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Allelujah, I'm saved!

OK, so after reading up on the "debate" I slept through, I am now imagining the album by Pussy Riot with the cuts named:

Bad Hombres
Nasty Women
You're the Puppet

And now, every time I hear something deplorable that that Putinista, Trump, comes up with, I'm going to start imagining what it would be like as a Pussy Riot cut. OMG. I think I just saved my sense of humor for the rest of the election season.

Inspired by Ron T Blechner who is working on contra dances based on the debate, heh.
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Yes, the ghost dance was such a thing, just a small scope.  But it was apocalyptic. I hope we aren't going there.  I would rather do something like the Sufi dances, which are such a thing, and more hopeful.

Rule [whatever number]:  If there's something I'm interested in, there's a textbook too expensive for me to buy and probably not easily available now that I'm not hitting academic libraries due to being more housebound, that exactly addresses the topic, lol.

I want a direct tap into the noosphere, and the net isn't sufficient.  In my wildest dreams, when I die, I will be one with the dharma, with boundless knowledge, with jnana, and all the pretty patterns, and I will be that muse that touches all the other bardic thinkers and writers, like a frisson, like something falling into place.

That is my heaven.
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Shava Nerad

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Um, no, I'm still with her, but lol... There's an aspect of instant nostalgia, until I remember being torn a new one a few times a day by the folks who started the rigged election shouting.

Dear God, #ImWithHer doesn't have to include walking pneumonia, ok?
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To do that in G+, I use the 'video' function instead of the url/link function. I then include other links in the text portion
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Elder Fun

This article, a collaboration between me and +Bernie DeKoven, came up today as a one-year memory on my Facebook stream! :)
Elder fun is not the same as the fun we found in climbing trees. It's a slower fun found in the joys of what our senses bring us to play with.
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*Ecuador to Julian: We want to see you get home safe son, but we're cutting you off. *

Ecuador says it cut WikiLeaks founder's internet over interference in US election
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Second oldest profession...:)
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Hoping for an answer from Edison Research
Regarding Trump voter demographics

In an article in +The Guardian​ today, I found a citation of that primary season exit poll that claims Trump voters are a higher income demographic than the average American/American voter.

Increasingly, I find it hard to believe, with his issues and increasing opposition among more traditionally endowed segments of the GOP.

So I went to look at the form for the exit poll for income levels -- five categories and no option to decline to answer.

I wrote Edison Research:

I was seeing the oft quoted stat today that claimed that Trump voters had higher incomes, and tracked a PDF of the exit poll form down on Nate Silver's site.

I noticed under income, there was no option to decline to answer. Could you tell me how forms were treated if the person left this item blank? Social shame over job loss tends to be higher in this demographic, so I might imagine lower/no income persons would be more inclined to leave the item blank in the case of the absence of a decline.

If we find out that a blank on any question meant the form was discarded, we have a very distorted profile of Trump's support.

I wait with great anticipation for their response.

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Shava Nerad

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Russian deniable mouthpiece says, "Elect Trump or get nuked."
Americans should vote for Donald Trump as president next month or risk being dragged into a nuclear war, according to a Russian ultra-nationalist ally of President Vladimir Putin who likes to compare himself to the U.S. Republican candidate.
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6 comments basically, Trump is the American him, except that Trump has managed to get a lot more votes.
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#Jakegate gets a treatment by a Catholic pedophilia writer
predictable results

A young woman whose freelancing seems to focus on the Catholic church and the priesthood's sex abuse scandals, and who talks about the elites of the Church running Germany, takes a hatchet to Jacob Appelbaum's reputation in the Guardian.

I wonder where her biases come from? +The Guardian should have a little more discretion about who they pick up off the street.
Once part of Julian Assange’s inner circle, the prominent tech activist is facing a slew of troubling allegations that has left the Tor community divided
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And I hate it.  I have been raped, as many women have.  But I love justice more than I cling to my personal feelings -- in fact I distrust people who try to tweak my personal feelings this strongly.  I distrust them implicitly.  People who go that hard for the gut and then make so many bad mistakes are often manipulating hard on very little verifiable fact.
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A few manners wouldn't hurt you none

I was early on spending significant time pushing back at folks in LOTRO and other game environments using "that's so gay" as a put down -- and reporting that usage when I didn't get a positive reaction, when the TOS allowed.

There's a significant chilling effect for young people in the closet particularly when their RL environment isn't safe for the quiltbag. No, I don't think we need "safe spaces," but it's also a good idea for us to teach young people to be civil where we have the opportunities. We can't legislate morality, but we can say, "In my presence, this behavior is not acceptable." That is not censorship. It's community standards.

Without it, you end up with young men like Mr Trump who believe the world is their vulva, because no one gives them an enlightened reason in their formative years to put a leash on their lower impulses. Or you end up with young women typically who snarl and bare claws to any female they conceive of as weaker than they are in their environment, by gossip, bullying, manipulation, or whatever means. Hormones are powerful drugs.

Adolescence is hard on kids, and adolescent patterns tend to fix a lot of behaviors into adulthood. They say the most successful kids in high school aren't the most successful at their 20th reunions -- this is part of why.

High school tends to be a bit red in tooth and claw. Some of us grow out of it, grow up and through. What some people call "political correctness," some of us call "being polite," which is something that we also call "professional behavior," a skill that will serve these kids well into the future regardless of what they go for, even if it's the military, fixing trucks, flipping burgers, assembling parts, cubical work, or running for president on the GOP ticket.

h/t +W. Scott Meeks
"You're such a bitch," T said to another male student in class. "What was that?" I asked. "Nothing. I just called him a girl," T said. "First, you said 'bitch' but lets just put aside, and talk about the fact that you equated...
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Having never attended a Trump rally the worst behavior I've witnessed over the past several years is on the rare occasion I've attended sporting events, from the chants of "you suck" when the visiting team members are introduced to the escalation of taunts into fistfights and brawls it's all appalling. At one time there was something esteemed about good sportsmanship. No more, it seems.
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Less happy elder news...
mixed and crossed signals, and on being an orphan

I am over two days of respiratory flu, but now I have bronchitis. I had called in Monday to Elder Services, and triage told me that they could deliver tylenol and that was covered, but Mucinex was not, so they could have the pharmacy deliver it, but I would have to private pay, and I said fine.

They never called back. They also said my visiting nurse would come and check me over, but he wasn't in on Monday. He never came. He was in the building yesterday, but apparently didn't get the memo. When I get very sick, my other issues send me into hibernation mostly. I just sleep, and when I'm awake, my pain levels are unmanaged, I'm useless. I can't intervene or do logisitics on my own behalf, I don't deal with things logically. Not much executive function. It's like really really bad depression, basically, but bounded. Not fun. I just ride it out.

Some graceful part of me knows it's just the illness decompensating my internal pain management and making everything fall apart, plus whatever illness is going on anyway. Misery. But apart from that tiny spark of grace I'm a pretty literally helpless, hopeless mess.

Well, today, I'm not actively sick, but I still have bronchitis. I spent two days of awful. I missed half my meds on schedule, and half my meals ENTIRELY, because of sleeping through them, and no one came to check my vitals or anything. This wasn't what I really expected out of living in a visiting nurse assisted living facility with PACE extra services...

First time I got sick, they had a nurse here on a Saturday (not my assigned nurse) to check me out. This time it was kind of a fail... Time for a post mortem, happily not literally, maybe we can do better next time.

And because I'm so articulate outside of my compromises, they'll say, "Well, why didn't you just call us?" sigh... People do not understand brain damage in a person with an otherwise agile intelligence. Even medical people who deal with stroke survivors daily.

I don't understand it. I just have to live with it.

Already I've had one student nurse accuse me of "refusing medication" because I fell asleep and didn't take my meds because I was having a horrible migraine, and my reaction to pain, often, is what they call "uncontrollable daytime sleepiness. She had come to give me my morning meds and I'd sort of croaked from bed, by reflex, "yes, I'll be up in a minute..."

When she came back at noon and I hadn't moved, her reaction wasn't that she should have brought them to my bedside, but that I had wilfully lied to her, and she turned on the lights and scolded me loudly, despite my soft protests to please turn off the lights and lower her volume, that I was having a migraine, and my attempts to explain the situation.

That I was not refusing medication. That I reacted to pain by sleeping, it was part of my illness, and could she please lower her volume, that to me it sounded like yelling -- and saying loudly that she was NOT YELLING did not help. Just...please? Turn off the light and lower your volume? Do you know what a migraine is? This was not getting my meds taken faster or more efficiently, and was delaying her to the next resident. I understood her point. Can we move on?


And yes, I complained to the head nurse on Monday on that one. She was a contract nurse covering for my regular one on Saturday who will be back this weekend, thank God. My little Chaachee, I think of her, my little Desi nurse who scolds me softly sometimes, and who loves my prayer flags and my Ganesha and such and my rice cooker and my spices, lol, but yes is my little auntie about my meds and so on. I appreciate her so much more now!

It can be love to ride someone on their habits, and I know that. I need it. I have lost so much. My yoga needs to be delivered and accepted, but also anticipated. And I don't know how to teach people to anticipate it.

It's a puzzle.

I maybe need nurses as fallback. But what I really need is family. This is what I used to do for my mother. Nursing delivers against but does not anticipate needs. That comes with love.

So I have been very homesick lately, but not for any home I left, but for the home no one gave me. There is no one in my life who anticipated and delivered that kind of care to me competently, as I historically did for others -- for my lovers/husbands/housemates/family (of choice), my son, my mother, even my clients to some extent.

I am an orphan. And that is why I am in this place.

Joseph can help a bit with the money, and he is a good kid, and I love him to death, but on a family basis, as caregiver issues go, I am an orphan, and as a person who cared for people a lot of my life, that just makes me sad.
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I've taken to putting notes in the log book where they need to initial that they've put out my meds.
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As above so below
everything is philosophy

I tend to deal with the everyday crap by thinking about how much worse it is for others. I am in a good place, safe, well fed, surrounded by nurses. Really, I should be happy with all this... But being sick seems no fun when you are in the middle of it... Being sick on top of chronic illness, kind of blows.

Another respiratory bug. I'm out of Mucinex, seeing if the Elder Services pharmacy can get me some delivered -- I have asthma and a nasty tendency for cold/flu to turn to bronchitis and/or pneumonia. Joseph's out of town. Having a compromised immune system is no fun.

During colder months I tend to wear a hospital mask when I go out and people shy away from me. It's not because I have something, it's because I can't afford to get something.

Every year I feel a little more isolated -- mobility, living in a bubble, can't deal with noise/crowds, and I'm poor. Often my health limits my functional hours in a day, pretty radically.

I've grown hesitant to leave home for fear of falling ill and how long it takes me to make my way home. My disposable income is effectively about a hundred dollars a month, and so counting spoons and counting dollars, transportation and all else, going out the door can seem overwhelming every single time -- and most of that gets spent on doctor visits.

It's just not much of a life. I can only imagine what this would be like without the internet.

How many people are there like me, my age, a bit younger or any much older, who live without the net and are completely alone in these days of shattered communities and families? We increasingly define our society by extroversion, frenetic individual activity, and spending money (often together, as though it defines our [social] health -- fashion, eating out, entertainment,...).

"Oh, look at all the lonely people..."
-- Beatles, Eleanor Rigby, 1967 (written half a century ago)
Cover by Aretha, two years later, hit the charts in the US, basically forgotten outside of genre fans. Alice Cooper and a phenomenal collection of others have done covers.
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But yes, you have it exactly right.
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No, this will not go away, unless we take concerted action
without organized civil and civic response we are moving into a time of fascism and violence

Without some means of moving into our communities and working to disperse and dispel the rising tide of extrajudicial assaults, violence, and pandemic intimidation, we are going to see our social contract shredded to the point where genocide and riots -- the fascism and internal foundation of things like Rwanda and Kyrstallnacht -- will be established here in our communities.

These trends include a trend of making online civic assembly and discourse -- a tool of politics and community organizing we've come to depend on -- nearly unusable without a high level of understanding of operational security and closed groups.

When my son was five, the little kids, the nerdy kids, the yellow-bus-kids banded together against the bullies, and my son helped organize them. He confessed to this guiltily, telling me he was afraid he'd become involved in a "gang" at school. I was shocked at first and asked what he meant?

He told me that there were a bunch of big kids, bullies, who would wait until they could catch a smaller vulnerable kid without the teacher looking, and basically run them over and hit them hard on the playground, then run off before the noise could attract attention. So Joseph and a couple other kids got the idea of posting a couple kids to watch from on top of climbing structures, and they would yell when they saw these kids coming, and the kids would stop playing and line up, linking arms like the marchers in Selma, and stare the bullies down. It stopped the problem. They called themselves the Meerkats, after the little prairie-dog like social weasels in Africa who posted watch like this.

Joseph was afraid he'd organized a gang.

"No, baby," I told him, giving him a hug. "You organized a union!"

We need a union -- nonviolent, principled, with watchwords and tacit agreements that this is not what we want for our society and our country -- we need to stare the bullies down. We need to come to the aid of any person in trouble online or off. Wear a Blue Rose. Call it whatever you wish. We need a way to know one another and say, "No more of this."

Regardless of if you are voting for Trump, even, or for Stein or Mickey Mouse, when anyone threatens a person bodily, treads all over another person's discourse with nonsense to chill speech, whatever.

Link arms, stare them down, with every person there, however, you may do it.

For the memory of Dr. King, for every person who faced down a brownshirt in the past or whatever colors that threat dignified its hysteria in -- we must contain the nightmare until we shine enough sunlight to show this funhouse mirror is not the American dream, and it subsides.

cc +Josh Marshall +Talking Points Memo +Electronic Frontier Foundation
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We need unions, or union-like organizations, for many things (including this one, which is a biggie). And we need ways of funding them that don't depend on a lack of union-hostile laws.
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Anthro field research: locker room talk
don't pretend it isn't real and revered

Check out the replies.

Check out @SmittyBarstool's Tweet:
Man do I love (& miss) these Pat Burrell Tall Tales. Heroes get remembered, but legends never die. Well, as long as penicillin still works. Embedded image. 8:49 AM - 11 Oct 2016. 150 Retweets292 Likes. Reply to @SmittyBarstool ...
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