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Shawn Conlin (Wulfric)

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Tracked down a traitor fleeing Abel Township with stolen military intel #zombiesrun

Died In Your Arms
I'm Too Sexy
Rock N' Roll High School
One Way or Another
Hello, Goodbye
Turn, Turn, Turn
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Zombies, Run! is an App series. Each episode is about 30 minutes long and mixes a story, in which you are known as Runner 5, with music of your choice. It also has a number of settings depending on what you are doing. I usually use a treadmill so I use either set pace or step counter. When you are out and about you can use GPS tracking as well.

If you are really brave, you can enable chase mode. This means that during the stories you will run into zombies and will have to run faster to escape them.
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Shawn Conlin (Wulfric)

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Having my morning tea in my new mug designed by +Deven Rue​.
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Yay! 💖
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Shawn Conlin (Wulfric)

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I just started listening to this series on Audible. I hope I can make time to read once I get to the later episodes.
Anders Benet had murdered his mother in the womb.

He had no memory of this, nor could he say he intended the woman any harm. Indeed, it wasn’t until his fourteenth year that he killed anyone, intentionally. That was the year his middle-aged gym teacher learned, just before she died, what a mistake it was to humiliate him in front of his fellow students, a fact she attested to repeatedly, over and over as she begged for her life, before Anders choked the childless woman to death by shoving her own bloody ovaries down her throat.

It was a messy kill, to be sure, and poorly planned, and he was very nearly caught. But then he had been in a hurry, a rush to consummate his first orgasm of violence. For he had learned something about himself not two weeks before, a simple truth about his past that changed everything, and that would come to change the world. His uncle, drunk and filled with guilt, had finally shared the circumstances of his mother’s death. The family had remained tight-lipped out of fear of upsetting the child during his most sensitive years. No one wanted to suggest her passing was his fault.

But it was.

Baby Anders had had fits. Not often. In fact, there weren’t more than five through the entire pregnancy, and the first few lasted mere minutes. But as the fetus grew, so did the paroxysms, and by the last, Anders’s nineteen-year-old mother drove herself to the hospital in severe, cramping pain. At first everyone assumed she was giving birth—a full nine weeks early—but as soon as it was clear that was not the case, the doctors began scratching their heads. As they ran test after test and debated the risks of removing the fetus so prematurely, baby Anders continued his dark episode—the longest one yet—and so managed to aggravate an existing bruise. Five agonizing hours later, he triggered a hemorrhage, and very quickly his mother’s death.

Uncle Mik had explained all of this with his eyes cast to his floor. More than one tear dribbled into his beer, which he drank nonetheless. And never once did he look at his nephew. He couldn’t. Besides that he was a frail man with horrible nystagmus, Mik van Veen was a coward.

When, after a long silence, the man finally turned to face his nephew’s shock, guilt, and anger, he saw nothing of the sort.

He saw only peace.

And then something more.

The older man recoiled as the boy threw a smile across his face—casually, the way a model might toss a scarf over her shoulder.

Young Anders was relieved. For he knew then that the fits he had been fighting his entire brief life—fits so dark he dared not share the full details—were not an anomaly, a deviation, as his teachers had led him to believe as they walked him to the corner to calm down. They were, in fact, the deepest, realest part of himself. The larva he had felt squirming in his skull, and which drove deep and abiding urges, hadn’t infected him from without. It wasn’t an alien or a demon. It was an organ, like any other.

But unlike any other.

Deep inside the young man’s chest, his heart bared a razor-toothed grin. Whatever else he was going to be in life, Anders Benet knew then—rightly, peaceably—that he would be a murderer, and that he would take from the world everything the black maggots in his head had promised.

And more.

But first, he knew, he had to be perfect.

snippet from Episode Six, which is just about done.
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Shawn Conlin (Wulfric)

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I haven't read the series yet but I've read enough excerpts to know that it is excellent. As the author says, you need to meet these people and share in their story.
“People want the world to make sense. They want there to be a clear reason why the murderer on TV did what he did. If he was abused as a child, then the world is sane, because a sane world has room for insanity. When there’s a reason.

“But life’s not clean like that. Not really. Some guys will hold on, push through the torture, for their kids. But then, I’ve seen guys with everything to live for, good fighters even, experienced soldiers with difficult missions under their belt and two kids and a pregnant wife back home . . . just get to that point where they give up. I don’t mean surrender. I mean they just can’t take anymore. They’d rather it just be over, they’d rather be dead, despite everything that would mean.

“I’ve seen other guys, some of them with almost nothing, hold on for weeks. For a dream. A wish, even.

“I guess what I’m saying is, that’s hope. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. Some guys will hang on for a loved on. Others will say goodbye. Some guys will find it in spite, or rage, or a job left undone. There’s just no telling where it’ll come from, or what will be enough. To endure. And we can endure. All of us.

“When I was at the hospital, I tried giving folks a little hope. That’s where I learned, you just never can tell what someone’s Big Important Thing will be. You have to find it. Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes you have to go digging, ask a lot of questions. Wrestle, even. But you can never tell in advance. And sometimes it’s the craziest thing. Like a picture of someone who isn’t even born yet.

“I knew this one gal. Ex-Navy. She was going through months of painful rehab, just attacking it, showing up every day before the therapist, going all out, enduring the humiliation of falling down in front of strangers, the agony of someone forcing a leg straight that don’t want to go, of drooling on yourself because it takes every ounce of what you got to make it one more palm-width down the bar. And I’m pretty sure she was doing all that just so she could walk up to her ex’s door, ring the bell, and see the look on his face when she stood there—stood, on her own two feet—and threw his ring on the ground.

“Hope is like that. It ain’t always pretty.

“Most of the time, of course, most folks don’t have to think much about it. Not hard to come up with a reason to live when livin’ is good.

“What I’m saying is, I don’t know what will do it for you. No one does in advance. Not even you. Not till the pain starts. But I do know this: there’s always something. Always. There’s always a reason to keep going. Because you don’t have to make it to the end. It’s never, ever about making it to the end. It’s only about making it to tomorrow.

“Just tomorrow. Okay?

“I’ll never ask for more than that.

“Not that that’s easy. I know how hard it is. I thought for the longest time I was hanging on for a chance to walk again. I thought that’s why I kept running. When that got taken away, I thought, ‘Well, shit. This is it. No reason to keep going now.’ May as well give up. It’s too hard. I’m too damned tired. Of the pain. And the looks. All of it.

“And I am. Damned tired.

“But there was that day, back at the garage. Xan had spent the whole afternoon dead-lifting stacks of crushed cars and you sneezed in the bathroom and teleported yourself and exactly two-thirds of the toilet out into the yard, and she screamed—more at your bare ass and the magazine in your hand than that you came out of nowhere—and she let go of the chain and the stack of cars fell and shook the ground and almost crushed Roger the cat, who ran into the building and ended up right behind one of Wink’s doohickeys and spent the next three days floating weightless and randomly appearing and disappearing all over the place. And later that night we were all sitting around that little table in the kitchen and Xan was making quadruple-decker pizza sandwiches and Wink was sticking green peppers up her nose and the whole lot of us were just laughing and carrying on.

“I didn’t know it could be like that. After mom.


“Like I said.

“You never can tell."

3:30 in the morning. Orine is home from work and sleeping while I'm working on the edits to Episode Six after just sending out the beta draft of Seven.

I still can't believe this project will be done soon. I will miss these characters. You should meet them.
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Shawn Conlin (Wulfric)

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Talk to you later everyone. I've got shit to do today.
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Shawn Conlin (Wulfric)

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The case for my headset came in. Since three of us have the same case, I decorated mine. I know +Bebheann Conlin​ won't go near my case now.
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Shawn Conlin (Wulfric)

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There is nothing quite like having rats running laps around your head.
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I'm compelled to clarify that this is not a metaphor. 
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Shawn Conlin (Wulfric)

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What do you see first?

I saw a sword.
ISS, Orbit of the Earth February 2016 Image Credit: NASA/ESA
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Shawn Conlin (Wulfric)

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What is good in life?

Testing applications
Seeing their bugs driven before you
Hearing the lamentations of their developers
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Some days you wake and decide its time to make a difference in the world. It's time to change the dynamic you've been living. While you're contemplating that, you log in and start looking at the news and posts from friends and then realize that it just might be futile. That's the time to try anyway.
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Behavior-driven development is one of the hottest trends in the testing industry today. It promises greater collaboration, increased automation and test case reuse, and less documentation and waste, just to name a few benefits.
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Pick any methodology and it is usually just some other idea with a new set of terms for the same old things. Too many people get hung up on semantics and don't pay attention to the important ideas. Those of us that understand the underlying concepts get frustrated with people fighting over semantics.

My current pet peeve is "Testing vs checking".
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Shawn Conlin (Wulfric)

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Looking for an interesting book? How about this puzzle book?
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