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Geez talk about an overreaction. I was in a public restroom today and a dad was assisting his young daughter in using a stall in the men's room (or so I surmised from the dialog I heard between the two). I was a tiny bit uncomfortable as I used the urinal but it's not like a dad with a daughter so young has much of a choice in the absence of a family restroom. Too bad the dad in the before story wasn't armed. There'd be one less violent nutjob on the planet for the rest of us to worry about.
Christopher Adams was suckerpunched by a hate-filled shopper for letting his 5-year-old daughter use the boy’s room in an eerie echo of the trans panic sweeping America.
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That look on poor Rachel's face. Can we all chip in $10 to get that poor lady the therapy for her PTSD she so desperately needs after being married to LegHumper McGee over there?
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cough furry article dragonslave it cough
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OMW Young Trump had the hair his mom had when she was 70!
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If that's the worst misconduct their police department is engaging in, they're in darn good shape.
Fictitious crime scene included police tape and a knife
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can't tell if onion joke or real lol ;D
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Just when I was trying to convince myself that the NRA had become sincere about protecting gun rights they pull this crap. I won't be rejoining the NRA anytime soon. I should rejoin the GOA and VCDL though.
Donald Trump once supported an assault weapons ban. He now calls gun bans "a total failure" and says he opposes expanded background checks.
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Girlfriend asked me to ask The Plus if anyone knows whether Uggs can be drycleaned. Anyone?
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The Mainstream Media says the #NeverTrump  movement has vanished. Is that right? Has everyone fallen in line behind Der Fuhrer like good little slaveboys and slavegirls?
Julian Zelizer: A month ago, it looked like the GOP was headed for convention chaos, now Democrats are enmeshed in a battle of principles that Bernie Sanders warns may be "messy"
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#Breaking: Baltimore police Officer Edward Nero has been found not guilty of second-degree assault, misconduct in office and reckless endangerment in connection with the arrest and death of Freddie Gray.
A judge is expected Monday to hand down his verdict in the case of a Baltimore police officer charged in the arrest and subsequent death of Freddie Gray. Officer Edward Nero faces assault, misconduct in office...
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No need for another decent man to fall for some scumbag piece of shit criminal. 
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I did it reluctantly and as promised, this guy looking at you like: you sick fuck!
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If someone offered me a perpetual $1000 monthly stipend, I bet I could go six whole months without killing! Any takers? Anyone?
Richmond, California, has seen a dramatic drop in homicides after a program was introduced that offers violent youth a $1,000 monthly stipend to stop their ways.
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Have him in circles
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Almost a four star experience. Staff was great. Facilities are dilapidated. Bedding and towels are ragged. Coffee maker located out of range of electrical outlet and outlet closest to it didn't work after moving it. I wound up using the coffee maker in the bathroom. Bed was a bit less comfy than I'd hoped for but not awful. But it was one of the cheapest rooms in the area. Bedding on which I slept was clean but mattress cover had yellowish stains. I'll probably stay here again. This sounds like a horrible review but the room really was acceptable.
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