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Last Week on Sidepreneurs – Connect & Ask Questions To Top Entrepreneurs… Sidepreneurs Circle Share

Ok, so this post is LONG and future ones will not be, but in a second, I have a huge question to ask you, but before that, I wanted to let you know why I think you’ll want to be in on this. It will require something of you each week to stay in, but I think you’ll appreciate the value you get back because of it.

So, every day I’m having the privilege of interviewing interesting and successful entrepreneurs through my new podcast, Sidepreneurs.  I am getting a $1,000,000 education by hanging out; asking and listening to these folks answer a simple set of questions…

Now, I’m not one to hold onto things and not share, so, I want to begin introducing you to these amazing people directly through a weekly circle share notification to do two things:

1. Help you make connections with these folks (they are DEFINITELY WORTH CONNECTING WITH) and

2. Give you access to ask these incredible people specific questions to help with your specific needs as Sidepreneurs, Entrepreneurs and small business owners!

Uh, seriously? That’s pretty cool, Shawn… LOL, I know! Crazy!

Ok, so, how do I play? Great question!

So, this is a weekly notification circle for Sidepreneurs, Entrepreneurs and small business owners, for those interested in connecting with these successful and interesting entrepreneurs and as part of this circle you can feel free to ask questions below to people I am going to + mention in just a bit.

Now, you obviously do not want to miss this weekly opportunity, so in order to stay in, play and get the notices all you have to do is two things:

+ 1 this post and…

Share this Sidepreneurs Circle each week.  Yes, that simple…

But, there is a Bonus…

Bonus (optional): You don’t HAVE to do this at ALL, but if you take time to listen in to the podcasts from these entrepreneurs below it will let you know the specific areas they can help you with… I’ve posted links to podcasts they recently were on for Sidepreneurs.

All right, so, by +1ing and publically sharing this circle it lets me know you want to get notices AND you want to connect and ask these successful and interesting entrepreneurs your specific questions!  It’s as simple as that!

Where Can I Ask My Questions?

What another GREAT question… You Really Are On Top Of This…

All you have to do is comment below and be sure to + mention the entrepreneurs you want to ask your question to and then they will get a notice that you are asking them a question. 

Please know these folks are VERY BUSY and while each week I am letting them know about this post… due to their schedule and time, they may not always be able to respond quickly or at all.  BUT, some will and it is worth the opportunity to do so…

In Closing

Wouldn’t it be great to get answers to questions from those who are making an impact each day online?  Does it frustrate you to feel like, “I don’t know the right people!” and so and so is doing so well because they just know people… Well, it’s time to start connecting and start getting the answers you want!

Here is my ASK… It’s huge and simple…

Are You In?If you are already getting this notice, I made some assumptions you are in or at least wanted to be given the chance to say no, but if you aren’t that’s cool, just let me know below…

If you are in and want to stay in, simply + 1 and share this circle publicly when you get this notice.

As up and coming entrepreneurs there are often excuses we make for why we aren’t successful and I want to remove those hurdles you might be thinking are causing you to not be successful… Let me introduce you to some entrepreneurs and please ask them questions!!!

Last Week on Sidepreneurs

Last week on Sidepreneurs we had some amazing interviews with folks like: +Amy Porterfield, +Greg Hickman +Nick Unsworth +Michael O'Neal+Omar Zenhom and +Rick Mulready

They really crushed it in a HUGE way and provided Gigantic VALUE… Like huge huge :)

Here are their shows to take a listen:
Amy -
Greg -
Nick -
Michael -
Omar -
Rick -

This week on Sidepreneurs… Well, you’ll just have to subscribe to get those: :)

Thanks for tuning into this week's "Last Week on Sidepreneurs*

*If you don’t want to be included in this circle please let me know below.

**If you know someone that would LOVE to be included in this circle notification, please mention them below or let me know.

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+Nil O. great to meet u!
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Appreciate if you would join +Carey Green and I, in 20 minutes, as he interviews me about the chapter I contributed to his new book Entrepreneur Mind Hacks

Link to his book:
Link to event:

See you in a few!
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Hallo how are you my friend
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Shawn Manaher

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I'm looking forward to this...
If you've been waiting for The Art of the Start 2.0, today is the day!
It's available now:

Want to read reviews first? Go here:

As always, I greatly appreciate the support of my Google+  community to spread the word. Thank you in advance for your help!

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Thank you very much +Shawn Manaher :)
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Hey All You Turtles... This is for you...

It's ok! 

+Savvy Sexy Social has some great insight for you!
Some harsh news for introverts working on marketing and networking.
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Сколь Жалки Те, - Кто Озабочен... Сексом
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One tip you will want to follow from +Jason T. Wiser!
On Track Tip of the Day:
Deepen Relationships with Your Current Clients

This tip can be heard on a recent podcast of +Sidepreneurs with +Shawn Manaher.

Don’t be so caught up in social media trying to build your business that you forget to forge a deeper relationship with the clients that you already have. You cannot manage both things

Find this and more here:

#sidepreneurs   #BusinessTips   #Entrepreneurship  
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yeah, that's a big on with me for sure. 
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Want To Know My Secret Weapon To Build Influence?

Producing an HOA in 2014 was THE thing I did consistently to build influence and I'm still on the journey! This Hangout on Air (HOA) by +martin shervington, with guest, The Hangout Helper +Ronnie Bincer is truly a #mustsee presentation.

#influencemarketing #hoa  
How to build your authority using HOAs - as a guest or a host!
Authority is really starting to move into focus for many people on Google+ - it goes beyond trust, and reaches farther than reputation, even into Google Search.
This Wednesday, join myself and the Hangout Helper +Ronnie Bincer as we chat about 'authority' and how to build it using Hangouts-on-Air.
We'll be taking questions, so please join for a super interactive session.
It may even be fun too, you never know now I am back in comedy central of the Universe, San Francisco Bay area!
This Hangout On Air is hosted by martin shervington. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
How to build your authority using HOAs - as a guest or a host!
Wed, February 11, 12:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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+Shawn Manaher thanks for helping promote the HOA with Martin and myself. Glad you've found using HOA to be helpful with your journey... it certainly has done a lot for me too!
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Hey, how's it going?

Hey all, I've had my head down working on a project, but I just wanted to take a breath and see what you've been up to.

So, check in, say hi and let me know what's going on...

Hope you have an amazing day in whatever you do!

#checkin #sayinghi #networking  
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Lost all my marbles a week ago and been searchin' for em' all over the place, pickin' em' up one-by-one (when I spot em', that is). Still a few missing, though. Oh, well. :-)
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Shawn Manaher

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Had the wonderful opportunity to interview +Rebekah Radice and WOW, she really shared some serious value on this episode!

Something you will definitely want to listen to today...

Thanks +Rebekah Radice for being such an awesome guest!
How to Leverage Relationships in Your Business
Want to build a better business?

Understand your target market and leverage the relationships you've worked so hard to build!

That's one piece of advice I shared with +Shawn Manaher on the +Sidepreneurs podcast. Plus, we discuss why you should:

- Spend time identifying where your target market is spending their time.
- How to understand who you’re talking to and nail what kind of content they are looking for.
- How to use social media is a connector for strategic relationships.
- And why you just need to get yourself out there!

Take a listen and don't forget to click subscribe!

#entrepreneur   #smallbusiness   #socialmedia   #podcast  
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Great and powerful graphic +Shawn Manaher 
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Been thinking about this quote lately...

The opportunity of a lifetime needs to be seized during the lifetime of the opportunity - Leonard Ravenhill

A quote that for me has pushed me to try new things, realize that life is too short to play small and always look at how I can make the most that God has given me opportunity for.

What about you?  What does this quote make you think of? Is there an opportunity that you need to seize today?

Love to hear!

#opportunity #carpediem  
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❤️👍🌹+Shawn Manaher
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Sidepreneurs Weekly Recap – Your Google+ Family Represented…

Here is a recap of this week’s Sidepreneurs Podcast.  An amazing group of inspiring entrepreneurs sharing their stories, insights and lessons...
+Jason T. Wiser – Trains, fire hoses, big red buttons… you know when you listen to Jason you are going to get tons of value and ideas you can implement!  I was so glad to have him on sharing his entrepreneur journey and the insights he has gathered as he has grown his business +On Track Tips | Wiser Sites.
Carlos Michel – Someone that is passionate, excited and driven to succeed shares about the need to know who your top 5 competitors to fully know how well you’re doing… from Lockheed Martin to CEO of GAITES Language & Document Management Services!

+Sean Malarkey – There is a lot to share about this episode, the introduction is HILARIOUS, and you will learn what happened when he lived out this quote, “Just do it. You don’t have to do everything up front, just test the waters.”
Jeff Kufalk – Fellow Atlanta resident, Jeff is a Sidepreneur who is building a retail skin care business with his wife.  You’ll appreciate his struggles and lessons, successes and drive to live his dream and build his business SkinChanted.
+James Hahn II – How do you build a business when you don’t know how to get clients and don’t know how to run a business on his own?  Learn more from James about his story, insights and lessons.  You’ll be intrigued and inspired!
+Chris Dreyer – I’ve seen Chris take his agency +Attorney Rankings from just an idea to well over 6 figures earnings in just 2 years… and you’ll quickly find out why and how he did this… The frustrating part about it… what he shares is so simple, you will think he’s lying about how he did it!

+martin shervington – What a way to wrap up the week with the Google Master and well respected owner of +Plus Your Business! He’s a guy that truly lives out the main premise of the show… It’s more about building your personal brand, than building a business brand!

That's all for this week...

If you love Sidepreneurs, please take a second to subscribe, rate and review by going to iTunes today at the link right below... I would so appreciate that!

Thanks and please let me know what you think about the show.
#podcast #businesstips #entrepreneurship
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Where can every Internet marketer put their link bait to squeeze pages for email address collection now that G+'s gone?
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Sidepreneurs Weekly Recap – Tell Me What You Want…

So, no, I won’t be busting out into Spice Girls karaoke, but I do want you to tell me what you really want, what you really, really want…
I’m thinking about starting a weekly Hangout of Air (HOA) event for entrepreneurs called… here’s my originality coming through… Sidepreneurs Live! This is where a special guest and I will tackle the tough questions you have in launching, growing and living the entrepreneur life. We will cover things like, branding, marketing, sales, operations, website setup, email, etc… all with the express purpose of helping you move from theory to action and get you the answers you want for your business, idea, product or service to flourish. 
Since it will be a live event, we will also take audience questions, feedback during the LIVE event and this will feel like a workshop when it comes to the content shared and the interaction.
What do you think and more importantly, tell me what you really, really want with Sidepreneurs? 

I so appreciate each of our raving fans!!! Not a raving fan yet of Sidepreneurs, then you have to listen in…. - Thanks!

Here is a recap of this week’s Sidepreneurs Podcast.  For each guest you’ll want to listen in to the end to hear what 5 moves they would make if they were starting all over again today… Enjoy
+Jim Beach – Jim’s premise around entrepreneurship is that “Anyone can be an entrepreneur.” Jim shared how he became an entrepreneur and the lessons he learned along the way. He also spoke about how entrepreneurship is not dependent on how creative, how passionate or how much of a risk taker you are. You’ll love to hear his honest answer about, why he does what does…
+Jake Desyllas – I was so glad +Ande Lyons introduced me to Jake because his story resonated with me and I loved that he started his journey and continues it wanting to make a difference in this world by fulfilling his customers’ needs. The journey has not been an easy one and there were many mistakes that have been made along the way. Great show!

+Gary George – Ok, so if you are in need of a BOOST in your day and are looking for some heavy-hitting insight and advice, then this is definitely the right podcast for you this week.  This was another referral guest and so glad that +Jessica Rhodes introduced us!
+Trivinia Barber – This episode hit home for me and helped me to refocus and make sure I was developing the right team of VAs in my business so I can do what I really want to do in life.  Trivinia’s platform has been that outsourcing can alleviate much of the burden of running a business. She helps teach entrepreneurs how a VA can help them with their business!
+Nate Riggs – Ever fail and want to pick up and start again, well Nate has done this and is seeing more success than ever because he didn’t give up.  Nate’s first business wasn’t exactly a success. He learned a lot of valuable lessons that helped his current business to succeed. He could’ve given up and not tried again. He shared a few of those lessons and the five-phase process that helped to shape NR Media Group.
+Amy Clover – If you want a truly real person and entrepreneur, then you will want to listen in to Amy’s interview. Amy’s entrepreneur idea came about more of an accident rather than an enlightenment. She got into fitness professionally in 2008. During that time, she was secretly struggling with clinical depression, obsessive/ compulsive disorder and anxiety disorder.
+Sean Hopwood – Ok, so Sean not only impresses me with a great name, but the guy is fluent in 6 languages! Serious respect! Sean has always wanted to have a business. After all he had a master’s degree in business, so starting his own seemed like the natural course. He spoke of the early struggles of starting his own business and the lessons he learned from those struggles in order to get the company where it’s at now.

If you love Sidepreneurs, please take a second to subscribe, rate and review by going to iTunes today at the link right below... I would so appreciate that!

Thanks and please let me know what you think about the show.
#podcast #businesstips #entrepreneurship  
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muy lindo
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Sidepreneurs Weekly Recap - Thanks For The Support!

Day 27 of the Sidepreneurs podcast and the learning and growing continues… Ranking #5 in iTunes!!!
I have to say, what makes me smile so much is hearing from listeners how these podcasts are helping them and their journey as entrepreneurs… how the daily dose of inspiration and education is helping them to know what to do next and keeping them moving. Let keep taking action!
Before I get into the wrap up, I would love it if you’d take a second to please rate and review my podcast on iTunes today through this link: - Thanks!
This  has been another FULL week of amazing guests, sharing their stories, insights and lessons to help individuals launch and grow their businesses.  Again, the guests have been just amazing!

If you missed any episode, here is a recap of those with a link to listen to the full episode.  For each guest you’ll want to listen in to the end to hear what 5 moves they would make if they were starting all over again today… Enjoy
+Rory Vaden  – If you love to procrastinate, then you are in good company and you should listen in as we talk about Rory’s recent book Procrastinate on Purpose.  A timely and refreshing book on productivity.


+Ande Lyons – Our very own G+ entrepreneur and connector shares her insights about branding, focusing and experimenting in your business.  Such a powerful interview for new and seasoned entrepreneurs!

+Jessica Rhodes – No fame, no fortune, just wanted to have a business, but still be a mom.  A great story about a genuine journey and if you are podcasting, someone you want to help connect you.

+Ronnie Bincer – The Hangout Helper talks Facebook Marketing and How Twitter is his favorite platform… GOTCHA! You know him well; he is the man behind helping many people find their grove using Hangouts on Air.  A fantastic value-packed interview.

+Joleene DesRosiers Moody – Becoming a professional speaker for Joleene was as easy as her firing her boss and launching out on her own because she knew she had to do it!  Loved the lessons and insight from someone that has a career in the professional speaking circuit.

+Jim Palmer – He’s known as The Newsletter Guru, but there is much more to learn and dive into as Jim shares the insights, stories and lessons from his years of being an entrepreneur.

+Peg Fitzpatrick – And what a way to wrap up this week!  We all know and love Peg Fitzpatrick, but did you know how this all started for Peg?  Well, her story is an envious and interesting one… Mixed with that, I had the privilege to learn more about the book +Guy Kawasaki & +Peg Fitzpatrick  recently released The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users. Value, value and more value!

Again, if you love Sidepreneurs, please take a second to subscribe, rate and review by going to iTunes today... I would so appreciate that!

Thanks and please let me know what you think about the show.
#podcast #businesstips #entrepreneurship  
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Thank you +Shawn Manaher   i shared  :)
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Nexus Affects
Networking, Marketing, Connecting others.
  • Nexus Affects
    President & Founder, 2013 - present
  • The Content Authority
    President & CEO, 2009 - present
  • Direct Energy
    Manager Online, 2008 - 2012
Basic Information
Entrepreneur | Marketer
I'm an entrepreneur, love marketing and love connecting with other passionate entrepreneurs.

I own several businesses  that focus on marketing in different areas for businesses, individuals and authors. 

Nexus Affects
Nexus Affects is an inbound marketing agency that provides holistic online marketing strategy and implementation to small to mid-sized business looking to grow their business online. At the core of all of our strategies are insights from search data and buyer personas, making all of the tactics (from social media and content development to email marketing and web design) more cohesive and more effective for generating qualified leads for our clients.

The Content Authority
The Content Authority is a web-based business that currently specializes in content creation, content management, and search engine optimization services. Since inception, The Content Authority has achieved success by providing excellent quality, competitive pricing, and in-depth customer service.

Book Marketing Tools
The goal behind Book Marketing Tools is to provide 3 main pillars that will help authors with their business:
  • Tools,
  • Education,
  • Community.
We design and provide tools that will equip authors to become better marketers, we will gives tips and knowledge that we have to help them to promote books better, and we will provide a community so that one can learn from like-minded authors who are striving to sell more books and to engage with more readers.

The Author Hangout
I love learning, I love connecting and I love to learn from those that know what they are talking about.  That is why The Author Hangout came to be.  As part of Book Marketing Tools mission to educate authors, we wanted to connect authors with experts in the book publishing world to help them with their book marketing.  Book Marketing it tough work and these expert interviews will help.

We completed our first 10 episodes from February to June 2014 and look forward to starting back up in the fall of 2014.

Season 1
Episode 1: Social Media for Authors
Episode 2: Book Marketing Strategies
Episode 3: How to Find Your Readers
Episode 4: Storytelling for Book Marketing
Episode 5: Sell More Books: Your First 1000 Copies
Episode 6: Maximizing Your Book Marketing
Episode 7: Sell More Books With Email Marketing
Episode 8: How To Build Your Author Platform
Episode 9: How To Sell A Million Books
Episode 10: Book Marketing All-Star Panel

Reading Deals
Every day, authors and publishers discount their books or make their books free, in order to get more exposure for their books. We here at Reading Deals find these book deals and freebies and bring them to you, for free, each day here on our site. We also e-mail you a list of the books that are free or discounted in your chosen genres only! Awesome, right? is for readers and authors! Readers find books they love and authors have a platform to promote their books to. Subscribe today to start getting email that you actually want.

We all have that personal side to us and some things that most interest me online and offline are:
  • Business Books
  • NFL: Go Pats!
  • Settlers of Catan
If you want to connect with me about any of the above, please feel free to email me at and I would be happy to find a time to chat.
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Chiropractic Family Health Centre are top notch at what they do and really focus on you. I love that!
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