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My first attempt at Bhel Puri (Indian street snack) and man was it good! Super easy to make. Basically chopped tomatoes, onions, boiled potatoes, some chopped cilantro then add the Bhel Puri mix (it's basically puffed rice and chickpea flour noodles), some mango chutney, a squirt of Siracha sauce for heat and a little lime juice. Mix it and eat it!

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Cold, er room temperature. It's made at street stalls in India. They will have the vegetable ready cut and when you order it, they take a bowl and a few scoops of each item and mix it with some herbs, spices in some cases, the Bhel Puri mix and whatever condiments (chutneys) in a bowl and then transfer it to a bowl you eat from. Fast food snacks Indian style :-) 
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And as the news media is freaking everyone out on the Heartbleed SSL bug, xkcd has a cartoon to calm us :-)

Stay calm, patch on!

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You just can't beat +LastPass for password security! Not only are they upfront about how they are affected by the Heartbleed SSL bug, but they have already patched their servers even though it would not affect LastPass users (more on that in the article). They also provide a test site you can put in your web site addresses you visit to see if they are vulnerable (link in the update info at the bottom of the article). It would be nice if that test was worked into LastPass as a bulk tool, but I'll take what they dish out for now.

On the flip side......yet another reason websites should employ two factor authentication which would protect you if you were attacked.

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With news breaking on Monday, April 7th that the Heartbleed bug causes a vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptographic library, which is used by roughly two-thirds of all websites on the Internet, we want to update our community...
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20 Years ago the Mosaic corporation was formed and ,in a nutshell, the web was graphical since! Mosaic was my first browser followed by Netscape Navigator. It's funny to think that the first version of Internet Explorer was build on Mosaic! Interesting read on the history of the company that changed the web in it's early days. Brings back memories of dial-up, floppy disks (5.25) and fast computers running at 33Mhz with 512KB of ram!

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It Was 20 Years Ago Today… On April 4th, 1994, Mosaic Communications Corporation was officially incorporated as a going concern. If you don’t recognize the name, that’s because the company ...
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There are some good tech practical jokes going around today, but I think +HootSuite has a winner here: The Owlculus for a virtual reality social media dashboard. Bad day for tech news since it's hard to tell what is real. Happy April Fool's Day!

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If you use +Pocket , then they have patched the OpenSSL bug and updated their certs. So time to change your passwords.

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Well, you know what they say, ask and ye shall receive! I was wishing for this in an earlier post. Still need convincing that +LastPass is the password manager to beat?

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Now you can run the LastPass Security Check to see how you may have been impacted by #Heartbleed :

#Cybersecurity   #passwordsecurity  
Yesterday we informed our community of the Heartbleed OpenSSL bug. In our blog post, we explained how this security issue impacted our service and what our users should know about the situation. We also built a tool to help o...
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Why I love Linux (well one of the reasons). OpenSSL bug reported in the last day and a patch is already issued! Windows Patch Tuesday....Bah!

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Well, on the heals of the announcement of +Ubuntu One closing down, +OMG! Ubuntu! has put together 4 good alternatives. I'm now fully invested in Google Drive and may check out InSync to automate some of the things I do now through manually dragging files to +Google Drive . It seems you can setup specific folders to sync which is a feature of Ubuntu One that I really loved. Read on for your Ubuntu One alternatives.

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Uhg! +Ubuntu One users take note. The service is going away. I do actually is this as a sync service between my Ubuntu machines for documents. Unlike +Dropbox , you could select a specific directory to sync which I likes because two of my machines are syncing that directory between them, but my third is not and doesn't need to. Oh well. Ubuntu One how we loved thee.....

On a related note, I've moved to full on storage in +Google Drive , but it's a manual option moving files in and out as needed. Maybe this would be the chance for Google to shine and bring us that promised Linux client for Google Drive....and add in directory specific syncing please :-D

#ubuntu #ubuntuone #cloudstorage #googledrive #linux #dropbox  
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Telecommunications & Networking Systems Professional
Computer Hardware and Software, Windows, Linux, VMWare, Virtualbox, Google products, Android, IOS, Blackberry, telephone systems, VoIP, Cisco Call Manager, voicemail, ACD, IVR, fiber optic communications systems, DWDM, SONET, Metro Ethernet, Cisco networking, cabling systems, cooking, preserving, smoked foods, automotive repair, minor plumbing and electrical work, "Maker" type at heart.
  • State Corporation Commission, Richmond, VA
    Technology Specialist IV, 2005 - present
    Maintain, install and service all telecommunications systems including Cisco Call Manager (VoIP), Cisco Unity Connection voice mail, Cisco Contact Center Express, Calabrio Workforce Management and Quality Management systems, call accounting, analog POTS lines, all cellular communications devices (Android, IOS, Blackberry, tablets, pagers, cell phones and wireless data devices), Mobile Device Management systems (BES and Sophos) and fax servers. Manage and troubleshoot many of these systems on VMWare virtual machines. Submit all telecommunications orders for voice and data circuits and cellular device orders. Maintain telecommunications billings and inventory. Also assist the network team in server maintenance (physical and virtual machine) and networking equipment installation and maintenance and minor Active Directory changes. Provide new employee technical training.
  • Dominion Telecom, Richmond, VA
    Network Transport Equipment Installer, 2001 - 2005
    Lab technician responsible for the setup, programming, shipping and installation in the field of fiber optic transport systems including DWDM, SONET and Metro Ethernet systems. Use test equipment to troubleshoot fiber optic systems and lines as well as simulate network traffic. Setup and testing of Cisco switches and routers. Maintain -48 volt power plants. Run fiber optic cabling and patch cords and perform minor splicing and testing and cleaning. Perform circuit turn-up in the field. Product lines: Alcatel longhaul DWDM and SONET equipment, Ciena Metro DWDM equipment, Cisco routers and switches (3550 and 6510 switches, 7609 and 12000 series routers).
  • Executone Information Systems, Richmond, VA
    Field Engineer/Sales Engineer/Technician, 1993 - 2001
    Installation and engineering support of analog and digital telephone systems, Automatic Call Distribution systems (ACD), Interactive Voice Response systems (IVR), Predictive Dialer systems, locater systems, paging systems, video conferencing systems, and cabling plants . Provided project management between customers and the installation contractors. Setup, programming, testing and installation of telephone systems and associated call center products. Provided sales engineering support for complex requirements and performed customer demonstrations. Designed cabling system layouts as a Siemons Certified Cabling Systems Designer. Product lines supported: Executone, Nortel, Isotec, and Iwatsu phone systems and call center equipment, Valcom paging systems, GPT Video Conferencing systems, Siemons cabling products.
  • U.S. Air Force (The Pentagon/Osan AB, S. Korea/Kelly AFB, San Antonio, TX)
    Secure Communications Technician, 1984 - 1992
    Provided installation, maintenance, operation and troubleshooting of secure voice and data communications equipment as well as computer systems and printers. Assignments included: 7th Communications Group, Pentagon, Arlington, Virginia providing support and repair for secure voice and data communications equipment in support of the Secretary of Defense, the Office of the Joint Chief of Staff (all branches of the military), the Whitehouse Communications Agency, the Strategic Defense Initiative, the Air Force Pentagon Operations/Computer Center, and the National Military Command Center. The 2146th Communications Group, Osan Air Force Base, Songtan, South Korea providing computer and printer support, installation, and repair for the Korean Combat Support System used by the U.S. Air Force and the Republic of Korea combat forces throughout South Korea. And the 1923rd Communications Group, Kelly Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas providing support and repair for secure voice and data communications equipment in support of the U.S. Air Force Commissary Agency, Electronic Security Command, and San Antonio Air Logistics Center.
  • Collegiate Schools, Richmond, VA
    Maintenance Technician, 1981 - 1984
    Provided maintenance support for the school to include, but not limited to plumbing repairs, minor electrical repairs, heating and air conditioning maintenance, automotive repair and care, general school maintenance requests, lawn care, painting, glass window replacement and glazing, audio/video equipment repair, boiler maintenance, operation, cleaning and repair.
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Telecom Professional and Nerd. Android and Linux fanboy.
A Telecommunications & Networking Professional located in Richmond, Virginia.

I love tech, gadgets of all kinds, computers, Linux operating systems, Android, cooking, preserving, barbequing, fermenting foods, smoking foods, minor vegetable gardening, travel (real and via my arm chair and a book), beer, wine, reading, music (all kinds), electronics and generally anything fun!

I'm a huge supporter and fan of open source software and hardware. I love using Linux as my main operating system (Ubuntu preferred) though I'm just as comfortable with Windows too. I have been using computers since the 300 baud modem days! My first personal computer was a Timex Sinclair 1000 with a cassette player for storage. I cut my teeth programming basic on an Apple II. I've maintained equipment that contained electron tubes in the past. That 600 volt plate voltage can hurt....I'll leave it at that.

I love electronics and have been tinkering with creating and testing circuits since I was about 10. I have background training in complex electronics theory which feeds my other love of being a "Maker". I've always been fascinated with what is inside of things and thus needed to pull it apart to see what makes it tick. I'm always looking to improve something or create my own home brewed version. Give me some wood, plastic, LEDs, wires, a perf board and some screws and nails and I'll make you something cool.

I'm a smartphone/tablet subject matter expert when it comes to Android or IOS. I prefer to use Android (currently carrying a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and a Nexus 10 tablet), but also daily use IOS as well since it is related to what I do for a living. I believe mobile is the wave of the future as we get more and more power in the palm of our hand. I have been in the telecommunications business since I was 18 dealing with local customer premise equipment including telephone systems and call center system as well as long haul trunking for voice and data (fiber and copper). As traditional telecom merges with data networking it is becoming more and more blurred. Having a background in both voice communications and data networking is working out pretty good for me as telecom becomes more advanced.

A secret only you know: I'm a freak for Bollywood films! Yes Yes.....I love them and can't get enough of them. I dream of one day touring India.......Balle Balle Balle! I will love to travel anywhere, but India has a special love in my heart. नमस्ते!
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I can make cheese, yogurt, sausages, sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickles all from scratch.
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An excellent museum for young and old alike if you have any interest in cryptography. There are many exhibits from the Civil War through modern day. You can play with a working WWII German Enigma machine, view enemy cryptographic equipment and code books, see the original Bombe machine used to break codes in WWII, view a lot of equipment used since WWII including super computers. Many exhibits show the importance of how secure communications was achieved and how breaking the codes were a major endevour. Many kid exhibits as well.
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A surprisingly great place for being in a strip mall. The food is really good and the portions are generous. Plenty of selections to choose from. The staff is super friendly and very attentive to your needs. Don't let the location or the big pizzeria sign fool you. This place has high quality food. They have great pastas made with quality ingredients, really great sandwiches, nice salads and the pizza is pretty good too! The prices for the quality of the food and attention to details is worth it. The owners are from Sicily and the details show in the food and it's presentation.
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Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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A very friendly very open Catholic Church with a modern attitude. Many opportunities for expanding and learning your faith and/or participating in various outreach programs. Vibrant youth, young adult and older adult ministries. There is something for everyone here.
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Middle of the road. Not the best service, but not the worst. There are better Wendy's. They kill the French Fries which are usually excellent at other Wendy's. They taste undercooked and still frozen tasting. Most every thing else is OK. The drive-through is usually fast without too much wait except in the middle of work days or close to Christmas.
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Awesome deep dish pizzas. Plenty of choices and generous portions. You only need a slice or two with all the great toppings on top. Close parking can be a problem, but plenty nearby in a few blocks. Really nice during good weather since they have a deck. If you are a pizza connoisseur you will love this place.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very goodService: Excellent
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Super friendly staff that are able to help you with your transportation needs. They also sell Rideshare branded items for a really good price too.
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Excellent retreat center! It has nice trails for quite walking and a nice pond. The food is prepared on site and tasty. The staff is more than willing to accommodate any requests. Nice prayer chapel too. Rooms are not super frilly but should be basic for a retreat center. Clean.
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