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Not seeing what everyone is drooling about regarding this woman, the overdone large ass, strange 10 ton makeup (or whatever the hell it is), or the way she sounds like she's on something. But then again I don't nor have I ever understood (even when I was a kid myself) celeb worship.

Got morons who were actually reacting to the #KristenStewart  nonsense (another celeb worship example) and it's not even their relationship. Where did this celeb worship (or if you're a celeb you're automatically sexy even when half of them look worse than an average joe/jane) come from????

Alright bring on the dumbest term and/or phrase in history aka "you're a hater" and/or "you're just hating"!  Yep...I hate seeing humans worshiping another human...shit is beyond alien to me!
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Yep...I hate the worship of another human by fellow humans (it's ultra silly to me) I don't have anything against the person being worshiped on any personal level!
My issue is not with people liking her...I"m talking about celeb worship! I personally don't listen to her music but I don't  dislike her...I just don't understand the craze with her.

Hope folks are not confusing what I'm trying to talk about! For me in looks she's below average because of all the layers of fake but that's just issue is mainly with the worship of celebs in general and the free passes they get in the looks department even when they look on par or worse than an average person!
I truly wonder if she acted/looked the same way but was not a celeb would men be still drooling and calling her hot or would they pass her by.  It's all very interesting to me that's all (not just her but in general)!
Gotta agree with you there +Shawn Allen . I refuse to worship anyone like this. So you got a "talent", so do most of the rest of us; we just didn't get the breaks and handouts the celebs have gotten, to place them in the spotlight. Only so many can fit in the spotlight. We, as humans, should be appreciated for what we do in the world, but not worshiped. As to this particular "celeb", I didn't even know who she was. Still don't, and don't care either. They are important in my world, when they do something that influences me personally; but even then I'm not going to worship the ground they walk on..
Yeah, when comes down to the nitty gritty, they are people just like anyone else. Behind the scenes I bet she does not even act that way, just a bullshit front that is put on....I'm so sick of people, especially followers, who try and live their lives based on celebs and what they do.....get a fuckin life.
+Christopher Crockett Amen! Must be part of the problem...people don't have much of a life themselves so they mindlessly get wrapped up in the lives of another....scary stuff if you ask me.
Shawn I feel u mane celeb worship - wtf!!!
what the hell did she do to her skin? why does she look like she is 20 shades lighter?
Man I was wondering the same thing...her skin and her face....I can't put a word on it but it's not positive!

She's basically become the female Michael Jackson!
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