So the TSA is finally going to do something about the widespread complaints regarding sexual attacks (searches) by their agents against passengers.... they're going to hire "passenger advocates" so that, after you're sexually assaulted, you have someone to cry to and talk about your sad feelings with... I wish I was kidding! If they KNOW that widespread misconduct is rampant.... if they KNOW that what they're doing is wrong.... then they should JUST STOP DOING IT. Can you imagine the uproar if a local Sheriff's Department response to a public allegation of police brutality was for them to hire a "citizen advocate" to help you file complaints? Everybody knows what a joke internal affairs units generally are. Why would we trust the TSA to police itself?

Ordinarily, I would only share something like this with my "Liberty Minded Folks Circle." But I have something important to say to everyone, especially those of you that only go to the polls on presidential election years, if then. As I've said a hundred times before, and I can't emphasize this enough, as unpopular as it is going to make me.... the buck stops with you guys. If you have voted for a mainstream Republican or Democrat for a federal office then you are personally responsible for the shape this country is in. I'm not blaming you to make you feel bad. I'm telling you to take responsibility for changing things. Do your homework, go to the polls and vote the bums out! You DO have a choice beyond just Democrat or Republican. When you walk in to a polling place, you should know by heart AT LEAST the names and party affiliations of every single candidate on the ballot as well as the identities of any candidates mounting serious write-in campaigns. Don't let wasted vote syndrome influence your decision. WVS is where a voter disregards a candidate because the voter thinks that candidate is unlikely to win. Voting is not a game. You're not trying to guess which candidate you think is going to win. You're supposed to be voting for the best candidate, regardless of what you think of his chances of winning. Yes, it's frustrating voting your principles when so few others do. But the numbers are growing. And we're never going to get this country where it needs to be until we convince the majority of Americans to vote responsibly. Do you like being digitally sodomized at the airport? Then find out which federal politicians from your area are not enthusiastically working to end abusive practices by the TSA and VOTE THEM OUT!

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Complaints of TSA agents getting way too up close and personal while searching passengers have sprung up from virtually every corner of society. Supermodel Bar Refaeli recently took to her Twitter acc...
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Greg S
It's "creating jobs!" Right? :P
Now if they'll just confiscate that remaining pesky 20% of our income that we've been allowed to keep, America will be back on track in no time!
Also if you don't vote, you're responsible.
+Leonard Harris I've thought about that... perhaps it's true... but at least they're not taking an action that directly contributes to the state initiating force against people. I respect the position of those who refuse to vote... but unless our system is so far gone, that the electoral process itself can not be salvaged, it's probably not the right way to go about fixing things. If somebody isn't going to do their homework or is going to just vote for the candidate they think will win, I would prefer that they just stay home and not vote.
Greg S
The TSA seems to have managed to put itself in a position where votes and courts don't appear to affect it. This is very much not a good thing :(
There really is very little legal recourse for wronged passengers. The right votes could fix everything. The problem is that to fix the federal government, we have to convince a majority of American voters to vote pro-liberty. That's not easy when we don't control Hollywood and we have to play by the wolves' rules (i.e. campaign finance laws) which are designed to protect their own power and prevent anyone from successfully mounting a challenge against them.
Greg S
Yeah, with Citizens United in the mix, there's not much likelihood of moving out anyone that has heavy financial support. But even if it were, the difficulty would shift to a new position - all the people who think the TSA is actually doing something. They're even harder to move...
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