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Apple Watch watch apps banned from Apple Watch App Store.
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Today is the last day to redeem your free movie rental on your Chromecast (one rental for each Chromecast you own).  You have 30 days to watch, but you must redeem today.  Follow the link on your PC and connect to your Chromecast to see the offer.
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Oh - good to know.
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Breaking news!  +NIA Ops  revokes trespassing rule!  Feel free to go where you like!  There are no consequences for, say, going into the National Arboretum after hours to take down a blocking link.  
+Joe Philley +Brian Rose +Brandon Badger +Anne Beuttenmüller 
#calvinball   #cheater   #cheatgress   #tresgress  
The Resistance capture +Devra Bogdanovich Shards #15 and #23.

Meanwhile, Shard #18, currently in North Carolina, steadily approaches the Resistance Target, and Shards #01 and #19, both at a single Portal in the Netherlands, are within striking distance of the Enlightened Target.

Analysts have suggested that control of the 31 +Devra Bogdanovich Shards will have equal or greater value than all the Shōnin Anomalies combined, and it seems the Factions have taken this challenge to heart: The competition for control of these Shards is already fierce, and with nearly two weeks remaining before the Shōnin Finale Anomalies, much remains to unfold.

R TARGET: US - Washington Monument,,-77.035202&z=21&pll=38.889472,-77.035214
E TARGET: NL - Docking Stones,,4.49059&z=21&pll=51.908127,4.490565
DEVRA 01: NL - De keizer en de nachtegaal,
DEVRA 02: PE - Iglesia De Tahuaycani,
DEVRA 03: PH - UEP Rosales Asinas Balite Amphitheatre,
DEVRA 04: FR - Sculpture Sur Mur,
DEVRA 05: VN - Bảo tàng Côn Đảo,
DEVRA 06: GB - Orkney Theatre,
DEVRA 07: US - Mother of the Isles,
DEVRA 08: IS - Brúarfossakkeri,
DEVRA 09: US - Fountain,
DEVRA 10: DE - Ausstellung Tagebauwerk,
DEVRA 11: JP - お馬さん,
DEVRA 12: CA - Église De Saint-Jovite,
DEVRA 13: NO - Bauta over Kjöbmand A.C.Iversen,
DEVRA 14: FO - Leirvíkar kirkja,
DEVRA 15: US - Washington Monument,
DEVRA 16: VN - Bảo tàng Côn Đảo,
DEVRA 17: BR - Vinte Anos Do Fórum,
DEVRA 18: US - Grimesland Free Will Baptist Church,
DEVRA 19: NL - Stelling Van Amsterdam,
DEVRA 20: US - Evergreen Park,
DEVRA 21: JP - 日御碕郵便局,
DEVRA 22: US - Our Lady of the Assumption,
DEVRA 23: US - Washington Monument,
DEVRA 24: CA - Vancouver Island North Tourist Map,
DEVRA 25: CA - Canada Grove Art,
DEVRA 26: MU - Bridge of Riviere Rempart,
DEVRA 27: MX - Árboles Vestidos,
DEVRA 28: SE - Gallerix,
DEVRA 29: BR - Santuário De Santa Rita De Cássia,
DEVRA 30: FO - Leirvíkar kirkja,
DEVRA 31: CA - Canada Grove Art,
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Would it be possible to have subtasks?
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I would like to say yes on that one.. since the data model and everything around that works fine with it. But.. we have not included that into any interface yet, sorry.
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Blinkers save lives.  Mostly because I won't hunt you down and kill you if you use it.
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Ok.  I need one of these.  I think +Joe Philley does too.
If you have trouble waking up in the morning then maybe this alarm clock is for you. A bacon-aroma-releasing alarm clock! Fueled by her love of bacon, Instructable's user [llopez2005] decided she w...
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Have them in circles
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It might look real, but is it? With Password Alert, get a warning if you enter your Google password into a site that isn’t the Google login page. Get Password Alert for Chrome →
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Yet another RES cheater. This one is spoofing their location in Arlington National Cemetery, which is currently closed. And the RES player is also dual accounting, taking down ENL blocking links with an ENL account and ADAs.

Really, RES? Is this the only way you can score? With trespassers and multi account spoofers?

+Joe Philley+Brandon Badger+Brian Rose+Anne Beuttenmüller+NIA Ops

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I'm green so am biased. But since I've heard green folks talk about green cheats I think maybe we're not quite emerald green either. Wait. An Emerald green city had the Wizard, right?

Anyway, let's not do the blue must be cheaters thing. I've been on both ends and assuming the other team cheats more than your own really doesn't do anyone justice.

For one, you start seeing a possible cheater in every blue person you meet. It's clearly not so. 
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WTH, +Google Chrome.

Chrome Remote Desktop doesn't work on Chromebooks, and Hangouts Remote Desktop doesn't work on Chrome 64-bit. 

Has anyone figured out a solution to this?
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That would be 6-7pm for you East Coasters
Want an invite TODAY? #InboxHappyHour 3-4pm PT. Send us an email at between 3pm and 4pm pacific and you'll get an invite by 5pm.
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I missed all this but thankfully got my invite. I really like it and so far it's working the way I wished email would. I'm sure it didn't cover all scenarios but the snooze and pin scenarios are things I've always wanted. More so with my Google Apps FE but will work great with my personal email too.
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Anyone know the best (or preferred) way to suppress the duplicate gmail notification when using the new +Inbox by Gmail app?
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Close one eye.
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This is a little long, but it explains what Net Neutrality is and why you should care very well.
Net Neutrality in the US: Now What?

Vi Hart on Net Neutrality.

And if it means anything to you, tech companies are not in favor of the FCC's recently announced plans:
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Have them in circles
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Java/J2EE Engineer
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