+eBay sucks nowadays. I don't think I'm going to use them again if I can find an alternative. They only let me charge $9.00 shipping for a package that cost $26.00 to ship. Then they made me use Paypal as the payment method, then they confiscated $7.00 as a fee. Plus I have to pay the listing fee which is like $2.50. So when all is said and done, they've confiscated the entire (insufficient) shipping amount and then some!
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That's why I stopped using eBay. I use to buy and sell stuff all the time on eBay. The last straw is when I got 3 deadbeats in a row so I had to keep doing second chance offers, and they charged me each time, I had no idea. Then i kept getting people that started disputes over shipping costs. Entirely ef EBay.
Yeah I've heard some real horror stories. Thankfully I never had any nightmare buyer stories back when I used to sell actively (years ago). But now eBay itself is just crap.
Oh, don't forget the time I spent $200 on something. It was never sent. Contacted seller. No reply. Filed dispute. Seller send something and gave the tracking number to eBay. They dropped the dispute. I received and empty box. I filed a dispute. It went back and forth for a while, then they dropped the dispute and said there is nothing they can do because the seller is in China.
That's really crappy. I wish there was a decent alternative to eBay. I think yahoo offers an auction service, but I don't know if very many people use it.
Amazon would be great. Not sure how seller account work though.
Gunbroker.com has stuff besides guns and really friendly folks on it. Worth a look.
Oh ok cool. I've heard of them. I didn't know you could sell stuff besides guns and gun related stuff. I'll definitely check them out.
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