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Shawn Barnhart
Christian Husband/Father of 3, Airline Pilot, Entrepreneur
Christian Husband/Father of 3, Airline Pilot, Entrepreneur

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You'll have an open row to yourself ... He said ...
I spoke to Dad today, waiting to board the jet heading back to Chicago.  If you follow along, I was home an abundant 15 hours, and then heading back to the 'passion.' Going through Security, one of the Agents said 'Hi Shawn' ... and I thought 'dang ... I'm ...

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Having 'the one' is the most important thing despite what you've 'learned'
First of all, let me say that Spark and MNS at a later time in the afternoon ... is NOT a good idea for those that need to sleep before - now.  I took them much too late, along with waking up later than I usually do (because I'm on Vacation ya know!) ... ha...

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If we only understood the meaning of the word ... free
No, not freedom .. that's an entirely different subject.   All together (Airplane humor) (: I'm talking about the crap all of you get sucked into, that in your minds ... costs you 'nothing.' I don't care how old you are ... you have to have heard the phrase...

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Can you imagine a Life
I don't know how old 'you' are ... and I don't care.  The only care I could afford you would be in reference to how you relate to what I have to share, other than that ... age (if you're thinking like me) really ... means nothing. We don't have a subscripti...

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Who's life are you living?
My Son has been sworn into the Iowa Army National Guard.  I'll be honest - I never wanted any of my kids to join the Military.  Ever. But then I had some education on the subject.  And just like being 'anti-gun', Democrat voting in my early 20's ... after e...

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Don't do it ...
I don't know who I am anymore.  The 777 definitely screwed up my balance ... I used to be a morning guy, falling asleep by 10 pm on any given day.  Since then, flying through the night ... getting up when most people go to bed - just to go to work, flying r...

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Oh ... you see me now
I love these memes.  Others, may look at them and say 'who cares?' The ignorant care, indirectly.  They care through their own lack of understanding.  'No fault of their own' you might say ... I say nay nay This is where America is, today.  The superficial ...

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Gray hair
Hair.  Used to be such a big deal for me ... mousse, straighten, cut, spike, even color ... Today ... it's stupid.  (for me).  It is.  It don't define you, unless you let it. I knew it would happen, just didn't know how soon or where it would occur after ad...

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What exactly does it mean to be an Airline Captain?
So you're a Captain now ... how is that different than what you've been doing? This is actually a really good question, and if one wasn't grounded with plenty of friends outside of Aviation ... one may think this is a dumb question.  But it's not.  So I'll ...

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Unconditional 'support'
We've all heard of that type of Love that is 'unconditional.'  It's the Love from another, that comes with absolutely no strings attached.  You could screw it all up this past week, yet that person Loves you the same as the day you did the best thing of you...
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