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#TBT to that time when I interviewed 15 awesome creatives and they gave the most relevant and thought provoking advice:
15 creative, inspiring people answer one lovingly crafted, personally-inspired question.
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I'm seriously obsessed with TinyLetters... so I started a project to collect them all. I feel like a kid at Christmas with every new one I find!
 Striving to become the definitive resource for discovering TinyLetters!     Have a TinyLetter you'd like to see included? Click "Submit Listing" to fill out the form for consideration or...
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Signal boosting cause I can personally vouch that Tricia IS the go-to person if you can't figure out how to move your creative project from point A to FINISHED! And she's a great teacher, so I know this new workshop is going to rock. #creativessupport   #writerslife   #projectmanagement   #timemanagement  
I've cleared my schedule produce Project Planning for Writers and Other Creatives, and I need your ideas and suggestions!
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+Max Rubenacker this looks like something you'd create!
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oooo this is fun.
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+Max Rubenacker I'm unfortunately forced to shop for a new cell phone... how do you feel about your Nexus 5? You've had it almost a year, right?  I'm trying to decide if it's worth spending a little more to get the Nexus 5 or if I could be satisfied with the recently released Moto G...  
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i've heard good things about the Moto G. i also enjoy my nexus with a few caveats... the battery life has always been a little shorter than i'd like, and along with that the phone has an odd tendency to get hot sometimes. after learning which apps drew power and managing what was running i managed to cut down on issues, but that took some time. the physical use of the phone is fantastic, the screen is crisp and clear, the camera is performant and lets me do my artsy things, the processor handles some intense applications (regularly working on very large photoshop compositions with little problem). i'm happy with the N5 and would gladly buy another one, but if i was entering the market today i'd take a hard look at the moto and HTC phones as a comparison.
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I've always loved the Good Life Project episodes, but this is the first one that represents the new direction and I LOVED it!  My favorite quote? We're all a beautiful mess...
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Healthy and practical advice on confronting your fears. 
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Very interesting video "Is technology changing storytelling?" via +Christopher Butler 
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That's a great reflection on story. And yes, story as a construct, a scaffolding that dissolves once you are enough immersed into it. Sort of becoming the story, blurring the line of fiction and reality.
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Shauntelle Hamlett (a curious human)

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You are adorable! Definitely look forward to watching more of your videos!
Simple, beautiful & ad-free.
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+Tricia Ballad it's a new social media network that's anti-advertising... very simple, streamlined, only on desktop at this point. Seems very well suited to illustrators, photographers, and visual artists but I'm not as sure if it's a good fit for wordsmiths... but I'm only a couple days in. :)
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Because Ksenia's own writing is her proof is in the pudding, so if she says it, you know it's useful!
This is for you, #NaNoWriMo writers. I'm not doing NaNoWriMo this year, but I wrote you a blog post on HOW TO WRITE YOUR FIRST DRAFT IN 20 DAYS. So I suppose I am doing my own version of it. Or something. 
I know you NaNoWriMo junkies are freaking out about this right now. This. This thing of being able to write a whole novel in 1 month. You bite your nails and elbows and neighbors and whatever else you can bite, wondering, "Can I do it? Can I? Is there a magic formula?" Well, I am NOT doing NaNoWriMo. In fact, I've never done it. But I'm doing my own NaNoWriMo in that I'm writing the 1st draft of CORNERS right now, and by my calculations...
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Finding and sharing stories. Helping people eat their elephants.
Storytelling. Connecting. Encouraging. Problem solving. Brainstorming. Enthusiasm. Making a difference person by person.
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I might be the one that curiosity killed.

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Just a few reflective thoughts!


My cover of Impossible! Hope you like it! Thanks to this amazing guy with all the camera and lighting help!

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