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Trump's diss on the judiciary
boy got sistah issues?

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Why it's the Democrat's fault
the snowflake defense

Trump blames the Democrats for the failure of the GOP health bill, but let's make this perfectly clear -- he's not a liar. The Democrats need to take full credit for bringing down the ACHA. We were crafty.

A lot of Dems have been frustrated with the seeming passivity of the House Dems since inauguration day, but look what it's produced?

With a few notable exceptions, like Schiff's fabulous panache dealing with House Intelligence, the House Dems -- who've been basically told to piss off by Ryan -- have given the GOP the side-eye and are standing with folded arms watching the GOP try to run their half of Congress as a one party system -- and that looks like the GOP Convention, it turns out.

A parliament of factions that try to eat each other alive.

So, Ryan has gone from looking like the second most powerful politician in the US -- to looking like he's trying to herd feral cats in an overcrowded no kill shelter.

His not so benevolent overlord doesn't even have the option of telling him, or cats 2-435, "You're fired!" because the midterms are a long way away.

So we have the Knesset on angel dust for about two more years, with nothing produced.

And if Trump wants his agenda, he needs to continue to go full on dictator with the signing statements as legislative and judicial proxies from the throne of the imperial presidency.

Or Ryan has to make nice with the Dems, which will really piss off the White House and the Freedom Caucus and their ilk, now that they are feeling their parliamentarian oats.

Does any of this sound like the government under the US Constitution to you? The Constitution is still trying, on her last legs, to short circuit the rape and plunder going on in DC. She's a robust document, meant to lock up in the face of tyranny.

Right now, the GOP couldn't run a pair of pantyhose without the Democrats.

But they'd probably rather run the country into the ground than turn around and say, "You know, democracy is supposed to be about finding solutions that suit all Americans, and it's about crafting good compromises."

Yeah, that would be wrong.

Now it's time for America to bind the wounds of division; have to get together. To all Republicans and Democrats and independents across this nation, I say it is time for us to come together as one united people.

It's time. I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be president for all Americans, and this is so important to me.

-- Donald Trump, 11/9/2016

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OK folks, one of Trump's biggest stock investments is in...

I didn't even know the stuff was still in use. But apparently, it's used in some anti-inflammatory diseases (including Behcet's -- who knew?) and chemotherapy. Oh, and leprosy. Don't think that's a huge market anymore though.

But yeah, I confess, my first thought was, "Gosh what's all this flap about Celgene?" "Oh didn't you hear, they're one of Trump's hot stock picks..." And then I thought how much harder it would be for him to non-consensually grab a woman... God forgive me...

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WSJ Editorial Board drops honeymoon with Trump

"[I]f he doesn’t show more respect for the truth, most Americans may conclude he’s a fake president."

Prime Minister Ryan

What we saw this week, I think, if I am understanding it correctly, is a GOP that has shut out the Democrats, and so the Democrats are pretty much letting them fail.

Ryan is so nasty as speaker and so in bed with this bloodless coup, this imbalance of power, that the Dems are just holding back.

I was really angry with them for doing nothing -- but now, I am beginning to understand.

Without the Democrats, the GOP can not run a pair of pantyhose. They become a parliament, a set of factions, an amorphous coalition with nothing but each other to oppose and harden against, when the Democrats STFU.

The pressure of not feuding and creating a nuclear option on the next guy is too much for a lot of these folks. They have got to factionalize without an outside enemy. Ryan will not be able to deliver any product. Trump will tell him he's fired -- but the whole 300+ of them are elected.

He'll have to go full metal dictator if he can't run any of his agenda through the House.

Shit gonna get real… oh my. 

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from Quora: requesting to be forgotten

Had a bit of fun with this one since most of the obvious answers had been enumerated in another answer.

How can I get a website to delete my details? by Shava Nerad

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I want 

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my annoying caps added for emphasis, heh

This afternoon, downtown Boston. Best workshop title, lol.

I am likely to miss it looking at the barometer forecast, but if it doesn't smack me too hard against the wall…


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Well, a little philosophical anthopological respect for poly...

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