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One more of San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in honor of tomorrow's kickoff of the first ever Google Plus Photographers Conference. Ok I'll stop now...I've got a zillion photos of this place. #gpluspc
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fantastic depth to this picture.
how long of an exposure is that?
Just shut down my computer so I have to go from memory but it's 3 different exposures from a couple of seconds to about 30 seconds for the longest one.
I saw your photo of the Golden Gate Bridge on Trey's Variety Hour tonight and had to check out your page. This is an amazing shot +Shawn Clover! I took a few captures of this spot as well. How did you get that ice/glass effect on the ground?
+Jaime Nolan oh cool, I'll have to see Trey's show when it's posted. That's water in a fountain making the reflection. They turn off the fountain at night so it's glassy
Ahhh, I missed the fountain. That is sweet though.
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