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Shawn Conlin (Wulfric)

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Looking for something new to read? You might want to check this out.

+Bebheann Conlin +Brenna Conlin +Michelle H 
In advance of 'black Friday', from now through November 27th, my fae changeling novel THE BETWEEN is free on Amazon.*

High school senior, Lydia Hawthorne, is less than grateful when Oberon has her snatched from the mortal world and she finds out she's actually Fae. And not just any Fae, but a trueborn with enough inherent magic to tip the balance between Oberon and Titania's warring Bright and Shadow courts.

But that's their game and she doesn't want to play by their rules. Together with Clive Barrow, a Bright Court Fae with embarrassing family ties to the mortal world, Lydia fights to regain her old life, fueling her magic with the very human power of love and loss, challenging the essential nature of Faerie itself.

I can promise you, no love triangles or sparkly anythings, and despite Oberon's and Titania's beliefs to the contrary, this is no 'chosen one' narrative. If you like Lydia's story, you can continue with the sequel TIME AND TITHE. However, both books function as stand-alone, complete stories.

This novel is appropriate for young adult and adult readers.

I would appreciate it if you would share this to your circles/followers/friends/enemies/frenemies/etc.

*if epub is your drug format of choice, let me know and I will send you the appropriate version.

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Shawn Conlin (Wulfric)

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It's Saturday, We have at least 8 or 9 inches of snow, and I'm sitting here doing proof of concept test development because I'm very curious about a Windows automation framework named White.

I keep thinking I should be shoveling, watching TV, playing games, or something and then face-plant back into seeing if I can recreate a test designed in TestComplete in a fraction of the time it took to write the original.
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Wish I could....
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Shawn Conlin (Wulfric)

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He isn't the hero we need. He isn't even the one we deserve. He's just the vigilante we can afford.
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um......ok, you've made me speechless 
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Shawn Conlin (Wulfric)

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It has come to my attention that the War on Intellectualism is over. Earlier today, leaders of the resistance were overrun by shear numbers. Despite their defeat, eyewitnesses report the quote, "While our ideals have been laid low this day, we vow that someday the IQs will rise again!"
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How many of the mob were waving red cups, I wonder.
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Shawn Conlin (Wulfric)

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On the eve of Fallout 4, my daughter brought my attention to this. Bless her and curse my wallet.
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Shawn Conlin (Wulfric)

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Watching the Desolation of Smaug, it's been just bad enough that I expected Thorin to climb inside the golden statue and start driving it like a Mech. I'm not sure if that would have made it better or worse.
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it has been so long since I read the I dont remember. I found the movies to be awesome - I also saw them on the big screen...I felt like I was there. LOL Close to a religious experience...god I need to get out more...I'll go cry in my drink now
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Shawn Conlin (Wulfric)

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Today I remembered that we had two dozen handmade eggrolls in the freezer. Guess what I'm frying for dinner?
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Shawn Conlin (Wulfric)

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Remember when this was a joke rather than a lifestyle?
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Shawn Conlin (Wulfric)

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It took me a while to decide, but I think my favorite feature of the new G+ interface is the "Classic G+" link in the bottom left corner.
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ok, decided to try new G+...dont see much difference...yet. But I"m not a heavy user of it anyway.

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Shawn Conlin (Wulfric)

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Who wants to play name the repair costs? 
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I'm not surprised. for some reason, the price of sheet metal has skyrocketed. Not to mention plexiglass
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Shawn Conlin (Wulfric)

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Today's stray neurons bring me the idea for a new craze, 'Color Me' Tattoos. The tatoos are done strictly as outlines and comes with a pack of sharpies. Now you will never be without a coloring book to entertain yourself or your friends.
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Ways to entertain children for hours! Scented sharpies would be awesome too. 
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Shawn Conlin (Wulfric)

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After yesterday, this seems an appropriate way to start the day.
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Being curious, determined, and resourceful allows us to grow beyond our perceived limitations.

Shawn Conlin is a father of three daughters (2 biological and one step-daughter) living in Sharon, WI with his wife, Karen. He has been providing professional software development services since 1995. His development skills cover wide range of languages and platforms including PHP, HTML, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications, Lotus Notes/Domino, LotusScript, Lotus Formula Language, and Javascript.

Prior to focusing his efforts on development, Shawn provided hardware and software technical support both as internal IT for companies and privately to customers.

The knowledge gained from working in all aspects of the computer industry allows Shawn to offer a wide spectrum of services to his clients. It also allows him to have a unique perspective when approaching issues or troubleshooting a problem.

In addition to his technical skills, Shawn also operates a home-based leathercraft business, Wolvesbane Manor. He has a strong desire to keep the fading craft alive and has taken to teaching those interested as well as making and selling items.

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