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Shaun White

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On My Way To Work

I got if the train to walk to work and was greeted with a awesome sky.

Shot with the ever trusty iPhone 5s
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Thank you +wasia urooj :))
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Shaun White

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The Grid On The iPad

Repairing and servicing our wide format Eco Solvent Printer at work today.
I was there for 3 & 1/2 hours so catching up on The Grid was an awesome way to get through the morning.

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Well said +Ruhil A. :))
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Shorncliffe Jetty

A quick Pano from Sunday at the Shorncliffe Jetty.
They are going to rebuild this jetty so at the moment you can not walk out on it.

And another up date on Dane, the meeting with the school is now going to be on Thursday.
Not everyone could attend with the short notice.
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LOL you would be very welcome +Wray Post and Dane is going really good at the moment, Liv has got a lot of little reward type systems in place for different things, still a long way to go to get him in the special school.
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Shaun White

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Display's Finished

They are on there way to Melbourne and should arrive on Monday.
We finished this one and another one that is a mirror of this one with one minute to spare.
The truck turned up one minute after putting the last Fragile sticker on the Pallet.
I do not have a shot with the Glass one them.
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Thank you +Heather Webb :))
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Shaun White

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Another Loose Tooth

Dane just might loose his other front tooth, one very excited little man.

So Friday Dane had his appointment with the physiologist and hi I.Q. came out to 51 to 63.
So this will now allow him to go into a special school.
Today Dane had his appointment with his new paediatrician, Doctor Zane.
So now Dane gets to go see Doctor Zane.
She is reviewing his medical history, that is going to be about a one week read for her, and she is going to wright a letter to the school on his condition.
Its not just that he has Autism and has intellectual impairment but he has an acquired brain injury, 7 at that, been on bypass twice and for around  5 hours each time and that has affect on the brain.
He also suffers his heart problems.
Now with the new Doctor getting involved, the people that Liv has been trying to get to listen may now listen.
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LOL +Kathy Porupski his other front tooth is a little bit loose now, maybe a Christmas in July (Sorry for the Late response)

Thank You +Heather Webb it is one waiting game that I hope will not go on for to much longer, Give the Boys a BIG HUG from all of us and you and Frank to :))

Thank you +Elizabeth Smith at least we have a bit more of a direction now, hope PSW is going awesome :))
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Shaun White

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Sun Setting & City Lights Starting To Be Turned On

Brisbane Australia, I got there early but due to not knowing how popular it was around here on a Saturday afternoon I had trouble getting a park.
As I got a park the best part of the Sunset had gone, but I did get a quick pano.
I left Kangaroo Point just after 7 pm and as I left, my spot was taken as I drove off.
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Good Morning +lynn hughes its just after 10 pm and I will be heading of to bed soon, Dane has decided he wants a shower, better late than never :))
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Shaun White

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Brisbane City Australia Looking From Kangaroo Point

I went out Sunday morning hoping to have a little more cloud and a little bit better vantage point to shoot from, but I was just not early enough for the better spot. 
Leaving earlier next time. 
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Thanks +lynn hughes I have been playing with Dane a bit lately and not much else in the evenings. Plants VS Zombies 2 on the iPad, he really gets a great laugh out of it.

LOL Thank You +John Balboni but the funny thing is that a very large thunder storm did go through that afternoon.

Hi +Lynda Cochrane and thank you, hope you are enjoying your new kitchen :))
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Shaun White

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Update On Dane

Liv had a meeting with the school Principle on Friday, so now on Tuesday Liv will have a meeting with the Principle, Teachers and the Guidance Councillor.
The Principle also said its now not a matter if Dane can get into a special school but how quick can it be done.
Last weekend I had the best weekend with dane I have I think ever had.
He did not go to school on the Friday, so he did not come home confused, angry and upset. So looking ford to hime going to the special school, they teach him at his level and his pace.
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Thank You +Elizabeth Smith :))
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Shaun White

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Sunday Sunrise Toorbul

I swear that If I had a really tall ladder I could have touched the bottom of that low cloud.
Its nice to be out shooting again.
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Thanks +Wray Post Cheers mate and Yes Left I had to look a couple of times the AHHHH.

Thank you +Angelika Perry it was really nice to be out again, I went out this morning for another Sunrise shoot (Saturday Morning) I shall post a few shots over this week :))

Thank you +Kathy Porupski :))

Thanks +Dana Lynn Moyer  :))

Thank you +Lynda Cochrane and Good Day To You Too :))

Thank +lynn hughes it is one of the best parts of the day :))
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Shaun White

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Been Very Busy At Work

We have a trade show coming up and I have been building the displays.
Looks like over time tomorrow and possible Saturday as well.
I still have 2 large displays to build and I have not even started on them yet.
So this is shot with my new iPhone 5s, starting to really like this camera Ahhhh Phone :))

I missed G+ a bit this week due to Dane not coping to well with his school.
Unfortunately with Dane the inner problems he has with trying to handle it all comes home with him and the melt downs continue most of the night.
But tomorrow Dane has his session with the child sociologist and they will give Liv the report that we hope will get him into a Special School or at least the road to it.
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LOL thanks +Wray Post 

Thank You +Kalebra Kelby a little pray would be awesome.

Thank you so much +Heather Webb I shall let Liv know and Hugs Back to you guys.

Now its time to head off to work, hey that is a four letter word. 
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Have him in circles
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Hello and thank you for having a look. I am a part time photographer and hope to make it full time one day.
I have to say thank you to Scott Kelby and to all at Kelby Training for the classes and training that they produce. I now do Portrait & family portrait sessions to which I now earn some income from to feed the pasion.
The credit must go to all of the instructors and people at Kelby Training.
Bragging rights
I am married to a very lovely lady Liv who I met in grade seven at Narangba state school back in March 1984. She was the first person that I saw when I walk in to the class room and about 2 moths after that we were going steady for about 8 week. We found each other again in 1999 and got married in 2000 and have four children. Our last child Dane has fourth child syndrome. its all about Dane. But on the more seriuos side of life, Dane had his first open heart OP at 5 1/2 weeks old and his second 2 years and five day's later. We are waiting for more to come but for now he is going very well with his heart and 7 brain injuries.
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