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Pop Quiz. Do wait lists carry over to Phase 2 registration?

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Are we able to get Buzz Cards through this program?  I'd like to get my student discount at Apple

Has anyone written a Selenium script (or something similar) that will click through all the Udacity videos in a series and pull the youtube URLs? I'd like to combine them into one large video for easier review later.

Regarding CS6601 AI. I'm taking this as my first course in the program. Has anyone purchased the kindle version of the textbook from Amazon? I'm a bit hesitant... some of the reviews say it's not a good copy -- but perhaps this has changed?

Greetings. New incoming student for Spring 2016. I have a question about ProctorU exams - I've noticed a few classes use this tool. Are the exams given at a specific time (ie, I would have to take time off work) or can you do them in a time frame?


GT CS Alum living in Philadelphia
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