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Shawn Holland
Humanist - Android Developer - Libertine - Bagpiper - Absintheur - Pants are lame.
Humanist - Android Developer - Libertine - Bagpiper - Absintheur - Pants are lame.

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I've spent my whole life signing short messages with my initials and now there's a whole show about it.


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Who's got two thumbs and an app on the Google Play Store Pick list?

I saw a recipe for "Chocolate Mouse Frosting" go by in the stream of recipes being uploaded to our website. At first I wondered if the frosting is for chocolate mice or if it's chocolate frosting for actual mice, but then I realized that no one would put frosting on a chocolate mouse. That would be dumb.

German Techno was made for Sunday evenings when you're riding your server clusters like a white-hoofed racehorse that's bleeding from its nose. - Künstliche Welten!

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Half way through the storm and you wouldn't know Boston had streets. 

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Our app, ChefTap is featured in the Google Play Store for the second Thanksgiving in a row!

Indie app developers are the new carnies.

Look, I'm just going to say it... I hate arugula/rocket. The '90s called and they want their sad, limp, offensively bitter leaf back. If you're going to pretend that arugula is a valid salad green, then own it and serve raw shelled acorns on top of it.

In the first 24 hours of the ChefTap beta rollout, people have uploaded over 10,000 recipes! I'm going to dominate appetizers this fall/winter party season!

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This has been true for a while now. 
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