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Didn't realise all the awesome things that the +CyanogenMod team has added to their builds. It makes me wonder why other OEMs haven't copied some of these ideas over. In particular the brightness slider and LTE toggle are genius ideas that is love to use.
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The stock Samsung ROM has the brightness slider as well
+Rahul Popuri no see, that's my issue. They added the brightness slide but it's actually in the way most of the time. In CM you slide along the top of the drawer (at least from what I saw in the video) 
I guess it comes down to personal taste.. I prefer the Samsung one because it shows me the brightness level at all times :)
If it weren't for the other rom features like motion, news on the homescreen, pop up play etc.. I would switch to CM10. But for now.. I'm waiting for Samsung to release a JB update
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