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Come on! This sucks! A huge group of Red Team came in and put up a high level 7 gym!

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Never gave this much thought before. But while a higher percentage body-to-screen-size ratio LOOKS nice. It can affect usability. Phones that I find easy to hold and use without accidental screen touches are generally 70% and lower ratios.

The Galaxy S7 is 72.1% and the S7 Edge is 76.1%
The iPhone 6 Plus is 67.9%, 6s is 65.6%, the 5s is 60.8%

As you can see, Apple is extremely popular with ratios under 70. The phones I have used in the past where it's the easiest to hold and use the phone without accidental presses, are under 70%. The Moto G 3rd gen with no case is very easy to hold and use with a ratio of 67.0%

One way that large ratios could be easier to use, is a software solution. Make a border of the touchscreen dead! Doesn't have to be 100% dead space. But while I would love to see ratios reaching 100%, if you make the touchscreen only the usual functions in the 65% ratio of area (to the body) and leave a border around that, then you cut out accidental touches while holding it. They you could make that space functional for when you are dragging icons between pages. This of course would not help the Edge model of phone which relies on touching the areas next to the border. But I read that improvements are coming to software for the S7 Edge due to it's high body ratio.

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I have been using this keyboard since around 2007 for my HTPC. Near perfect design. Someone really needs to make a modern version of this keyboard, complete with closed-loop handles.

The biggest issue with this keyboard, is the terrible RF range. It claims 32 feet. But even with new batteries I rarely get better than 10-12 feet.

Approaching 10 years and this keyboard still works and is only starting to wear out the joystick. But even that still works.

I would love this keyboard remade with better range and mouse sample rate. Put a little more money to make the joystick of higher build quality such as the Xbox 360/One or PS3 (not the PS4) analog sticks. Add a hard power switch (this one only goes to sleep, no power switch). And switch the scroll up/down buttons with a scroll wheel. Otherwise I love this keyboard.

Matter of fact, if all they did was improve the range and nothing else, I would buy 2 right now.

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Checkout the free encrypted and anonymous email service by ProtonMail. Created by CERN and MIT scientists. Offered as Webmail, iOS, and Android clients!

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A little annoying. This card, this version, has been going for around $320 pretty consistently for about 5 months now. Lower Black Friday. But now that it includes a "free" copy of Rise of the Tomb Raider, the card is now $345. I was actually considering this card at $320 with game. But not at $345.

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I love doing reviews. And I have a lot of Amazon reviews and over 1700 helpful votes. Only 178 reviews so far. My rank is currently 5121. That can't be too bad. I am brutally honest in my reviews and yet my helpful % is 86%. Likely would be higher if I didn't upset some people with my honesty. Still, why haven't I need invited to the Vine program? And is the Vine program the only way to get free products to review?

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Vive missed their end of 2015 deadline and we still don't know the price of either! Vive better give a price ASAP if they don't want me buying an Oculus!

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Wow, how in the world did I miss this gem of 2015! Ultra HD Blu-ray was finalized in 2015. Bringing 4K to Disc media on new Blu-ray discs that hold 66/100 GB each. 4K content, HDR color range, wide color gamet, and more. WB is releasing 35 movies in Ultra HD Blu-ray later this 2016. Finally a real reason to have a 4K TV. I wonder if the Xbox​ One and PlayStation​ 4 will get firmware updates to support this format. Or if the physical reader is simply not able to adapt to the new Disc type. Which means yet another player to buy.

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After watching Jurassic World, I will say that Jurassic Park​ is still the best of the franchise!

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Another great time and reason to join Amazon prime! Only $67 for a year. The deal is for today only. More than just fast shipping and insanely excellent customer service. You get Movies, TV, music... all commercial free... and more!
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