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Shaun Wagner
I was born. I lived. I died.
I was born. I lived. I died.

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In case you didn't know... I just found out that PHP has Traits.

Me: You changed the buy one get one free deal to buy two get one free.
Cashier: It's a better deal now. You get three instead of two.

My work today: A year ago we asked someone else for a number and we got 24%. Can you get us a better number? Oh, and we aren't sure what the question was or what the 24% meant, but that shouldn't matter.

I never quite got the hang of Thursdays.

As a social experiment, I asked people using a report generator I wrote last week to let me know, on average, how long the reports are taking to generate. I didn't tell them that I programmed it to tell me exactly how many seconds it takes from the start of the program (before it even sends the query to generate the report) to the end of the report save to hard drive. Real time average is between 2 and 3 minutes. Once it was almost 4 minutes, but 2-3 is what almost all times were. Response from the humans is between 5 and 20 minutes with a mean around 8 minutes. So, basically, humans are claiming that time runs about 3 times faster when waiting for a report to run.

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The first picture from Adaline's upcoming book: Doctor Who and the Space Worm. The black outlines are done by hand, but I let her use my computer to autofill the color. I figure that she is learning her letters now, so it is time for her to learn to use the computer.

I have been asked by multiple people to make a subtraction page to go with the addition page. Here are both pages, designed to help kids (and adults) practice single-digit addition and subtraction:

Why does this sort of thing seem to happen over and over...
 Him: Remember when I asked you to [fill in silly job here]?
 Me: Yes. I told you that I could do it but it would cause [fill in terrible problem] in the future, but you said to do it anyway.
 Him: Well, we are now experiencing [fill in terrible problem]. Can you fix it?

If you use Verizon (and you don't pay any attention to the news), they cut the price of data plans, but they didn't update anyone's account. You have to go to Verizon and sign up for the plan you currently have to get the discount. Of course, you could sign up for a different plan, but the point is that is that if you don't do anything, you will continue paying the older, higher price for the plan you currently have.

Any astronomers out there? Adaline is still working on her Dr. Who and the Space Worm book. The key feature will be Betelgeuse, a red giant. It also begins with Barnard's Start, a red dwarf. She is trying to figure out what order the stars would vanish in if all the stars around Barnard's Star began to vanish from furthest away to the closest. I have had a lot of trouble finding an interface that lets me see all the stars in a specific location and then lets me see how far away they are (and the name of the star). I'd prefer to not install a program to do it. I was hoping for a website. Does anyone know of a way to look it up or - better - does anyone have a list of which stars would vanish, in order, if a space worm was charging towards our Sun at warp speed, consuming the stars as it went?

I've been reading many comments about how evil BBC is for refusing to release Dr. Who stuff in the United States (such as the new Doctor and the Dalek app that teaches kids the concepts of control structures in coding). I don' t think it is the BBC. When the original run ended, Fox stepped in to profit off it in the United States. So, on this side of the pond, Fox is in control. Does Fox play nice? Hmmm... Ever wonder why the Firefly movie made every attempt to avoid using the name Firefly? I think that Fox is the evil corporation that bans Dr. Who merchandise published by the BBC. They probably want a buttload of money to allow BBC to release a free game (and considering they produce Homer Simpson and Peter Griffen, they work in very large buttloads).
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