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Shawn Manaher

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Every day I want to do something to market

What do you suggest I do today to marketing this business?

Taking ideas.
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Shawn Manaher

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It starts with some sunshine... mix in some friends and family... and do something fun.... Now you have a Goooood Morning!!!
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Good Morning !!!
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Good Morning all!

When you feel like you are stuck in a washer and you can't find your way out... Just keep going. ;)
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fascinated by that black tail ahead of
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Shawn Manaher

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It's a bright sun shiny day... :)

Enjoy your day today!  I need to get back to a beach I think!  Really do.
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Nice to see you to my friend;)
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My Goal - 10 New Clients - 30 Days

Day 3 of my personal challenge of 30 days of massive action, with the final outcome to get 10 new clients.  Some long, BUT productive days!

I've been in planning / action mode the last 3 days, having cleared off some things cluttering my mind and business.

With 27 days to go, and still 10 more clients to get there, these are some things I am doing.

1. Partner 200 list - This is a list of 200 people that I know, have known, or have met that I will be contacting to help me find 10 new clients. Do you know someone in Atlanta I should be calling? Let me know.

2. Streamline Processes - A good sale means nothing without good service, so I am working with a top notch team to help me iron our my processes so that I can deliver results quickly.

3. Removing distractions - I have created a list of 20 distractions that have been nipping at my time the last 3 days and by acknowledging and removing them I am seeing amazing things happen.

4. Extending my network - When I got to Atlanta, I was networking like no one else here and so that is getting kicked up a notch this week and next.  Anyone know some events in #hotlanta I should be at?

5. Partnering Locally - I am meeting with two gentlemen tomorrow to see how our services can create a dynamic sales and marketing machine.

Alright, back to it, but want to keep you updated!

#30dma #salesgoals  
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Local SEO Services via
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Have A Great Night!

You made today amazing, now go, relax and rest well!

See you guys tomorrow!

#goodnight #goodnightgoogleplus  
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Is this for real?
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Maybe you can help?

So, every day I want to do something to market this new site launched yesterday,

What do you suggest I do today to marketing this business? 

Open to any and all ideas.
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Where Are Your Books? Reading Deals

The team at +Book Marketing Tools has been very busy the last number of months putting together a new platform for readers to find free and bargain books...

Readers love to find deals and pay bargain prices for their favorite new and bestselling authors... Introducing Reading Deals (

If you love books, then this is a great place to find a new book to read tonight!  I really like this page we developed, inspired by summer!


*image created via +Canva *amazing work done by +R.J. Adams

#books #freebooks #readingdeals #booklovers #ilovebooks #freeebook  
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Thanks +Shawn Manaher
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Shawn Manaher

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Sometimes you just can't fight it...

Goood Night!
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so cute
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Shawn Manaher

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Yeah, it's that time.... Good Night
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now that's a cool cat what do you think ?
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Shawn Manaher

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Let it overtake you!

Ahhh, it's been an amazing day so far... let's keep going!

Are you game?
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Awesome! Who is that awesome photographer? Loved the view! ;)
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What's Your Vision? Do You Need One?

We all have personal and professional goals, but what is your vision?  Does it have the 6 necessary components in it to make it a vision to guide you?

Here are some snippets I pulled out from the 1,500+ word email that I just shared with my list:

6 Steps to Writing Your Vision Today
Personal & professional vision can have up to 6 components in them:

Measurable Time - When focusing on what you want to do in life, decide today, when you want that to happen.

Quantifiable Who / What - Once you define a time, next decide on who/ what and how many who you are going for.  You need to read the full email to capture this idea.

Targeted Where- During your research you just did, start to define where your target market is.

Specific Why - This area is very important personally and professionally because it gets to the core of why you are doing what you are doing.

Actionable How - Just exactly how do you expect to accomplish that Why? Through your Actionable How!

Starting Point - We all have to begin this journey at some point in time.  Defining where you will start, whether it is a location or time will set in your mind a decision that will change your life.

If you are looking for the full version, full of grammatical mistakes and details, please subscribe at

AND, if you missed this last email and want the full deal, let me know.

AND, AND, if you think this is worth sharing, go ahead and click that share button... I dare you!

#massiveaction #30DMA #vision
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Nexus Affects
Networking, Marketing, Connecting others.
  • Nexus Affects
    President & Founder, 2013 - present
  • The Content Authority
    President & CEO, 2009 - present
  • Direct Energy
    Manager Online, 2008 - 2012
Basic Information
Entrepreneur | Marketer
I'm an entrepreneur at heart, love marketing and love connecting with others.

I presently own three businesses, all that focus on variations of marketing, either for businesses, individuals or authors.

Nexus Affects
Nexus Affects is an inbound marketing agency that provides holistic online marketing strategy and implementation to small to mid-sized business looking to grow their business online. At the core of all of our strategies are insights from search data and buyer personas, making all of the tactics (from social media and content development to email marketing and web design) more cohesive and more effective for generating qualified leads for our clients.

The Content Authority
The Content Authority is a web-based business that currently specializes in content creation, content management, and search engine optimization services. Since inception, The Content Authority has achieved success by providing excellent quality, competitive pricing, and in-depth customer service.

Book Marketing Tools
The goal behind Book Marketing Tools is to provide 3 main pillars that will help authors with their business:
  • Tools,
  • Education,
  • Community.
We design and provide tools that will equip authors to become better marketers, we will gives tips and knowledge that we have to help them to promote books better, and we will provide a community so that one can learn from like-minded authors who are striving to sell more books and to engage with more readers.

We all have that personal side to us and some things that most interest me online and offline are:
  • Business Books
  • FPS Games
  • NFL: Go Pats!
  • Settlers of Catan
This isn't all about me, so please feel free to shoot me a note to chat more!
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