufous males frequenting the feeders at our mountain cabin retreat in the Rawah Wilderness a few years ago. These tiny guys are fierce, and will aggressively defend their territory (which they seem to define as anywhere in their immediate vicinity) against other males, often having acrobatic jousts and dogfights overhead. But amazingly enough, I actually got several of them to land on my finger at various times by holding it on top of the feeder perch and remaining very still while they sipped the sugar water. All in all, they didn't seem to be very afraid of me at all. :-)

Western rufous hummingbirds migrate through the Rocky Mountains and nearby lowlands during May to September to take advantage of the wildflower season. They may stay in one local region for the entire summer, in which case the migrants, like breeding birds, often aggressively take over and defend feeding locations. Most winter in wooded areas in the Mexican state of Guerrero, traveling over 2,000 mi (3,200 km) by an overland route from its nearest summer home — an incredible journey for a tiny bird weighing only 3 to 4 grams.
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