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As one who reads a lot of news from Indian news sites, I can totally relate! Especially with +The Hindu who never seems to miss a weird story.

Original cartoon courtesy of the Itchy Feet blog and is located here:

#india #indianculture #itchyfeet  
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I never realised it.
They do sound fiction but only after going through the post.
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Shawn Dreelin

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Happy Id-ul-Fitr or Bakri Id to all my Muslim followers out there. Eid Mubarak! This is a nice photo of the huge Jama Masjid in Delhi, India.

ईद मुबारक!
عید مبارک

Photo courtesy of:
By Nimitnigam (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

#idulfitr #idulfitri #eidmubarak #bakriid #islam #ramadan #ramazan #ramadan2016 #ramzan #eidulfitr #eidalfitr #delhi #jamamasjid   #eid  
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Shawn Dreelin

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OK..... really digging the new theming in the Google Indic Keyboard. The custom picture option is cool. Here we have a nice photo of the Taj Mahal to see while I learn Hindi. :-)

इस गुगल भारतीय कीबोर्ड बहुत मज़ा है।

#hindi #googleindickeyboard #indiclanguages #keyboard #android #theming
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Shawn Dreelin

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Annoyed at the limitations and price hikes with +Evernote? Here is a great guide courtesy of +Lifehacker on how to export all your Evernote data. I'm paid for a year, but the price hike without any further benefits is making me wonder if I want to continue when it expires. One Note from Microsoft is looking like a reasonable replacement especially since they have a web clipper extension much like Evernote does.

#evernote #notetaking #noteapps  
Earlier this week, Evernote announced its subscriptions are getting more expensive and free users are now limited to just two devices. For the scores of existing users, that little restriction and that price increase are a big pain. Thankfully, you have other options.
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Shawn Dreelin

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Cool. US Cellular is now working on Project fi. Good thing because where I am at the moment Sprint & TMobile are being a bit wonky.

#projectfi #google #cellular #uscellular 
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Shawn Dreelin

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Interesting. You can now pre-register for Allo and Dou through the +Google Play Store. Pre-registering will let you know on your device when the app is available for download. That is pretty cool.

#google #googleplay #googleplaystore #allo #duo #messaging  
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Shawn Dreelin

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LinkedIn about to get a surprising new owner. Microsoft is surely on a buying spree lately.

#linkedin #microsoft #socialmedia  
REDMOND, Wash., and MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — June 13, 2016 — Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) and LinkedIn Corporation (NYSE: LNKD) on Monday announced they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Microsoft will acquire LinkedIn for $196 per share in an all-cash transaction valued at ...
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Shawn Dreelin

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If you use the +Ubuntu Forums, then heads up folks! Don't freak out, but be extra vigilant.

Courtesy of +OMG! Ubuntu! 

#linux #ubuntu #ubuntuforums #security #computersecurity #hack #hacked #cybertheft  
The Ubuntu forums have been hacked and the IP address, username, and email address of over two million users have been "stolen". The online forum was the
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Ha Ha....well that is certainly a fun fact to have your state known by. Yes, the CIA is located in Virginia just outside of Washington DC.
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Shawn Dreelin

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Review of the Nexus Places Live Case

So I ordered the Google Places Live Case for my Nexus 6P. They say pick your favorite place...I'll let you figure out what I put on mine. Anyways, if you are considering this case or the similar other offerings in the +Google Play store, there are a few things you need to know.

It's a custom case so it is a one of a kind which makes it kind of cool. The online design I created matched what I got 100% so place your design carefully and use the site tools to rotate views so you can see how the map flows over the body of the device.

It is polycarbonate so it only affords a tiny amount of protection and I am sure it would crack if dropped on a hard surface. The top and bottom of the phone are exposed so there is no raised edge on the front near those edges. There is a raised edge on the long sides of the front of the phone so you can place your phone face down on a table without scratching the screen. It does protect the glass camera hump on the back of the Nexus 6P which is mainly why I use a case.

The button on the back that works with NFC is neat, but you have to press it hard to make it trigger. You can set it up for a few things like launch the camera, turn on/off WiFi or the flashlight or run an app. Even though it's NFC, you can't reprogram it to do your own custom NFC tasks. It doesn't seem to get in the way if you use NFC tags or Android Pay anywhere.

The live wallpaper, which is a part of the deal with this, is kind of cool. For the Places Live Case it is a map of where you are and moves when you move. It doesn't seem to eat through battery power that I can notice. You are also not stuck with the same color scheme of your case and you get the same choices you have online when designing your case. So you can pick one theme for your case and the live wallpaper map can be a completely different scheme if that is how you roll..

I also use a magnetic phone mount in my car and had no problems placing the metal plate in between the case and phone and it sticks to the magnet just fine without sliding off. The metal plate (I use a big one) doesn't interfere with the NFC button or wiring.

Last and probably the biggest drawback I wasn't expecting: THIS THING IS SLICK! If you are butter fingers, then this is not the case for you since it is as slick as the naked metal phone. It is a matte finish, but it's still slippery.

So is it worth the money? Well only if you are looking for something unique and one of a kind and are not looking for a lot of protection for your phone. I got it on sale so the pain of the price wasn't so bad. It's definitely a conversation piece transforming your phone.

You can get yours here (US store):

#nexus6p #nexus5x #livecase #phonecase #nexus #googleplaystore #placeslivecase  
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Shawn Dreelin

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It seems theming has shown up early in the Google Indic Keyboard today. I wonder if the regular English Google Keyboard will be getting it soon before Android Nougat arrives? I'm starting to like the stock Google Keyboard as a replacement for +SwiftKey​ if Microsoft kills it off like they do other apps.

#googlekeyboard #keyboard #android #indiclanguages #hindi #india #theming #customization
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Shawn Dreelin

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The supposedly complete list of all the commands Google Now can understand in your Android device (or IOS device and the Google App). I just love all the odd fun ones near the bottom.

Article courtesy of +Android Authority 

#google #googlenow #okgoogle #android  
With any Android device, there is the magic phrase 'Okay Google'. The moment you speak those words, a whole new world of instant information opens up to you. But what are the limits of Google Now? How many questions can you ask it?To answer this, we have comprised a list of every Google voice command that is compatible with Google Now, from simple questions to device controls. It's quite an extensive list, but we encourage you to read through and...
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Shawn Dreelin

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Beer brewed with jalapeños! It wasn't spicy but definitely had a jalapeño flavor. I had this huge overwhelming urge for some nachos.

#beer #ipa #foodie #localbrew 
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Telecommunications & Networking Systems Professional
Computer Hardware and Software, Windows, Linux, VMWare, Virtualbox, Google products, Android, IOS, Blackberry, telephone systems, VoIP, Cisco Call Manager, voicemail, ACD, IVR, fiber optic communications systems, DWDM, SONET, Metro Ethernet, Cisco networking, cabling systems, cooking, preserving, smoked foods, automotive repair, minor plumbing and electrical work, "Maker" type at heart. Currently learning Hindi as a second language.
  • State Corporation Commission, Richmond, VA
    Technology Specialist IV, 2005 - present
    Maintain, install and service all telecommunications systems including Cisco Call Manager (VoIP), Cisco Unity Connection voice mail, Cisco Contact Center Express, Calabrio Workforce Management and Quality Management systems, call accounting, analog POTS lines, all cellular communications devices (Android, IOS, Blackberry, tablets, pagers, cell phones and wireless data devices), Mobile Device Management systems (BES and Sophos) and fax servers. Manage and troubleshoot many of these systems on VMWare virtual machines. Submit all telecommunications orders for voice and data circuits and cellular device orders. Maintain telecommunications billings and inventory. Also assist the network team in server maintenance (physical and virtual machine) and networking equipment installation and maintenance and minor Active Directory changes. Provide new employee technical training.
  • Dominion Telecom, Richmond, VA
    Network Transport Equipment Installer, 2001 - 2005
    Lab technician responsible for the setup, programming, shipping and installation in the field of fiber optic transport systems including DWDM, SONET and Metro Ethernet systems. Use test equipment to troubleshoot fiber optic systems and lines as well as simulate network traffic. Setup and testing of Cisco switches and routers. Maintain -48 volt power plants. Run fiber optic cabling and patch cords and perform minor splicing and testing and cleaning. Perform circuit turn-up in the field. Product lines: Alcatel longhaul DWDM and SONET equipment, Ciena Metro DWDM equipment, Cisco routers and switches (3550 and 6510 switches, 7609 and 12000 series routers).
  • Executone Information Systems, Richmond, VA
    Field Engineer/Sales Engineer/Technician, 1993 - 2001
    Installation and engineering support of analog and digital telephone systems, Automatic Call Distribution systems (ACD), Interactive Voice Response systems (IVR), Predictive Dialer systems, locater systems, paging systems, video conferencing systems, and cabling plants . Provided project management between customers and the installation contractors. Setup, programming, testing and installation of telephone systems and associated call center products. Provided sales engineering support for complex requirements and performed customer demonstrations. Designed cabling system layouts as a Siemons Certified Cabling Systems Designer. Product lines supported: Executone, Nortel, Isotec, and Iwatsu phone systems and call center equipment, Valcom paging systems, GPT Video Conferencing systems, Siemons cabling products.
  • U.S. Air Force (The Pentagon/Osan AB, S. Korea/Kelly AFB, San Antonio, TX)
    Secure Communications Technician, 1984 - 1992
    Provided installation, maintenance, operation and troubleshooting of secure voice and data communications equipment as well as computer systems and printers. Assignments included: 7th Communications Group, Pentagon, Arlington, Virginia providing support and repair for secure voice and data communications equipment in support of the Secretary of Defense, the Office of the Joint Chief of Staff (all branches of the military), the Whitehouse Communications Agency, the Strategic Defense Initiative, the Air Force Pentagon Operations/Computer Center, and the National Military Command Center. The 2146th Communications Group, Osan Air Force Base, Songtan, South Korea providing computer and printer support, installation, and repair for the Korean Combat Support System used by the U.S. Air Force and the Republic of Korea combat forces throughout South Korea. And the 1923rd Communications Group, Kelly Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas providing support and repair for secure voice and data communications equipment in support of the U.S. Air Force Commissary Agency, Electronic Security Command, and San Antonio Air Logistics Center.
  • Collegiate Schools, Richmond, VA
    Maintenance Technician, 1981 - 1984
    Provided maintenance support for the school to include, but not limited to plumbing repairs, minor electrical repairs, heating and air conditioning maintenance, automotive repair and care, general school maintenance requests, lawn care, painting, glass window replacement and glazing, audio/video equipment repair, boiler maintenance, operation, cleaning and repair.
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Richmond, VA
San Antonio, TX - Washington, DC - Arlington, VA - Songtan, South Korea
Telecom Professional and Nerd. Android and Linux fanboy.
A Telecommunications & Networking Professional located in Richmond, Virginia.

The short of it....

I love tech, gadgets of all kinds, computers, Linux operating systems, Android, cooking, preserving, barbecuing, fermenting foods, smoking foods, minor vegetable gardening, travel (real and via my arm chair and a book), beer, wine, coffee (I'm a coffee snob), reading, music (all kinds), electronics, Indian culture and Bollywood movies. Generally anything fun!

The nerd boy....

I'm a huge supporter and fan of open source software and hardware. I love using Linux as my main operating system (Ubuntu preferred) though I'm just as comfortable with Windows too. I have been using computers since the 300 baud modem days! My first personal computer was a Timex Sinclair 1000 with a cassette player for storage. I cut my teeth programming basic on an Apple II. I've maintained equipment that contained electron tubes in the past. That 600 volt plate voltage can hurt....I'll leave it at that.

The maker....

I love electronics and have been tinkering with creating and testing circuits since I was about 10. I have background training in complex electronics theory which feeds my other love of being a "Maker". I've always been fascinated with what is inside of things and thus needed to pull it apart to see what makes it tick. I'm always looking to improve something or create my own home brewed version. Give me some wood, plastic, LEDs, wires, a perf board and some screws and nails and I'll make you something cool.

The telecom guy....

I'm a smartphone/tablet subject matter expert when it comes to Android or IOS. I prefer to use Android (currently carrying a Nexus 6P on Project fi and a Nexus 10 tablet), but also daily use IOS as well since it is related to what I do for a living. I believe mobile is the wave of the future as we get more and more power in the palm of our hand. I have been in the telecommunications business since I was 18 dealing with local customer premise equipment including telephone systems and call center system as well as long haul trunking for voice and data (fiber and copper). As traditional telecom merges with data networking it is becoming more and more blurred. Having a background in both voice communications and data networking is working out pretty good for me as telecom becomes more advanced.

The secret only you know...

I'm a freak for Bollywood films! Yes Yes.....I love them and can't get enough of them. I absolutely love India and I dream of one day touring India (मुझे भारत से प्यार है). I will love to travel anywhere, but India has a special love in my heart. नमस्ते!

और मैं हिन्दी सीख रहा हूँ, लेकिन मेरी हिंदी अच्छी नहीं है ;-)
Bragging rights
I can make cheese, yogurt, sausages, sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickles all from scratch. I'm learning Hindi, so there's that.
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    Hindi Language, 2014 - present
    Basic conversational Hindi
  • John Randolph Tucker High School
    Basic Diploma, 1979 - 1983
    Basic High School diploma
  • Hermitage Vocational Technical Center
    Electronics, 1982 - 1983
    Advanced electronics theory, troubleshooting and design.
  • Community College of the Air Force
    Electronic Systems Technologies (incomplete), 1984
    Advanced electronic theory and troubleshooting, Business management and Total quality management theory
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Friendly staff and great selection of foods, ingredients and vegetables. Can be crowded at times which just goes to show how loved it is with the local Indian community. Even then, checkout is fast.
Public - in the last week
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Super fast and super friendly staff
Public - a week ago
reviewed a week ago
Friendly service and never have to wait for a cashier more than a minute if even that.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
Pretty good seafood at reasonable prices. A little cramped inside, but that is because there are always lots of people there. Good view of the bay and boats coming and going around the island. Portions are decent including the basket meals. The service is good, but does take a little while to get your food. When it comes it's piping hot and tasty.
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
39 reviews
Excellent experience with two different dogs including one experience at 1AM at night. The staff are friendly and they are very straightforward with their tests and costs giving you a high and low amount so there are no surprises.
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
An excellent museum for young and old alike if you have any interest in cryptography. There are many exhibits from the Civil War through modern day. You can play with a working WWII German Enigma machine, view enemy cryptographic equipment and code books, see the original Bombe machine used to break codes in WWII, view a lot of equipment used since WWII including super computers. Many exhibits show the importance of how secure communications was achieved and how breaking the codes were a major endevour. Many kid exhibits as well.
• • •
Appeal: ExcellentFacilities: ExcellentService: Excellent
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago