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I was talking to a couple folks today about what a softball the media gives the NSA when they describe them as just about anything but US military surveillance -- and how just reframing the media conversation could effect a sea change in the public perspective of the issues.

So I took the nearly 7000 credits I'd accrued on Quora and never seen a need to use, and promoted this question this evening. Seemed as good a flagpole as any.

The first answer came from a retired US Marine who, although picking a few technicalities with me, if anything might come off as thinking I was too moderate.

When I was a young woman, I broke an ethics scandal at a school I attended.

I went to the student newspaper, but they said, "Oh, we can't possibly report on that. Everyone knows. But we'd get shut down for breaking the story."

So I went to the town newspaper. The editor said, "We'll run this, but they'll kill you, you know." I said I didn't care -- I'd rather leave than be shut down and know I didn't say anything.

So after the story broke in the town paper, the student paper wrote about how it was a story there.

Our media can't call the NSA as being military intelligence going down the path of the Stasi and KGB, violating the boundaries put in place by my dad's generation to keep them from going there.

But if the Seeds of Conversation are sown...

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profundo! é de descobrir coisas por análise...
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Shava Nerad

commented on a video on YouTube.
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No one I know of has been prosecuted for running an exit node in the US. A few people have had exit nodes seized for forensic examination and returned to them with apologies and kind words in Germany and elsewhere. I don't know that I have heard of anyone harassed for it. Who you working for, bro?

Individuals who were running drugs or kiddie porn and a hidden service (not exit node) on the Tor network have seen a lot of grief from law enforcement lately. As far as anyone knows they have all been caught through means other than failure of Tor, although that can include bad opsec around using Tor. Personally, I have no problem with that. Law enforcement has a lot of tools in their utility belts, and criminals tend to make impulsive mistakes.

I can't easily critique your other points until you take the marbles out of your cheek, man ;) Let it run a minute and a half, and we'll all be grateful. Take it slow and enunciate. Make sure your points are good -- feel free to tap me before the next try. I don't bite unless asked ;)

Shava Nerad
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Shava Nerad

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People petition WH to equip all cops with nanny cams

Wow. Just wow. Such controversy. Much flameness. Comments of great dogeworthiness. Wow.

This is why +David Brin is wrong. No law such as this will ever pass (even given the right process of submission) and people including David have told us "Privacy is dead" so many years, people are willing to trade liberty for safety, and get the government they deserve in exchange.

No authority relinquishes power or exposes abuse without an existential stakes fight. It's asymmetrical and a huge big deal changing the culture around these issues.

#privacy #copwatch #ferguson
In the wake of the shooting of an unarmed man by Ferguson, Mo., police, a petition has been started on the White House website requiring that all police officers wear a camera.
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Where has +David Brin said that "privacy is dead"? He describes the "privacy is dead" position as extreme and unhelpfully simplistic and argues that intelligent application of transparency can help us preserve important elements of privacy while guarding against toxic secrecy by various elites.

In his latest blog post, for example:

<quote> In one of life’s ironies, I am “Mister Transparency…” yet I believe some privacy can and should be preserved. A whole chapter of The Transparent Society is about how the only way we can preserve a little secluded intimacy or confidential sharing may be if we live in a society where most of the people know most of what’s going on, most of the time. Only such openness will stand a chance of deterring snoops and busybodies and peeping toms.

But some folks are far more transparency-radical! They “get” that all of our enlightenment innovations — like science, democracy, markets, justice, art and personal freedom thrive best in light… so they demand that it ALL be laid bare! As a moderate pragmatist (though perhaps a militant one) I find such zero-sum passion unnerving...

In fact, We do not have to choose between triplet fangs: Big Brother surveillance or stripped-naked little-brother coveillance, or (heaven forbid) the MYOB (mind your own business) rage of privacy "defenders" who just play into Big Brother's hands, by denouncing cartoon versions of transparency...

In fact, the society of nosy jerks portrayed in The Circle will not happen, because your neighbors would hate it just as much as you hate the thought of it!  Eggers's portrayal of his fellow humans and citizens is depressing not because it might come true, but because Eggers and the critics who praise him actually seem to believe (in their sanctimony) that their neighbors would put up with such a world... instead of using transparency and openness to catch the voyeurs and say "hey man!  Back off..."

There is hope.  If we insist on a general ability to see, that will include the ability to spot voyeurs.  If we start designing systems right, then we will be able to do what assertively brave humans have always been able to do, when some busybody stares.  Tell them: "Hey bub.... back off." </quote>

That is a much more nuanced and moderate position than "privacy is dead." That is a position that some people hold, but +David Brin is not one of them.
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Shava Nerad

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A light weight correlation to the old saw that any innovation on the net is driven by porn first, I suppose...? Privacy innovation driven by online dating tech.
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Be safe
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Shava Nerad

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The WSJ Contemplates the Cost of NSA Complicity to US Big Data Companies

Oddly, that's not how they headlined the article. Heh.


#Snowden #bigdata #nsa
It’s been a persistent question ever since Edward Snowden revealed the NSA’s expansive spying operations just over a year ago: Have the disclosures damaged U.S. interests? A new report surveyed the revelations’ impact on U.S. businesses.
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+Jes Wulfsberg Nielsen Well certainly in Europe we simply can't host personal information outside their jurisdiction. That's expected. But not all data is personal.
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Shava Nerad

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Hey, liberals, progressives -- what do you do if conservatives are born that way?

What if all the arguments in the world won't work?  If demonstrating the good work you can do with programs won't bear influence, and the lack of threat of foreign influences is...unthreatening?

What do you do, if a conservative voter in a democracy is born paranoid and xenophobic?
Ten years ago, it was wildly controversial to talk about psychological differences between liberals and conservatives. Today, it's becoming hard not to.
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more can be learned from research on why people believe research like this than from the research itself
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Not much, considering the DEA is one of their big customers. Then they lie about where the information came from using parallel construction to mislead judges and prosecutors.
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Get your online devotionals at a discount for Diwali. It's as though Rule 56 has started to apply to every dimension of human experience.
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It went flat, and I put it in my pocket...
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not square root beer?
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I've been using FVD Speed Dial on M$ & Android, and they are bribing me to spread the word. But I do like it.  Firefox extension, has a sync extension that goes with it.  Highly rated.  No issues so far.
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FINALLY.  #nymwars #victory
After three years, Google finally got it. Google now admits it was wrong to require real names on Google Plus, and it’s apologized for taking so long, causing “unnecessarily difficult experiences for some of our users.” Too bad it had to learn the hard way, but better late than never.
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+Richard Lucas Did I say you did? But yes. You are being a poo-poo head.
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We end up with ingredients in the colors of the Mexican flag, ready to stuff first into tortillas, and then into our happy selves...
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