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Really makes you appreciate the good people in your life
Read this.
But today something horrible happened, something that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I found out something about Mar…
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"The officer has been placed on administrative leave with pay. He has not yet been interviewed, nor have two other officers who arrived on the scene, as they are allowed 24 to 48 hours to work with their attorneys first."
Cincinnati police are investigating the fatal shooting of an apparently unarmed black man by a University of Cincinnati police officer.
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LOL... the "Independent" Police Review Authority.
The City of Chicago just fired an investigator after he determined that police were at fault in several fatal shootings. Lorenzo Davis, 65, found that
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Anybody from the DC/Baltimore area remember the old Kim's Karate commercials?
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Yup...I remember those well...
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That's quite a mistake
Some medical students cut a baby's penis mistakenly, while trying to cut off the umblical cord. The surgeon correcting the mistake inflicted more injuries.
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What a nice, sweet story! 
In less than 24-hours, Albany Medical Center in New York was able to pull off the special "wedding" ceremony for a young patient and her nurse
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I loved this movie! It's on Netflix. If you liked Harold & Kumar's stuff, you'll probably like this. It's stupid, goofy comedy that's perfect to have on in the background while you work on other stuff.
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I hope some cheaters are up sweating, tossing and turning tonight. How disgusting to see Richmond on this list. I guess I shouldn't be surprised.... but I am.... #6 in the ENTIRE COUNTRY?? That's messed up.
The cheating website Ashley Madison has been hacked; secret sex fantasies could go public.
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One of the most beautiful love songs ever written. I was just singing it to myself a few minutes ago as I stood before the bathroom mirror trying on my mom's lipsticks.... I think I'll go with purple tonight.
I wrote these lyrics for a love song a couple years back. Sadly, no one has put them to music yet.


You're the girl for me
I can feel it in my soul
Smile for my camera please
It's hidden and pinhole

I watch you from afar
And you give me hope
You're the shining star
In my Russian night scope

Into your heart I creep
To watch you while you sleep
And by "your heart" I mean
Your house

I follow ya IRL
You geocode your tweets
I get excited when I smell
The detergent on your sheets

Don't misunderstand, I'm not a perv
Don't be scared for heaven's sake
I just don't have the nerve
To talk to you when you're awake


I lay down next to you
An immediate release
The moment that you wake
Please don't call the police

So you're playing hard to get
I'm better than other men
You will understand
When I see you in 5 to 10

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Going to listen to this as soon as I make it home to my ear buds
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Have him in circles
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