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Parkers Auctioneers - buyers, valuers and sellers of all goods -


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Ice Viral has published its great penalty shootout game again.
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If you love all things #Goth or #Gothic then this is a cake that should be appreciated. Black and red deep lustre roses give the impact that a good Goth cake should have.

This is as dramatic a cake as you will see for a wedding, plus the #wedding venue was a cave labyrinth called Hellfire Caves in High Wycombe. It was a venue full of atmosphere with caverns and lighting that really set the scene.
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This is a great video to put a smile on your face, it has two of the cutest things on the planet. It has baby Pandas, which are adorable and then it has my grandson Conner who is also adorable. It also has The Minnions, Horrid Henry, Superman and Peppa Pig. Oh and the Pandas are giggling, sounds amazing and well worth a watch and a share. #Pandas
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Just revisiting the fabulous cake made by My Fair Cakery for the opening night of The Elephant man featuring Bradley Cooper and Scott Lowell. It was a fabulous show with brilliant performances and standing ovations.

MyFairCakery were chosen to make a celebration cake for the show and my Wife put together an amazing cake.

It was large and was consumed in a single night lol

You can see more from Catherine Parker the celebrity cake maker here -

Here are some pictures and they show just how much they enjoyed their time performing The Elephant Man. Scott Lowell was a true gentleman and Bradley Cooper was very down to earth which is conveyed through these pictures.

Acting as the congenial host Bradley Cooper cuts the cake for the cast, the show was of course based on the life of John Merrick.

What made the show remarkable is that John Merrick (Real name Joseph) is portrayed without any prosthetic aids using natural bodily contortion.

It is the tradition and is quite stunning to watch.

The cake was delivered on the day of opening at the fantastic Theatre Royal Haymarket with Bradley Cooper, Alessandro Nivola, Patricia Clarkson, and Scott Lowell.

As you can see from the pictures - they all ate cake!!

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Some of the items from our latest buy including some pretty amazing rattan garden furniture, a couple of fab playhouses and gorgeous sofas. Other items we have are also included with stock changing daily.

Currently selling via eBay with new auctions coming up on I-Bidder and Bidspotter soon. Check out some of these really fabulous bargains here -
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Whey Protein - The Rise of Fraud and Fake

A very hot topic in the sports nutrition industry with stories coming forward now about counterfeit products in dodgy packaging, protein spiking and cheap Chinese imported whey protein now getting established through channels such as Ebay.

Before I get into his subject here is a statement from us @ - You can be certain that all of our products including whey protein are genuine and of high quality.

So Whats the whey protein thing all about -
We think that the days of buying cheap whey on platforms like Ebay will carry more and more risk for both sellers and buyers as we move through 2016 and beyond. We also believe that sellers are now at more risk and with dramatic increases over the last 9 months with their online shops, selling platforms such as Ebay and fraud.

For buyers the idea that if it is too good to be true then it is most likely a fake or a product not in date that has been recycled. At the end of the day whey protein is a valuable and expensive commodity and one that is in short supply where quality is a factor.

Buying your protein too cheap does put you at some risk of not getting what you expected but it is likely that you will not know. In the end pointers such as taste are immediate and more obvious signs but in the end it is results that will tell you if your product is a quality product and real.

Of course results take time and will also be linked to performance, exercise and training. This makes it difficult to pin point the whey protein products that are fake. Testing of course is the scientific way but few of us will be able to do that.

The way to be safe is to ensure you purchase from a reputable retailer / Etailer and expect to pay a sensible price, even with deals and offers your whey protein will have a reasonable cost attached.

For sellers it is a difficult market right now, the rise in transaction fraud is massive with a 400% increase of the systems at our online shop. In addition what matches this is the fraud now evolving on Ebay.

The issue of fraud and goods 'not received' is now becoming a real problem to some sellers. As many as 1 in 20 transactions are now subject to issues where the buyer is disputing delivery, signing, product quality, even taste.

What is more disturbing is the percentage of problems relating to non native UK buyers who are now domiciled here in the UK.

Out of our last 20 disputes only 1 was UK resident who had long term roots here in the UK. Whey Protein is a valuable commodity and an easy one to sell on. It can be resold for almost full cost with ease and so the incentive to dispute and end up keeping the product and getting a refund is high.

We have developed techniques to call the bluff of these people and often we are successful but the result is the dreaded negative feedback for the seller which in turn affects the Ebay visibility and reputation.

These fraudulent buyers know that most sellers will capitulate to avoid the bad feedback because it is almost impossible to get it overturned. Too much bad feedback and it is all over for your selling career.

A very positive word for Ebay - currently their seller protection is good, we are finding that some fraudulent buyers are getting through the dispute process but in the main Ebay are absorbing these bad transactions. The same can be said for Paypal but the question is for how long? In the end their admin prices and seller fees will have to reflect this trend because we are talking about order values typically in the region of £80.

For sellers though the pressure is very much on because selling sports nutrition products online is now becoming much more expensive than in the High St.

The issue is that for keeping prices low you need to have successful sales, lose too many products at £80 a time on dodgy claw backs and your margin erodes, ultimately this leaves the landscape open to the less reputable sellers and fraudulent cheap products. These sellers have much better margins, will not dispute buyers fraudulent claims and still get good feedback.

Add into the mix that for a successful Ebay store you must deliver free of charge so that is £5 out of your margin, then there are seller fees and PP fees. Then there is repeat postage to buyers who do not pick their products up from Argos or the local courier depot when they are not at home for delivery. These products come back to us and we then have to reship at zero cost to the buyer because they refuse to pick up the phone and reschedule delivery.

All this erodes the margin more and more and the reputable sellers are affected the most. The system will need to change if this carries on, decent sellers will struggle over the next 18 months if the trend upwards continues.

With online shop sales the most common fraud is the American credit card, Lithuanian IP address and a UK delivery address. Often orders are next day delivery requests for high value baskets so 3 or 4 whey protein products.

We will find these buyers have up to eight attempts varying their products and names, delivery addresses etc.

Contrast this with the High St shop we have, no delivery issues, no product not received, no dodgy bad feedback, no additional seller costs beyond the infrastructure which you need anyway for online sales. Better margins and much lower fraud problems and the non UK national problem does not exist because we have all nationalities shopping responsibly.

It would be interesting to hear from other buyers and retailers / Etailers and match the experiences.
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All the Mr Olympia's in one stunning article, well worth a read on Buzzfeed, brilliant diversity of body structure and composition.
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Down at we have been tracking the (Google) mobile friendly update to the algorithm. Tom Jepson has written a good overview so if you are not prepped and ready you only have yourself to blame.
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Iron Pump
And the products keep coming from the Protein Lifestyle stable of sports nutrition. Now releasing #IronPump  from #arnoldschwarzenegger  from his Arnold Sports Series of sports supplements. Protein Lifestyle have it at a fantastic price - Plus Iron Pump uses ION-3 Nitrate technology so come and read all about it and why those sorts scientists down at #MusclePharm  are just so clever.
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